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Transcript of Dr. Seuss’ How tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! the musical ...º_2016_CM.pdf · How tHe GrincH Stole...

  • Celebrating 45 Years

    Dr. Seuss’ How tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! the musical Nov. 18 & 19, 2016

    mannHeim Steamroller cHriStmaS Nov. 27, 2016Danú: a christmas Gathering Dec. 2, 2016

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    NOV 18 & 19, 2016Midland Center for the Arts Auditorium

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    Celebrating 45 YearsPhoto credit: Mark S. Cox

    Dr. SeuSS’ How tHe GrincH Stole cHriStm

    aS! tHe muSical

  • mcfta.org | 800.523.76492016-2017 Center Magazine 13

    Dr. S


    ’ How



    cH S




    aS! t

    He m


    alDr. SeuSS’ How

    tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! tHe m

    uSicalcaSt (in order of appearance)

    Old Max . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bob Lauder

    Cindy-lOu WhO (alternating) . . . Julia Rose DiPiazza/Danielle Guilbot

    PaPa WhO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vincent DiPeri

    MaMa WhO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Melissa Weisbach

    GrandPa WhO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brian Rooney

    GrandMa WhO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Bayes

    annie WhO (alternating) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rayna Farr/Bella Fraker

    Citizens Of WhOville . . . . . . . . . . . Jarred Bedgood, Caleb Funk, Carl Hulden, Chelsea Vann, Jennifer Wilcove

    WhO Kids . . . . . . . . . Elizabeth Baumgartner, Hanna-Lyn Baxter, Dallyn Brunck, Taylor Drumwright, Hannah Grace Forsley,

    Jonathan Nadolny, Trickster Rogers, Staci Stout, Megan Yates

    yOunG Max . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andreas Wyder

    the GrinCh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Philip Bryan

    sWinGs: Trickster Rogers, Staci Stout

    understudiesUnderstudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for

    the appearance is made at the time of the performance.

    fOr the GrinCh: Caleb Funk

    fOr Old Max: Brian Rooney

    fOr Cindy-lOu WhO: Rayna Farr, Bella Fraker

    fOr MaMa WhO: Chelsea Vann

    fOr PaPa WhO: Jarred Bedgood

    fOr GrandMa WhO: Jennifer Wilcove

    fOr GrandPa WhO: Carl Hulden

    fOr yOunG Max: Trickster Rogers

    2016 National Tour Big League Productions, Inc. & Running Subway Productions


    Dr. Seuss’How tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS!

    the musicalBased on the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

    Additional music and lyrics by Albert Hague and Dr. Seuss

    starrinGPhilip Bryan

    Bob Lauder Andreas Wyderand

    Barbara Bayes Vincent DiPeri Julia Rose DiPiazza Rayna FarrBella Fraker Danielle Guilbot Brian Rooney Melissa Weisbach


    Elizabeth Baumgartner Hanna-Lyn Baxter Jarred BedgoodDallyn Brunck Taylor Drumwright Hannah Grace Forsley

    Caleb Funk Carl Hulden Jonathan NadolnyTrickster Rogers Staci Stout Chelsea Vann Megan Yates Jennifer Wilcove

    direCted by

    Matt AugustOriGinal PrOduCtiOn COnCeived and direCted by

    Jack O’BrienBased on the production produced by The Old Globe, San Diego California

    Louis G. Spisto, Executive DirectorOriginally commissioned by and produced at The Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Produced by permission of dr. seuss enterprises, l.P.

    exClusive tOur direCtiOn: L. Glenn Poppleton

    bOOK and lyriCs by

    Timothy MasonMusiC by

    Mel Marvin

    set desiGnerJohn Lee Beatty

    liGhtinG desiGnerPat Collins

    assOCiate liGhtinG desiGner

    Charlie Morrison

    sOund desiGner Ed Chapman

    COstuMe desiGnerRobert Morgan

    CastinG byAlison Franck, CSA

    OriGinal sOund desiGnerACME Sound Partners

    MusiC suPervisOrAdam McDonald

    inCidental MusiC/vOCal arranGeMentJoshua Rosenblum

    OrChestratOrMichael Starobin

    danCe MusiC arranGerDavid Krane

    teChniCal suPervisOrDon S. Gilmore

    General ManaGeMentBig League Productions, Inc.

    Michael Coglan

    OriGinal tOur PrOduCersRunning Subway

    This Time of Year Co.

    assOCiate PrOduCerAudrey Geisel

    exeCutive PrOduCer Daniel Sher

    OriGinal ChOreOGraPhy by

    John DeLucaCO-ChOreOGraPhy

    Bob Richard

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    Dr. S


    ’ How



    cH S




    aS! t

    He m


    alDr. SeuSS’ How

    tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! tHe m

    uSicalBOB LAuDER (Old Max) thrilled to be on his 7th tour in Whoville, Bob survived two years in (Titanic, A New Musical - 1st National Tour). Other roles; Kismet (Hajj - SGVCLO), The Student Prince (Dr. Engel - MTSC), The Music Man (Olin Britt – Hollywood Bowl), The Wizard of Oz (Cowardly Lion - MTSC). Paint Your Wagon (Ben Rumson - FCLO) and Evita (Juan Peron - SGVCLO) both earned him Dramalogue Awards. He’s worked with Bob Gunton, Roger Daltrey, John Lithgow, & Kristen Chenoweth among others. An operatic baritone, he’s performed in La Bohéme (Marcello), Verdi’s Falstaff (Falstaff ), Carmen (Escamillo), Die Fledermaus (Dr. Falke), and many more. Before joining Grinch, Bob was charming audiences as Santa Claus in the Las Vegas Christmas Spectacular, Believe in the Magic. When he’s not performing, he is a food photographer, web designer and maintains his wife Patti’s lifestyle website www.divasonadime.com.

    ANDREAS WYDER (Young Max) is jumping for joy to be returning to this beautiful Grinch family after having previously toured the country with them for two years! Favorite selected credits include: NATIONAL TOURS: Peter Pan 360 (Nibs), Titanic the Musical (Bellboy), OFF-BROADWAY/NYC: Kerrigan/Lowdermilk’s The Bad Years, The Last Word (NYMF), Vestments of the Gods (produced by Tony-Award Winner Lin-Manuel Miranda), Regional: Next to Normal (Gabe). Creator of Backstage Grinch Video-Blog “PUPPY TALES” on YouTube/BroadwayWorld. Enormous thanks to God, Alison Franck, Mom/Dad, and this phenomenal cast/creative team! Spread love! www.andreaswyder.com @AndreasWyder

    BARBARA BAYES (Grandma Who) Theatre: Executive Decision (Madam President - Hudson Guild NYC), Always A Bridesmaid (Libby Ruth - Cortland Rep), Into The Woods (Witch - Orpheus Theatre), Nunsense (Robert Anne – Orpheus Theatre) TV: A Crime To Remember, Six Degrees of Murder. Film: The Bench. Big thanks to Big League! Love to Alexa, Taylor, Sammy! www.barbarabayes.com

    VINCENT DIPERI (Papa Who) is excited to return to Whoville for his fourth year. Vincent is based in NYC. Credits: Singin’ in the Rain (Dexter- Palace Theater) Le Nozze di Figaro (Don Curzio-McCarter Theater) Spamalot (Sir Bedevere- Park Playhouse), Les Miserables (Joly/ Thenardier u.s- Little Theater on the Square), The Producers (Roger Debris- Park Playhouse).

    Thanks to Big League and team. Love to my family and Carl!

    JuLIA ROSE DIPIAzzA (Cindy-Lou Who) is thrilled to join the Grinch family and make her National tour debut. Community theater credits include Shrek The Musical Jr. (Gingy-RTC), Mary Poppins (Michael Banks-Jeff Samaha Prod.), and Suessical the Musical Jr. (Wickersham -RTC). Many thanks to Amelia DeMayo, Alison Franck, Big League, Ms. Marino and her RTC family. Much love to God, family and friends for their continued support!

    RAYNA FARR (Annie Who) is honored and grateful to be part of the Grinch family. Past stage credits include: A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim, Turkey Girl), at The Walnut Street Theatre, and Number The Stars (Kirsti). Rayna would like to thank her parents, Nancy Carson, and Big League for this memorable experience.

    BELLA FRAKER (Annie Who) is thrilled to be a part of the The Grinch Tour! Bella is from Atlanta, Ga. Past credits include A Christmas Carol Alliance Theatre, Broadway Dreams Foundation, Shrek The Musical, and Suessical at regional theaters. Many thanks to Big League and Nancy Carson for this opportunity. Merry Christmas!

    DANIELLE GuILBOT (Cindy-Lou Who) joins The Grinch family in her first major touring role. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Danielle was a Finalist in the 2016 Hal Leonard Vocal Competition. Credits: many regional productions, including Into the Woods (The Witch- Bravo Studios), and Peter Pan (Tinkerbell- Hyde Park Theatre).

    BRIAN ROONEY (Grandpa Who) is a Chicago based actor joining the Grinch for the first time. Chicago and Regional credits: Madness of George III (Sheridan - Chicago Shakespeare Theatre), Merry Widow (Njegus - Light Opera Works), The Lost Colony (Old Tom – Waterside Theater). TV and Film credits: General Hospital (ABC), For The Boys (20th Century Fox), Marilyn’s Dress (Sundance & PBS), Coast (Cannes). MFA in acting from University of South Carolina. For more info visit www.brianrooneyactor.com

    MELISSA WEISBACH (Mama Who) is thrilled to trade the busy streets of NYC for her 3rd Christmas in whimsical Whoville! Credits: You Can’t Take It With You (Alice- Greenbrier Valley Theatre), Jesus Christ Superstar (Soul Girl- Greenbrier Valley Theatre), Lady Parts (Concert- 54 Below),

    tHe GrincH orcHeStra

    wHo’S wHo in tHe caStPHILIP BRYAN (The Grinch) is honored to join this spectacular cast and become part of the Grinch family! A graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NY) he has also studied with the highly acclaimed Steppenwolf Theatre (Chicago), Second City (Chicago), World Culture Theatre (Queensland, Australia). Credits: Camelot National Tour (Sir Sagramore/ Lancelot

    U.S.), Beauty And The Beast (Gaston), Drowsy Chaperone (Aldolph), Jesus Christ Superstar (King Herod), Cats (Rum Tum Tugger) Yes, really, he did Cats - leotard and all. The Grinch would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmaaa-yuck! He would also like to thank his mother for all the credit she takes, his Gramcracker for all the love she sends, and Gelsey Laurie for being the love of his life.

    KeybOard 1: Eddie CarneyKeybOard 2/assOCiate Md: Jordan Jones-Reesereed 1: Tereasa Paynereed 2: Brett McDonaldreed 3: Simon Hutchings

    truMPet 1: Kurt MarcumtruMPet 2: David RichardstrOMbOne: Tao Guthriebass: John ConvertinodruMs/PerCussiOn: Ashley Baier

    MusiCal direCtOr/COnduCtOr: Adam McDonald

    All videotaping, audio recording and photography is strictly prohibited.

    Who Likes Christmas?Citizens Of WhOville

    This Time of YearOld Max & yOunG Max

    I Hate Christmas Evethe GrinCh, yOunG Max, PaPa WhO, MaMa WhO, GrandMa WhO, GrandPa WhO, Cindy-lOu WhO, danny WhO, annie WhO & bOO WhO

    What Cha Ma Whothe GrinCh, WhO Kids

    Welcome, ChristmasCitizens Of WhOville

    I Hate Christmas Eve (Reprise)the GrinCh

    It’s the Thought That CountsGrandMa WhO, GrandPa WhO, MaMa WhO,PaPa WhO, Citizens Of WhOville & WhO Kids

    One of a Kindthe GrinCh

    Now’s the TimePaPa WhO, MaMa WhO, GrandMa WhO, GrandPa WhO

    muSical numBerSYou’re a Mean One, Mr. GrinchOld Max, yOunG Max, the GrinCh

    Santa for a DayCindy-lOu WhO, the GrinCh

    You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch* (Reprise)Old Max

    Who Likes Christmas? (Reprise) Citizens Of WhOville

    One of a Kind (Reprise)yOunG Max, the GrinCh, Cindy-lOu WhO

    This Time of Year (Reprise)Old Max

    Welcome, Christmas* (Reprise)Citizens Of WhOville

    Santa for a Day (Reprise)the GrinCh, Cindy-lOu WhO & Citizens Of WhOville

    Who Likes Christmas? (Reprise)the GrinCh, yOunG Max, Old Max & WhOs everyWhere

    * Music by Albert Hague and lyrics by Dr. Seuss. Published by EMI Robbins Catalog, Inc.

    “Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical” will be performed without an intermission

  • mcfta.org | 800.523.76492016-2017 Center Magazine 17

    Dr. S


    ’ How



    cH S




    aS! t

    He m


    alDr. SeuSS’ How

    tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! tHe m

    uSical(Kim- Shubert Theatre Boston), Jekyll and Hyde (Emma Carew- Centerpoint Theatre), Les Miserables (Cosette- Hale Center Theatre) and Ragtime (Evelyn Nesbit- Hale Center Theatre). By day, Megan teaches voice and performance/style coaching in Manhattan and also teaches internationally via Skype. Thanks to Big League for this opportunity! Love to Preston. www.megan-yates.com

    DR. SEuSS (Writer) Dr. Seuss was born Theodor Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts on March 2, 1904. After attending Dartmouth College and Oxford University, he began a career in advertising. Dr. Seuss’s first children’s book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, hit the market in 1937, changing the world of children’s literature forever. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1984, two Emmy awards and three Academy awards, Seuss was the author and illustrator of 44 books, many of which have been made into audiocassettes, animated television specials and videos. His books include The Cat in the Hat, which infused 236 simple words with rhythm, rhyme and humor, and Green Eggs and Ham which used only 50 words. Even after his death in 1991, Dr. Seuss continues to be the world’s best-selling author of children’s books.

    JACK O’BRIEN (Original Director) Broadway: Houdini (Upcoming); Macbeth; The Nance; Dead Accounts; Catch Me If You Can; Impressionism; The Coast of Utopia (Tony Award®); Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Tony nominations); Henry IV (Tony Award®); Hairspray (Tony Award® and Drama Desk Award); Imaginary Friends; The Invention of Love (Tony nomination; Drama Desk Award); The Full Monty (Tony nomination); More to Love; Getting Away With Murder; Pride’s Crossing; The Little Foxes; Hapgood (Lucille Lortel Award); Damn Yankees (Tony nomination); Two Shakespearean Actors (Tony nomination); Porgy and Bess (Tony Award®, Most Innovative Revival); St. Louis Woman; The Most Happy Fella. For the Metropolitan Opera, Il Trittico. London: Love Never Dies, March 2010; Hairspray (Olivier Award); His Girl Friday (National Theatre). Artistic Director of the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, from 1981-2007. Six movies for PBS’s “American Playhouse.” Actor (film): Sex and the City. Awards: Artserve Michigan 2008 International Achievement Award; 2008 Theatre Hall of Fame Inductee; 2005 John Houseman Award; 2007 and 2001 Joan Cullman Award for Extraordinary Creativity,

    2004 Thomas Degaetani Award (USITT), 2002 “Mr. Abbott” Award (SDCF); 2001 Joe A. Callaway Award (SDCF). Member, College of Fellows of the American Theatre; Honorary Doctorate, University of San Diego; Honorary Doctorate, University of Michigan. Author: Jack Be Nimble (Farrar, Straus & Giroux).

    TIMOTHY MASON (Book & Lyrics) Broadway: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical (2006 & 2007). Off- Broadway: Levitation, Only You, Babylon Gardens (with Timothy Hutton and Mary- Louise Parker) and The Fiery Furnace (w/ Julie Harris), all produced by Circle Rep. Regional: ACT’s Young Conservatory San Francisco, The Young Americans Cycle (Ascension Day, The Less Than Human Club, Time on Fire, Mullen’s Alley, My Life in the Silents and The Life to Come), the Old Globe San Diego, Actors Theatre of Louisville, South Coast Rep, Seattle Rep, Victory Gardens, the Jungle Theatre (Minneapolis), the Guthrie Theater Lab and the Royal National Theatre, London. Numerous plays and musicals with Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Co., including several collaborations with Mel Marvin, and the first Dr. Seuss musical, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, with composer Hiram Titus in 1980. Tim’s first novel, The Last Synapsid, a fantasy-adventure for kids, is published by Random House (www.randomhouse.com/kids). Tim’s new historical thriller for adults, The Chorister, will be published soon by Algonquin Books.

    MEL MARVIN (Composer) Bway; Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical, Cymbeline, A History of the American Film, Tintypes (Tony Award® nom.), Yentl, Fascinating Rhythm. Innumerable scores for productions of plays, from Shakespeare (Lincoln Center Theater, Guthrie, A.R.T., Arena Stage, Hartford Stage, McCarter, etc.) to Kushner (Angels in America at the Mark Taper Forum), Musicals for young audiences: Little Miss Hollywood, Madeline’s Rescue, Strega Nona Meets Her Match, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, A Cricket in Times Square, Gold. Opera: Guest From the Future, premiered at Bard Summerscape in 2004, and Buwalsky, Opera Spanga, Holland, Yale, the Skirball Center, NYC (2004). 2014-2015 season: Elmer Gantry at Signature Theatre, directed by Eric Schaeffer. Head Faculty Composer and Director of Production, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.

    A Funny Thing...Forum (Philia- Theatre St. Clements), West Side Story (Maria- Majestic Theatre, PA), The Mikado (Pitti-Sing- Teatro Del Museo Del Barrio), Respect: The Musical (Eden- Forum Theatre). Thanks to the creative team, her family (especially her own Mama Whosbach) and Michael, her DCT.

    ELIzABETH BAuMGARTNER (Ensemble) is originally from Cleveland, Ohio! Credits: How The Grinch… (Scallops-Grand Ole Opry), 42nd Street (Ensemble-International tour in Asia), In The Mood: a 1940’s Musical Revue (Dance Captain, swing dancer/singer for 4 years- International/National Tour).

    HANNA-LYN BAxTER (Ensemble) is excited to be returning to The Grinch family. Credits: Wizard of Oz (Broadway Palm), The Little Mermaid (Mt. Gretna Theatre), Are You My Mother (ArtsPower National Tours). Love to family and Troy!

    JARRED BEDGOOD (Ensemble) is more than thrilled to be joining the cast and family of The Grinch. Jarred just graduated this year from the American Musical Dramatic Academy. Some of his most recent credits have been Memphis (Gator-John W. Engeman Theatre) and Kerrigan and Lowdermilk’s The Bad Years (Marcus- Off-Broadway Brooklyn). Thank You Big League for the opportunity. Love to all my friends and family!

    DALLYN BRuNCK (Ensemble) is thrilled to be down in Whoville! . Credits: 25th…Spelling Bee (Schwartzy- Greenwood Lake Theatre), Hair (Jeannie- Barn Theatre), Cabaret (Sally Bowles-Muncie Civic Theatre). Ball State University. Love to family and Kevin!

    TAYLOR DRuMWRIGHT (Ensemble) is so happy to be a part of The Grinch family! Credits: Chuggington Live! (Wilson/Lori u.s-National Tour), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Children Chorus-National Tour) and Happy Days (Joanie-Sandler Center). Sending love to my family and Sam!

    HANNAH GRACE FORSLEY (Ensemble) is very excited to be a part of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Hannah just completed her BFA in Musical Theatre at Pace University. Thanks to everyone involved for the opportunity, and to family and friends for their love and support.

    CALEB FuNK (Ensemble) is thrilled to be performing in his first national tour. Alumni: Rider University. Theatres: Forestburgh Playhouse, Sight and Sound, Weathervane

    Theatre, and Jenny Wiley. Thank you to the creative team, his family and Dallas.

    TRICKSTER ROGERS (Ensemble) is thrilled to be returning for his fourth season with his Whoville Family. A graduate of AMDA in New York City. National Tour: The Little Mermaid -(Sebastian u/s) Regional: The Little Mermaid (Sebastian-ABT and Gretna Theatre) Murder on the Nile (Steward- Gretna Theatre) Commercial: Auntie Anne’s. Here’s to shining brighter than you thought you could! aaronronellenyc.com

    CARL HuLDEN (Ensemble) is thrilled to be returning to this magical show. Credits include: Day of Wrath (Creature – NYMF), Les Miserables (Maruis u/s – Fireside/LTOTS), Annie (Rooster – Mac-Haydn), and Cabaret (Bobby – MWVTC). Thanks to Big League and the creative team. Love to the family and Vincent.

    JONATHAN NADOLNY (Ensemble) is happy to return to the Grinch family. Based in NYC, his credits include: The title role in Super Sidekick the Musical (NY Fringe Festival), Allen Gentry in Honestly Abe (Actors Temple Theatre, NYC). Always keep dreaming!

    STACI STOuT (Swing, ASM Swing, Ensemble) is ecstatic to join the Grinch Family! Credits: Before Mars (Katie - National Geographic), Higher Education (Hope - B’way Bound workshop). Thank you Big league! Love you Mom, Grandma, Zeno & Bryan. stacistout.com

    CHELSEA VANN (Ensemble) is delighted to celebrate a 5th year touring with her Grinch family! Credits include: 9to5 (Judy), Gypsy (Louise), Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), My Fair Lady (Eliza), Les Miserables (Eponine), Burn This (Anna). Proud Wagner College alum. Love to Mom & Dad! www.chelseavann.com

    JENNIFER WILCOVE (Ensemble) is delighted to return to her Grinch family! She owns a voice studio in California, enjoying adjunct work at CBU. Previous theatre: Geffen Playhouse, Moonlight Amphitheater, Candlelight Dinner Theater, Starlight Bowl, Colony Theater, SCLO, Disneyland, Musical Theater West, La Mirada Performing Arts, Laurie Beechman Theater, Crystal Cathedral, Performance Riverside and years of voice over work. Huge thanks to Big League and company! Soli Deo! www.jenniferwilcove.weebly.com

    MEGAN YATES (Ensemble) is thrilled to be joining the Who’s! Credits: Show Boat

  • mcfta.org | 800.523.76492016-2017 Center Magazine 19

    Dr. S


    ’ How



    cH S




    aS! t

    He m


    alDr. SeuSS’ How

    tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! tHe m

    uSicalin an original Chinese Musical Shanghai Bund; (TV and Film); Choreographer of Lazytown Season 3; by Turner Network Television. The Tonight Show; The Today Show; and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Bob was the Resident Choreographer for Sacramento Music Circus for the past 20 years and has staged over 40 productions. He has been a guest master instructor at the prestigious Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Other notable Theater’s include; The 5th Ave Theatre, in Seattle, where he won a Footlight award; Madison Square Garden in NYC; Theatre Under the Stars and The Pioneer Theatre, in Salt Lake City. Bob and his wife Diane Laurenson are the Co-Founding Artistic Directors of The American Musical Theatre Dance Company! Directing, Dancing, teaching Master Classes, and Choreographing worldwide encompassing a career of 35 plus years in show business. My Love to Diane and Robert Henry!

    JOHN LEE BEATTY (Scenic Designer) His 110 Broadway productions include: The Nance, After Midnight, Other Desert Cities, Venus in Fur, Chicago, Good People, Proof, Doubt, The Color Purple, The Sisters Rosensweig, A Delicate Balance, The Heiress, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Talley’s Folly, Burn This, Fifth of July, Rabbit Hole, Penn & Teller and more. Education: Brown, Yale School of Drama. Awards: Tony, Obie, Outer Critics, Drama Desk, Theater Hall of Fame.

    ROBERT MORGAN (Costume Designer) Broadway: The Full Monty, Imaginary Friends, I’m Not Rappaport and Sherlock’s Last Case. Off-Broadway: Saturn Returns and Pride’s Crossing, Lincoln Center; The Loves of Anatol, Circle in the Square. 101 Dalmatians. Forty years of designing for regional theatres across the U.S; founding Associate Artist, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego.

    PAT COLLINS (Lighting Designer) Broadway: Doubt (Tony nomination), Proof, A Moon for the Misbegotten, The Heidi Chronicles, I’m Not Rappaport (Tony® Award), Execution of Justice (Drama Desk Award), Sherlock’s Last Case, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Baby, Steaming, Orphans, Good People. Lincoln Center: Dying City, An American Daughter, A Delicate Balance, The Sisters Rosensweig, Threepenny Opera (Tony nomination).

    CHARLIE MORRISON (Associate Lighting Designer) National/International Tours: Disney’s The Little Mermaid, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (NYC/Tour), Chitty Chitty

    Bang Bang, Miss Saigon, Aida (US, Taiwan, & China), Man of LaMancha, Guys and Dolls, Groovaloo (NYC, LA, Foxwoods, & US Tour), Hello Dolly!, My Fair Lady, The King and I (US Tour & Korea), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Gypsy, 42nd Street (US & Japan), Smokey Joe’s Café, The Who’s Tommy (Europe & Japan), Titanic, The Music Man, many others. Regional: Paper Mill Playhouse, Shakespeare Theatre Company (DC), The Guthrie, Goodspeed Musicals, Seattle Rep, Theatre Under the Stars, Dallas Summer Musicals, Kansas City Starlight, Pittsburgh CLO, George Street Playhouse, North Carolina Theatre, Playmaker’s Rep, Tulsa Opera, many others. Charlie is the recipient of two Helen Hayes Awards for Outstanding Lighting Design and has been nominated for seven Helen Hayes Awards. Website: www.cmlighting.com

    ED CHAPMAN (Sound Designer) happily returns for another year as part of the design teams of the touring productions of A Christmas Story and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Other notable credits include: The Joker’s Game (World Premiere in China), Off Broadway’s Bedbugs, Walnut Street’s In The Heights, Hunter Foster’s Rocky Horror Show, and American Pops Orchestra in Tokyo. Mr. Chapman sends much love and thanks to his parents John and Gayle, and family Kate, Mary Ann, Johnny and Eddie.

    MICHAEL STAROBIN (Orchestrator) First Daughter Suite, Hunchback of Notre Dame, If/Then, Annie, Dogfight, Queen of the Mist, People in the Picture, Sondheim on Sondheim, Next to Normal, Glorious Ones, Grinch, Adrift in Macao, Bernarda Alba, Spelling Bee, Assassins, Tom Sawyer, A New Brain, A Christmas Carol, Hello Again, Guys & Dolls, My Favorite Year, Falsettos, In Trousers, Sunday in the Park with George, Once on This Island, Closer Than Ever, Legs Diamond, Romance Romance, Carrie, Birds of Paradise, Rags, Three Guys Naked, Von Richtofen.

    DAVID KRANE (Dance Music Arrangements) created the dance music & additional score for the Oscar-winning Chicago, the film of Nine, musical score adaptation for Disney’s Into The Woods, starring Meryl Streep, produced & arranged Michelle Williams’ vocals for My Week with Marilyn and composed Aspire with Stephen Cole, the 1st American musical produced in the Middle East. Their musical comedy about that incredible experience, The Road to Qatar! was produced in Dallas, NYC & the Edinburgh

    ALBERT HAGuE (Original Composer of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and “Welcome Christmas”) His music for the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas, especially the songs “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and “Welcome Christmas” are instantly recognized worldwide by young and old alike. His Broadway career includes the standard “Young and Foolish” from the hit show Plain and Fancy as well as Redhead, for which he won the Tony in 1959. His film and TV career started when he was in his late 50s with the role of Professor Shorofsky in the movie Fame and the “Fame” TV series, and continued with many small roles in movies such as Space Jam and The Story of Us. Born in 1920 in Berlin, he escaped the Nazis via music scholarships in Rome and Cincinnati and settled in NY. The music from The Grinch is his most enduring achievement.

    MATT AuGuST (Director) Directed both Broadway productions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and 11 Nat’l Tours, Grand Ole Opry, Pantages Theatre, Madison Square Garden productions). A finalist for the 2016 TCG Alan Schneider Directing Award, he recently directed the first American production of King Charles III at Arizona Theatre Company and the critically acclaimed Geffen Playhouse, ACT and NoHo Arts Center productions of Gospel According to Jefferson, Dickens and Tolstoy: Discord. Other credits: Two Dollar Bill, Much Ado About Nothing, In the Heights (Pioneer Theatre); The Trouble We Come From by Scott Caan, produced by Garry Marshall (Falcon Theatre). He was Associate Director for the Broadway productions of Henry IV, Imaginary Friends, Invention of Love, Full Monty (Nat’l Tours). Off Broadway: Two Gentlemen of Verona (The Acting Company and Nat’l Tour); Sixteen Wounded (Cherry Lane Theatre). Regional Credits include: Two Gentlemen of Verona, Pig Farm, Time Flies, Food Chain (Old Globe Theatre);); Dracula, Intelligence Slave, The Real Dr. Strangelove, Speech and Debate, 40th Anniversary Gala (LA Theatre Works); Liberty Smith, Christmas Carol (5 seasons) Meet John Doe as Co-Author (Ford’s Theatre); Baby Taj (TheatreWorks); Fourth Messenger (Ashby Stage); Complete History of America Abridged, All in the Timing, Tempest (Hanger Theatre); Sixteen Wounded (with Martin Landau, Long Wharf Theatre); Full Monty (Australian Tour); Short Film: How to Get to Candybar; Matt’s productions have been recognized by Ovation, Helen Hayes, Bay Area

    Critics, Broadway World, Utah Theatre, and Australia’s Helpmann Award nominations, and appeared on Year End Top Ten lists in the L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News and NPR/KQED. He has mentored upcoming directors through the Drama League Director Fellowship and SDC Observership Programs and guest taught and lectured at many universities across the country. He is a member of the SDC LA Ad Hoc Committee and is a Drama League Fellow, Oregon Shakespeare Killian Fellow, Robert Wilson Watermill Fellow and Panavision New Filmmaker Grant recipiant. He splits his time between LA and NYC. www.MattAugust.com

    JOHN DeLuCA (Original Choreography) Old Globe: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical. Film: Into the Woods, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Nine, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chicago, The Terminal. TV: “Tony Bennett: An American Classic,” “75th Annual Academy Awards,” “Kennedy Center Honors.” Broadway/NY theatre: Minnelli on Minnelli, Broadway Sings Elton John, Deborah Voight on Broadway, Sweet Adeline (Encores!), Two Gentlemen of Verona (the Public). National tour: The Boy Friend, Chita & All That Jazz, Music of the Night, Brigadoon. American Stage Co.: Oedipus Private Eye, Lucky Guy, The Gig. Two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe noms., American Musical Theatre Award, Choreography Media Honors, American Choreography Award, and Hamilton Behind the Camera Award. Currently producing Mary Poppins Returns (2018).

    BOB RICHARD (Choreographer) (Broadway); has provided choreography for Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and on tour, this year Grinch was also on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville! (Off Broadway); A Co-Director and Choreographer of Inventing Mary Martin, The Revue Of A Lifetime! this work was recognized and nominated for the prestigious Callaway Award; The Road To Qatar at the York. (DIRECTOR) West Side Story 60th Anniversary, Sacramento Music Circus, Theatre By the Sea and North Shore Music Theatre! (National Tours) (Choreographer) The 50th Anniversary National Tour of Hello Dolly! Starring, Sally Struthers; CABARET which won several awards around the country including an IVEY, and the National Tour of Guys And Dolls!; (International) on the other side of the planet his work is currently running

  • mcfta.org | 800.523.76492016-2017 Center Magazine 21

    Dr. S


    ’ How



    cH S




    aS! t

    He m


    alDr. SeuSS’ How

    tHe GrincH Stole cHriStmaS! tHe m

    uSicalFestival. The show is licensed by josef-weinberger.com, and the CD, produced by jayrecords.com, is available on iTunes. Recent Broadway: Cabaret, On The 20th Century, She Loves Me. Upcoming: Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. davidkrane.com.

    DON S. GILMORE (Techincal Supervisor) has provided technical supervision for over 300 Broadway, regional and commercial projects in the U.S. and abroad. Recent projects include – Broadway: Guys & Dolls, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Pirate Queen (Prod Carp), Dracula the Musical, Sinatra. Road: The Producers, Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, Tallest Tree in The Forest, A Christmas Story the Musical, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Guys & Dolls, Hair. Las Vegas: Mt Franco – Magic reinvented Nightly, Puppet Up! Uncensored, Paul Zerdin – Mouthing Off, Frankie Moreno. Other: The Laramie Project, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex, NYC; Times Square New Years Eve. Don lives in NYC with his wife, actress Rebecca Holt, and their three children: Luke, Max and Ruby.

    ALISON FRANCK (Casting Director) (CSA) has been working in casting of overr 20 years. Current projects are national tours of A Christmas Story, The Musical! (3rd year) 42nd Street, and Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas (for the 7th year in a row). Her recent projects include: National Tours of The Producers, Saturday Night Fever Guys and Dolls, Hello Dolly starring Sally Strutters. Past tours of Hair, Dreamgirls, My Fair Lady, Ain’t Misbehavin’ starring Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Off-Broadway plays, It’s Just Sex. & The Donkey Show (directed by Diane Paulus). Alison also worked in television casting of Soul Man, starring Dan Aykroyd, LateLine, starring Al Franken, Talk to Me starring Kyra Sedgewick, and pilots of Freaks and Geeks, and Madigan Men, and most recently Recovery Road on ABC Family. Also was the Casting director for several films including Broke Even starring Kevin Corrigan. Alison was the Resident Casting Director for Paper Mill Playhouse for 10 years, where she cast over 50 productions, including the Broadway transfer of I’m Not Rappaport, starring Judd Hirsch and Ben Vereen, directed by Daniel Sullivan. website: www.franckcasting.com

    ADAM MCDONALD (Musical Supervisor) National Tours: Wicked, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. NYC: Far From Canterbury. Songs for Slutty Girls. Regional:

    The Muny (Titanic, Showboat, Footloose, Damn Yankees!, Cats, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast), Barrington Stage (Guys and Dolls, The Game). Other favorite projects (Company, Working, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Cabaret, Once on This Island, A New Brain, John and Jen, Curtains, Hello Again, Elegies; A Song Cycle, First Lady Suite, The Rocky Horror Show) B.M., Iowa State University, M.M., The Boston Conservatory, piano performance. Guest soloist: Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2, ISU, Rhapsody in Blue, TBC.

    RuNNING SuBWAY (Producer) is a NYC based entertainment company founded by James Sanna with Joshua Rosenblum. The board includes Ken Munoz, Bill Davis, Allen Paik and Steve Tuttleman. Grinch: Broadway & all Tours. Other prods include Sinatra at the London Palladium, Peter Pan at Madison Square Garden (Cathy Rigby), Judy Garland In Concert. Projects include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC, Bodies The Exhibition, as well as the venue Discovery Times Square which has featured, Body Worlds Pulse, Star Wars and The Power of Costume, The Vikings Exhibition, The Hunger Games, Titanic, DaVinci, King Tut, Terra Cotta Warriors, Harry Potter The Exhibition, Spy, CSI Pompeii and Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Currently touring the exhibitions include The Art of the Brick and The Dead Sea Scrolls. Upcoming productions include a musical/circus, Dr. Seuss’ Circus McGurkus.

    THIS TIME OF YEAR COMPANY LP (Original Tour Producer) a partnership formed in 2007 to produce the national tour of Grinch. Comprised of Running Subway, Shorenstein Hays Nederlander Theaters (SHN), EMI Music Publishing, Michael Speyer & Bernie Abrams, Dancap Productions, Janet Pailet, Spark Productions, and Eva Price/Maximum Entertainment.

    AuDREY STONE GEISEL (Associate Producer) Audrey Stone Geisel (Mrs. Seuss) is the President and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P., which was formed in 1993 to maintain the quality and integrity of Dr. Seuss copyrights and trademarks. Dr. Seuss Enterprises has overseen the production of all licensed posthumous adaptations of Dr. Seuss’ work. Mrs. Geisel is also President of the Dr. Seuss Fund and Dr. Seuss Foundation, which donate funds to a variety of causes and institutions that promote literacy. In addition, the Dr. Seuss Fund and Dr. Seuss Foundation

    are major contributors to many educational, cultural and medical institutions in Southern California. Mrs. Geisel serves on the advisory board of many of these institutions.

    THE OLD GLOBE (Original Producer) The Tony Award®-winning Old Globe is one of the country’s leading professional regional theatres and has stood as San Diego’s flagship arts institution for over 80 years. Under the direction of The Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director Barry Edelstein, The Old Globe produces a year-round season of fourteen or more musicals, contemporary, new and classic plays and an internationally acclaimed annual Shakespeare Festival. In its three state- of-the-art theatres and education center, more than 250,000 people annually attend Globe productions and participate in the theatre’s Arts Engagement programs. Numerous plays and musicals that have been developed at The Globe have gone on to enjoy highly successful runs in New York and across the country.

    L. GLENN POPPLETON (Exclusive Tour Direction) currently represents, in addition to Grinch, the tours of A Christmas Story—the Musical, Mandy Patinkin in Concert, An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin, John Lithgow Stories by Heart and The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville (starring Mandy Patinkin and Taylor Mac). Past tours include Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Monty Python’s Spamalot.

    CHILDREN’S THEATRE COMPANY (Original Producer) Founded in 1965, the Children’s Theatre Company (Minneapolis) is one of the country’s largest regional theatres and regarded as America’s flagship theatre for young people and families, setting standards of excellence in the quality of its productions, commitment to new work, rigorous theatre arts training programs and innovative education and community partnerships. CTC premiered the first stage version of Dr. Seuss’ Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical in 1994. CTC is led by Artistic Director Peter C. Brosius and Managing Director Tim Jennings. In 2003, CTC was honored with the Tony® Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre.

    BIG LEAGuE PRODuCTIONS/DANIEL SHER (Executive Producer) Led by Daniel Sher as President and Executive Producer, Big League has been an industry leader, for 29 seasons, in general managing and booking top Broadway musicals and special attractions for touring throughout North America and

    worldwide. Among Big League’s significant achievements were its collaborations with Disney Theatricals on Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida (North America, Taiwan and China) and with Cameron Mackintosh on a new production of Miss Saigon which toured North America for 4 years. Other noteworthy productions were the Japanese and North American touring production of the Tony®- Award winning Broadway revival of 42nd Street as well as Susan’s Stroman’s new production of Meredith Willson’s The Music Man. Others: Footloose (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, North American tour), Titanic, 1776, Peter Pan, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum starring Rip Taylor, and Blast!. Big League’s The Who’s Tommy was seen throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. Other past noteworthy: the Tony Award®-winning musical Ain’t Misbehavin’ starring “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard and the first national tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - flying car and all. Most recent: The Producers (Susan Stroman’s original direction and choreography), Hello, Dolly! starring Sally Struthers, Guys and Dolls, My Fair Lady (US Tour and historical China premiere), original hip-hop dance show Groovaloo (Off-Broadway), Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical (annual National Tour, 2012/2014 at Madison Square Garden, resident production at Nashville Grand Ole Opry), Dreamgirls (US and Japan), Hair (US and Japan), and Bring it On (US and Japan). In 2016-2017 Big League will continue touring its acclaimed production of A Christmas Story, The Musical and launch a revival of 42nd Street with forthcoming productions of Ghost - The Musical and A Chorus Line in the pipeline. The booking department at Big League is helmed by legendary booking agent John Starr who helped launch the company 29 years ago.

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    Be Jolly by Golly!

    Buy Your Tickets Today! 800.523.7649

    Holidays sponsored by

    Celebrating 45 Years

    Midland’s Own Center Stage Choirs Presents

    MEN OF MuSIC CHRISTMAS CONCERTDEC 4 • 2 & 7 pmLocation: First United Methodist Church

    Midland Symphony Orchestra Presents

    TuNES FOR TOTS - Carol All the Way! DEC 7 • 10 amSponsored by Members First Credit Union & MOMS Club of Midland

    Midland Symphony Orchestra Presents

    CIRquE DE LA SyMpHONIEDECEmbEr 10 2 & 7:30 pm

    Midland’s Own Center Stage Choirs Presents

    yOuTH CHOIRS HOLIDAy CONCERT DEC 14 • 7 pmSponsored by RE/MAX of Midland - Wayne & Karen Crosby & FEENY Chrysler Jeep Dodge

    Midland County Historical Society Presents

    HANDS-ON HISTORy - Holiday Reflections! DEC 17 • 11 am - 2 pmSponsored by Consumers Energy

    Midland’s Own Center Stage Choirs Presents

    JINgLE - A Holiday Extravaganza DEC 17 • 7pmSponsored by RE/MAX of Midland - Wayne & Karen Crosby & FEENY Chrysler Jeep Dodge

    Dr. S


    ’ How



    cH S




    aS! t

    He m



    President: Susan Brandt

    leGal rePresentatiOn: Millie Basden, Karl Zobell, Esq & DLA Piper

    assistant liGhtinG desiGner: John Burkland

    COstuMe COOrdinatOr: Sarah Smith

    assOCiate sOund desiGn: Steve RogersMarKetinG & advertisinG: Running Subway &

    Marc Viscardi For Bond Theatrical Group

    exClusive tOur direCtiOn: L. Glenn Poppleton [email protected] • (212) 840-4393

    COMPany ManaGer: Michael CoglanPrOduCtiOn staGe ManaGer: Scott SeidlstaGe suPervisOr: Rachel Sternerassistant staGe ManaGer: Heather Olcott

    PrOduCtiOn eleCtriCian: Brendan Quigley

    PrOduCtiOn sOund: Nathan “Boomer” Bardo

    head CarPenter: Wendy Beckwithassistant CarPenter/flyMan: Bryan Oardassistant CarPenter: David “Pfish” Terry

    head eleCtriCian: Jessica Kohn

    assistant eleCtriCian: Patty Stratman assistant eleCtriCian: Stephanie Freeman

    head sOund: Steve Rogers

    assistant sOund: “Boomer” Bardo

    head PrOPs: Spencer Clouse

    assistant PrOPs: Kendell NorthropCOstuMe & hair COOrdinatOr/head WardrObe:

    Sarah Smith

    assistant WardrObe: Melissa “Missy” Payte

    hair/MaKe-uP COOrdinatOr: Ashley Hugheshair COOrdinatOr: Gerard Kelly

    hair/MaKe-uP suPervisOr: Steven Young

    danCe CaPtain: Trickster RogersKeybOard PrOGraMMer: Jim Harp

    tutOr/WranGler: Amy FreedmanbrOadCast advertisinG tv and radiO:

    Frank Basile/Fresh Produce Productions NYC

    biG leaGue General ManaGer: Michael Coglan

    biG leaGue exeCutive viCe President: John Starr

    Children’s tutOrinG: On Location Education

    leGal COunsel fOr biG leaGue: Nan Bases, Esq.OPeratiOns ManaGer: Xavier Mazara

    aCCOuntants fOr biG leaGue: Schall & Ashenfarb

    hOuse aCCOuntant/business ManaGer: Connie Caulo

    banKinG: City National BankinsuranCe: C & S Insurance

    PayrOll serviCes: Checks & Balances

    travel/hOusinG serviCes: Tour Resources

    MerChandise: Max Merchandising, LLC, Randi Grossman & Meridith Masakara

    Take the music from the show home with you!

    World premiere recording available from Sony Masterworks or from the merchandise stand in the lobby.

    ProDuction StaFF For

    Backstage and Front of the House Employees are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (or I.A.T.S.E)

    Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The MusicalDr Seuss Enterprises, LP

    For Running Subway

    President: James Sanna

    evP/exeCutive PrOduCer: Joshua Rosenblum

    PrOduCer: Dave CollinsnatiOnal MarKetinG & PubliCity:

    Marc Viscardi of Bond Theatrical Group

    assOCiate PrOduCer: Catherine Cannon

    MarKetinG assOCiate/OffiCe ManaGer: Molly Parker

    vP OPertaiOns: Jim Arnemann

    Lighting provided by PRG; Sound Equipment supplied by Masque Sound; Show control and motion control featuring stage command systems® by PRG-Scenic Technologies, a division of Production Resource Group, LLC., New Windsor, NY. Makeup provided by MAC.

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    800.523.7649Celebrating 45 Years

    Celebrating 45 Years

    Celebrating 45 Years

    The Museum has three fun, interactive levels designed especially for toddlers through grade school students. www.mcfta.org/visit-the-museum

    Alden b. Dow museum of Science & Art!Plan a Family Day at the

    Family Fun in February!

    Midland Symphony Orchestra Presents

    TuNES FOR TOTS - Tuba Time!FEB 1, 2017 • 10 amRecommended for ages 4 & under.Sponsored by Members First Credit Union & MOMS Club of Midland

    DANIEL TIgER’S NEIgHBORHOOD LIVE!FEB 3, 2017 • 6:30 pmRecommended for ages 2 – 8.PlEASE noTE: everyone in your party must have their own ticket – regardless of age, and even if you expect a child to sit in an adult’s lap.

    FAMILy DISCOVERy DAy - Super Science Day!FEB 11, 2017 • 11 am - 3 pmRecommended for ages 4 & up.Sponsored by Arbury Insurance Agency

    Midland County Historical Society Presents

    HANDS-ON HISTORy - Family Games & Winter Fun!FEB 18, 2017 • 11 am – 2 pmRecommended for all ages.Sponsored by Consumers Energy

    broWn bEAr, broWn bEAr & OTHER TREASuRED STORIESFEB 25, 2017 • 11 amRecommended for ages 3 – 8.PlEASE noTE: everyone in your party must have their own ticket – regardless of age, and even if you expect a child to sit in an adult’s lap.

    give the gift of discovery!

    Gift Certificates make great gifts year-ro


    Gift Certificate



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    8250 • (800

    ) 523-7649



    This gift is p

    resented to

    1801 W. S

    aint Andrew

    s Rd.

    Midland, M

    I 48640



    This certifi

    cate is goo

    d towards

    any Midand

    Center for

    the Arts ev

    ent. No cash


    May not b

    e used on pr

    ior purchas

    es. Not vali

    d on food &



    Gift CertificateAmou

    nt $

    (989) 631-8250

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    This gift is prese

    nted to

    1801 W. Saint A

    ndrews Rd.

    Midland, MI 486




    This certificate

    is good towards

    any Midand Ce

    nter for the Art

    s event. No cash


    May not be use

    d on prior purch

    ases. Not valid o

    n food & beverag

    e purchases.

    Gift CertificateAmount $

    (989) 631-8250 • (800) 523-764



    This gift is presented to

    1801 W. Saint Andrews Rd.

    Midland, MI 48640



    This certificate is good towards

    any Midand Center for the Art

    s event. No cash refunds.

    May not be used on prior purcha

    ses. Not valid on food & beverag

    e purchases.

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    Thursday Nights at the Center

    Celebrating 45 Years


    learn more about these & all our other great nights at www.mcfta.org/thursdays

    DECEmbEr 15Uncorked Happy Hour

    DECEmbEr 2221 & Up night in the museum

    Great service, excellent drinks, & a great atmosphere.~ Uncorked Patron

    January 28 - April 30, 2017create your experience!

    Celebrating 45 Years


    Exhibition created by The Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

    midland Center for the Arts

    Gift Shop

    Located next to the information desk

    Gifts, Jewelry & More!open late

    Video Games ... Music ... roller coasters

    Creative people use STEM to do amazing things!You can, too - Come see how!

    Sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company, Saginaw Valley State University & Great Lakes Loons.

    Uncorked Happy Hour • 1st & 3rd Thu | Comedy & Cabaret nights • 2nd Thu 21 & Up nights in the museum • 4th Thu | Family Fun night • 5th Thu

    Touch of Brass Christmas Concert & Ugly Sweater Contest! Nothing quite signifies the season like ugly sweaters and the sound of a brass quintet joyfully celebrating the music of the season.Free admission

    The 12 Drinks of Christmas Celebration!Come sample all twelve drinks of Christmas, while mingling amongst outstanding art installations including world-class origami. Must be 21+ to attend.Price: $10 | ABDM Members: $7

    © TheUglySweaterShop.com

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    NoveMBer 27, 2016Midland Center for the Arts Auditorium



    Celebrating 45 Years

    Holidays at the Center sponsored by

    Alden b. Dow museum of Science & Art!Come Explore the

    Celebrating 45 Years

    “I’m extremely excited to display over 160 works showcasing the fresh perspectives & diversity of Michigan’s contemporary art scene!”

    ~ B. B. Winslow, Museum Director

    Alfred Hitchcock’s THE 39 STEPS

    January 13 - 22, 2017Directed by bill Anderson, Jr.

    Alfred Hitchcock’s classic story of mystery and suspense comes to life on the stage to hilarious effect as the entire film script is faithfully reenacted, complete with high speed chases, daring escapes and the occasional stabbing.

    Adapted by Patrick Barlow.

    Sponsored by Independent Bank

    Cover Illustration by Mark Thomas MIDLAND CENTER FOR THE ARTS

  • mcfta.org | 800.523.76492016-2017 Center Magazine 31



    m S




    annHeim Steam


    MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER CHRISTMAS by Chip Davis has been America’s favorite holiday tradition for over 30 years! Grammy® Award winner Chip Davis has created a show that features Mannheim Steamroller Christmas classics along with a selection of compositions from Chip’s groundbreaking Fresh Aire series which introduced the distinctive Mannheim sound to all of America. The program celebrates the group’s

    Grammy Award-winning composer/musician Chip Davis is one of the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs in music today. He is the creator of Mannheim Steamroller, the #1 Christmas music artist in history and one of the top best-selling artists of all time with over 40 million records sold, 29 million in the Christmas genre alone.

    recent anniversary of 30 years since the first Christmas album and 40 years since the first Fresh Aire album and includes dazzling multimedia effects performed in an intimate setting. Experience the magic as the spirit of the season comes alive with the signature sound of Mannheim Steamroller. Their holiday CDs have become synonymous with Christmas and continue to occupy top spots on Billboard’s Seasonal Charts every year!

    More than 30 years ago, Davis transformed popular instrumental music by combining classical compositions, rock rhythms, harpsichords and recorders with electric bass and synthesizers, which he dubbed “18th Century Classical Rock.” He is credited with creating the New Age music genre and went on to revolutionize the sounds of Christmas,

    tHe ultimate HoliDay traDition!

    cHiP DaViS

    transforming the holiday music season into the huge industry it is today.Davis recorded his first album, Fresh Aire, in 1974 and released it under the name Mannheim Steamroller. The name reflected an early German orchestra known for building intensity by adding musical layers of sound, color, texture, and volume. The technique was designed to “flatten” the listener, so Davis jokingly referred to it as “The Steamroller”.While the music industry responded favorably to the album, no record label would take it because of its unique style. So Davis formed his own label, American Gramophone, which went on to become one of the most successful independent music franchises.In 1984 when he decided to create his first Christmas album, everything exploded. During that period, Christmas music wasn’t popular; he was told that Christmas albums were generally the last stop for an artist before the end of a career. But he went ahead and released Mannheim Steamroller Christmas on his own and millions of copies flew off the shelves. Davis had changed the sounds of Christmas forever.Today with 19 gold, 8 multi-platinum and 4 platinum certified records, Chip is among an elite group of artists including U2, Jay Z and The Beach Boys with the most certifications among all recording artists. His annual tour, “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas,” is in its 32nd year and still playing to sold-out audiences. The concerts have become a family tradition, drawing grandparents through grandchildren.

    All told, Davis has created a remarkably varied body of work: he has written, arranged and recorded over 35 albums, including eight in the Fresh Aire series; 18 Christmas albums and four Halloween albums. He is the author of five children’s books and has an entire line of food and bath products bearing the Mannheim Steamroller name.Davis has a patent-pending music therapy system which is used in medical facilities at Mayo Clinic. The system is also installed in the National Intrepid Center where soldiers with traumatic brain injuries are treated. His work with NASA includes recording shuttle launch and landings that have been characterized as “the most accurate ever made.”Davis has three children. He lives on a 150-acre farm in Omaha, Nebraska, along with a number of horses and two timber wolves.

  • 2016-2017 Center Magazine

    The wow Series Windows on the World

    Celebrating 45 Years

    Bring your friends, grab a drink in the lobby & enjoy

    a great show by inspiring performers with unique talents & life stories. Then hang

    out at a casual party with the artists afterward!

    From los AngelesBODyTRAFFIC

    mAy 13, 2017

    oh, Canada!TORq pERCuSSION quARTET

    JAn 20, 2017


    windows on the world is supported by a grant from the Midland Area Community Foundation.

    Celebrating 45 Years

    december 2, 2016Please join us in the lobby for a post-show

    gathering with Danú!

    windows on the world is supported by a grant from the Midland Area Community Foundation.

    windows on the world Series presents Danú

    danú: féile na nollag A Christmas Gathering

    This presentation is supported by the Arts Midwest Touring Fund, a program of Arts Midwest that is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional contributions from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

    Holidays at the center sponsored by

  • mcfta.org | 800.523.76492016-2017 Center Magazine 35



    Repertoire will be selected from the following & announced from the stage (program is subject to change):

    Danúlead vOCals & Whistles: Nell Ní ChróinínbuttOn aCCOrdiOn: Benny McCarthyfiddle & baCKinG vOCals: Oisin McAuleythe irish bOuzOuKi & baCKinG vOCals: Éamon Doorley

    Guitar & vOCals: Donal Clancyuilleann PiPes (irish PiPes) & flute: Ivan GoffbOdhran (irish druM): Aimee Farrell Courtney

    Plus Guest irish steP danCersSpecial thanks to Momentum Midland.

    Celtic music lovers around the globe have been thrilled by Danú’s virtuoso players on fiddle, flutes, button accordion, percussion and the gorgeous voice of Nell Ní Chróinín. Winner of major awards from the BBC and Irish Music Magazine, Danú returns to the US in December 2016, with special guests and a glorious celebration of Christmas from their homeland.

    The Wexford Carol, Traditional/Arranged by DanúsOnG

    Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake, Traditional/Arranged by DanúsOnG

    Oiche Chiuin/Silent Night, Traditional/Arranged by DanúsOnG

    Christmas Eve Reel, Traditional/Arranged by DanúinstruMental

    The Holly it Bears a Berry, Traditional/Arranged by DanúsOnG

    Slide/Reel Set, Traditional/Arranged by DanúinstruMental

    Polka Selection, Traditional/Arranged by DanúinstruMental

    The Parting Glass, Traditional/Arranged by DanúsOnG

    There will be an intermission

    There are many musical tributes that pay homage to early Irish Christmas traditions such as The Laden Table, placing a candle in a window, and touring from house to house on St. Stephen’s Day. A Christmas Gathering: Féile Na Nollag is a Celtic music celebration that warms the heart.


    “… (Danú) stirs the blood and lifts the heart.” - Irish Music Magazine

    Cd’s: Danú Debut (1997)Think Before You Think (2000)All Things Considered (2002)The Road Less Traveled (2003)

    Up in the Air (2004)When All is Said and Done (2005)Seanchas (2010)Baun (2015)

    Danú’s CD’s & DVD are available in stores or online

    dvd: One Night Stand (2005)

    center StaGe cHoir memBerSDavid AukermanTara AukermanBeverly BakerJan BaumgrasColleen ClarkeDawn DavisDonald DingmanAngela EisengruberJulie Falls

    Melissa GibsonMarilyn GillettJim HemeyerEileen HummellMary Rita JohnsonSteve JohnsonKim KeithNancy KelleyDavid King

    Nancy LattyJim MurphyKathy RobertsonPatricia SimondsStephanie SpenceEmily SweeneyTricia WaiteJulie Wiseman

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    6728 EASTMAN AVE. // MIDLAND // 989.633.9464©2016 Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. BWW2016-3702

    6728 EASTMAN AVE. • MIDLAND989.633.9464

    Limit one coupon per person, per visit. Must present original coupon; no photocopies. Not for resale. Not valid with any other discounts, offers or coupons. Valid at location listed above. No cash value. Excludes tax. Excludes alcohol. Code: 00-81. Expires 3/31/17.

    $5.00 OFF(With $25 food purchase)

    Danú ProGram noteS

    The Wexford Carol This very old Christmas carol has been a favorite in Ireland for many years. It is in English and the song tells us about the holy story.

    Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake This is a very funny song all about the traditional Irish Christmas cake. The Christmas cake is the centerpiece to every Irish gathering at this time of year. Danú encourages everybody to join in on the funny chorus to this song:

    There were plums and prunes and cherries,There were citrons and raisins and cinnamon, tooThere was nutmeg, cloves and berriesAnd a crust that was nailed on with glueThere were caraway seeds in abundanceSuch that work up a fine stomachacheThat could kill a man twice after eating a sliceOf Miss Fogarty's Christmas cake.

    Oiche Chíuín/Silent NightSilent Night is a song that is known the world over. We perform it as "Oiche Chiuin" in the Irish Language and follow it into the English version where we encourage everybody to join in and sing along with us.

    Christmas Eve ReelThis is probably the best-known Christmas tune in Ireland. It would not be Christmas time for Irish musicians without "Christmas Eve" the reel.

    The Holly it bears a BerryThe Holly it bears a Berry is a lovely Christmas carol which comes from Ireland’s Celtic neighbours in Cornwall and has been performed by many great Irish singers over the years. Danú encourages everybody to join in on the beautiful chorus:

    And Mary she bore Jesus our Saviour for to be, And the first tree that's in the greenwood, it was the holly. Holly! Holly! And the first tree that's in the greenwood, it was the holly!

    Slide/Reel SetThis new instrumental piece by Danú is a lively set of dance tunes featuring some Slides from County Kerry and reels from County Donegal. A great set to dance or clap along to!

    Polka SelectionIrish polkas are mostly associated with the Munster region in Southern Ireland. The Polka Set is a very well known dance that happens in Ireland when a group of musicians and dancers meet up.

    The Parting GlassThis is one of Ireland’s greatest farewell songs and is always sung at the end of the evening.

    baylin artists ManaGeMent721 Hyde Park, Doylestown, PA 18902 267-880-3750


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    Dis t inc t i ve ly Bet te r

    989 .249 .8201 • 80 0 .227.2328 www.wi ldf irecu .org




    Marching to a differentbeat

    WF_ArtsAd-Hair_MCFTA4.75x3.75.indd 1 8/12/10 10:29 AM


    Healthy, Beautiful,

    Age Defying SkinIs What We Do.

    For Details (989) 752-5252 • www.zibamedicalspa.com

    2393 Schust Rd.Saginaw, Michigan

    Scan me!What to do, where to be...

    Download the QR Code Reader on your smartphone

    and scan this QR Code to go directly to our website

    Subscribe today!


    Nov/Dec 2016 $3.95

    Game Changers

    Jason Richardson








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    Prompt prescription servicesFree afternoon delivery • Glover's Reward CardUnique Gift department - Willow Tree Giftables

    Russell Stovers Candy & Jelly Belly

    831933 2016

    Let’s be friends!

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    Program Archives & Playlists available at wcmu.org/radio/

    Coming January 15, 2017on CMU Public Television

    pbs.org/victoria #VictoriaPBS

    I went to Much Ado About Nothing with a client who is very fearful, does not easily smile ... (she is 20 years old with intellectual disability, but knows that she is different and hates that). I never dreamed her response to the play would be so positive! Thank you so much for the complimentary tickets. I never fail to be amazed at the power of theater and art to heal wounded souls.

    ~ Staff member, The Arc of Midland

    Center Stage Theatre’s 2015 production of Much Ado About Nothing

    Delivered To Your Door 7 DAYS A WEEK. Call 989-839-4257


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    Mrs. Ludo FrevelLeah & Geoff GardnerLou GarlVirginia Gohrband

    Roger GohrbandJohn & Mary GorteKathryn G. GrayRoy & Debra GreenLes & Linda HamannAl & Mary Ann HanusTammy HayhoeJackie HenningerDavid & Sarah HockingJames HohmeyerCharlotte & Ande Holly

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    Dave & Lisa JozwiakBruce & Nadine KanuchChristine LaneF. R. (Pete) & Gloria LehmanTom & Jan LeVasseurLarry & Cheryl LevyChris & Jackie LightKeith & Elizabeth LumbertCharlotte B. MaxsonCraig McDonaldBuz & Barb McGivernDr. & Mrs. Dale J. MeierBernie MeisterTom & Elsie MisnerJim & Jan MorroneRobert & Tawny NelbMax & Jessie OswaldBrad PearsonGretchen & Keith Pretty

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    Robert T. RalstonAlex & Ashley RapanosJudith Ann Rapanos

    John A. RapanosJudith A. RiceTad & Sally Jean RobersonFred & Carolee RolfPhil & Carol SarnackeThe Saunders FamilyWalter & Margarete ScherzerBill & Beth SchmidtCorey & LeAnn SchwartzJosefina Gonzalez-Rey & Michael SebalyDavid & Linda Z. SmithEmily & Madison Sosolik

    Tammy SosolikDerrell & Sue SteffenAlice StrackRhosan StrykerAlice Sharron SuchRon & Ann SzymanowskiMrs. Sherman Tarrant

    Sherman TarrantGraham & Beth TaylorRex & Yvonne ThatcherArt & Jacalyn ThayerPhilip & Sharon TowerDuane & Terry TownleyGrant & Robin Von WaldLynn WalkerDavid & Carol WeaverJonathan & Jennifer WendtEllen Wolfe

    Richard Wolfe

    FrienD $100 - $499Melodye AdomaitisFrank & Gretchen AerstinAmy AhlichDongchan & Debra J. AhnCecelia AlankoLisa & Dave AlbersGarald F. AllenPamela & Ken AllenRichard & Mair AlsgaardThomas & Sudie AmmermanBill & Emily AndersonWayne & Judy AndersonMary Lou AngelottiDoug & Anne ApplegathA.S. Arbury Jr. & Nancy MitchelAnn ArchuletaDan & Deborah ArriolaAlicia A. AsadorianNicole & Matt AsherLaura & Andy AultBrad & Michelle BahrJames Bain Jr.Jim & Char BakemanBobbie BakerLinda & William BakkeRobert & Johanne Balwinski

    Michael & Michaele BartlettRichard & Karin BartlingBob & Pat BartosMr. & Mrs. Charles BashJoan & Ivor BatemanDr. & Mrs. William BatemanAnita BauderNicki Bauer & Peter WrightRaymond BaurDr. Wayne & Carol BedellHoward & Chrystyna BenfordJack & Virginia BennettJeffrey A. & Laura L. Bennett Paula Bennett Ruth Ann BergsteinJohn & Wendy BicknellPatricia BierleinTom & Joan BillingsleyJacqueline BirmbaumDrummond BlackFred & Alice BlanchardRoger & Sally BorrouschMax BottomleyBill & Sally BowenM. Victoria BowesCarlos M. Bowman

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    William A. BridgeDexter & Laura BrighamJoanne Brines

    Nancy LackieMaureen BrinkerBarbara & Ted BroadwellMr. & Mrs. BroderickPeter & Johanna BroekhofRon & Jan BrookensDuane & Barb BrooksA. Marivene BrownNancy M. BrownShirley BrownRalph BrozzoLin BrysonFredric & Pam BuchholzGloria & Richard BukowskiMike & Carol BullerRobert & Andrea BurdittRichard & Karen BurowGary & Angela BuskeLarry & Shanna ButcherMike & Pam ButcherAngie CameronLinda CampbellDottie & Hal CanfieldAnne CanvasserDavid & Kathy CarrTom & Peg Carr

    Martha BottomleyVirginia (Ginny) Z. Morrison

    Douglas & Carole CatlinDorothy CattellMonica CederstromTom & Jan ChamberlinYanli ChenBasil & Margaret ClarkThomas ClarkDr. & Mrs. John Clary

    Edward & Alicia BeattieCraig & Julie CloseBill Coats & Sally Ginter-CoatsKirsten & Scott CochranMary & Dan CollinsKevin & Cheryl CollinsArthur & Shirley CookeJohn & Ruth CoppLisa CorsoSandra Coveart

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    SPonSor $1,000 - $2,499Sara Allswede Arons*

    Gwendolyn PikeLen & Mary AmatBrian & Lissa Ames*Gene AndersonFloyd AndrickAndre Argenton*Laura & Dennis Argyle*David & Bobbie Arnold*Margaret & Lawrence AultDonald & Liana Bachand*Mark & Colleen BachmanJudy BaileyPaul & Shauna Barbeau*Melissa Barnard & Rick White*Eric BlackhurstLara & John Blaha*Rodney & Nancy Boulanger*E. N. BrandtGreg & Vicki Bunker*Ron & Wil CarterMarilyn E. ClarkRod & Jen Coleman*Mike & Kirsteen ConwayGordon & Rebecca Cox*Wayne W. & Karen Crosby*Don & Sheron DeibertMichael A. DoanRuth Alden DoanMary DravesBruce & Evie DuckerDavid & Susan Dunn*

    Chad William DunnRon & Sofia Edmonds*Dotty & Bob EverettVernon FauverBob & Maribeth Feeny*Richard & Christine FerrandoAnne & Mark Flegenheimer*Marilyn ForsytheBill & Kathy Fothergill*David & Adriana Frey*Nina & David FruripClare & Paul Furlo*Louis & Veronica Furlo*Daniel & Fay FutterDan & Diane GavinBarry & Joanne George*Brad & Laura Gray*Bruce & Judy GroomRobert & Janet HahnFamily of Betty & Norman Hall Bob & Kathy HansenMs. Virginia HarlowRandall & Joy HayesMr. & Mrs. Christian & Eunice Heath*Jack & Nancy HigginsPeter & Birgit Holicki*Thomas & Sharon HrynykKarl & Julie Ieuter*Cal & Nancy Ieuter*Mike & Rebecca Jamrog*Lee & Bonita Johnston*Rob & Mica JonesGreg & Holly Jozwiak*

    Edward L. WhiteCharles & Mona Kalil

    Roger & Liz Kapla*Michael & Colleen KayDavid & Tracey KempsellJohn & Linda KennanKevin KolevarDan & Sarah Kozakiewicz*Torsten & Andrea Kraef*Suzanne KrevinghausKevin & Kerry KrollJim & Sue LaBean*Tim Lacey*

    Claud & Judy LaceyHeidi Landry-Chan*Brendy & Anne Lange*Jon & Erin Lauderbach*Douglas & Marguerite LengLance & Beth LewisTom & Tina LudingtonToni LyonRobert L. & Michaele S. Malecki*Bob & Dianne Maughon*Douglas A. & Michelle D. May*Gary & Abbie McGuire*Mike & Nena MeathNiklas MeintrupThe Midkiff Family*Ignacio MolinaDominic & Pamela Monastiere*Bob MonicaJames & Alice MorganGuy T. & Jane MoulthropMartin & Kay MusolfDr. Jennifer Nash & Mr. Michael NashTimothy & Pamela Nash*Edward & Michelle NoackMark & Kelly O'Brien*Bruce & Roberta OliverAlan & Jean Ott*Francine & Don Padgett*Dean & Jane PalmieriMr. & Mrs. David Pankratz*

    Phyllis PankratzKen & Gina Pederson*Michael & Jennifer Pisarczyk* Larry & Maija Preston*Christy & Jerry Pritchett*Andy & Donna Rapp

    Junia DoanBob & Cheryl Rathbun*Chuck & Deb Reardon*Richard & Bonnie RhinehartGreg & Candy Rogers*

    Don Slattery & Diane Postler-SlatteryEdward & Elyse RogersJoan RogersJohn & Cheryl Weeks-RostenLee Rouse*Carolyn & Stanford RoweAnne Kelly-Rowley & Jerry RowleyDonald Liles & Patricia ScadutoDrs. Sheree & Florian Schattenmann*Lynn & Maureen Schefsky*Herbert & B.J. ScoggTed & Jean SelbySunita & Melwyn Sequeira*Mark & Kathy Serra*Dr. Sam & Holly Shaheen*J. Donald & Angela Sheets*

    GolD $10,000Charles CampbellJim Fitterling*James R. & Anita H. Jenkins*

    S. Preston & Dr. Betty JonesLin & Phae Dorman

    David & Patti Kepler*Frank & Jean Popoff*Mrs. M. Sheldon Putnam*Bill & Linda Stavropoulos*Lisa & Howard Ungerleider*

    SilVer $5,000 - $9,999Etcyl & Ruth BlairDavid & Julie Blakemore*Bruce & Sharon Bottomley

    Virginia (Ginny) Z. MorrisonPeter & Barbara CarrasStephen & Kristy Carras*Matt & Kathleen Davis*Michael & Debbie Hayes*Ted & Kay Lunt*Sarah & Daniel Opperman*Cady & David Ramaker*Lee & H. J. Smith*Duncan & Kathryn Stuart*Tina S. Van Dam*

    The Hon. Philip Van Dam

    BeneFactor $2,500 - $4,999Peter & Catherine AndersJames & Mary Ann Anschutz Nancy & Bill Barker*Barbara Barnes & Bill Krueger

    In memory of loved onesSandy & John Bartos*David & Linda Basque*Ward & Rebecca Bentley*David & Marilyn CampNorma CampBill Collins & Dorene Allen*Mary Jo Correll

    Tom BradleyDavid & Alisa DaySarah DergazarianRuth DixonPat & Nonny DomineCarl & Marilyn GillettRobert & Pam Hart*Neil & Annmarie Hawkins*Marcia Haywood

    Wallace R. & Bernice E. LeslieS. Preston & Betty B. Jones* Kevin & Jenny KendrickSue Lane

    George LaneAnne Meeks

    Tom BradleyMary M. Neely*

    W. Brock NeelyPaul M. PankratzRichard & Janice Reynolds*Paula TolliverChristian & Jenee Velasquez

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    David & Marcelle MolzahnRobert & Laura MoolenaarDouglas & Jean MooreEugene & Barbara MooreRobert & Alice MorganTrish Morris & Tom EvansJoe & Kathy MortensenRob & Sharon MortensenCarl & Ethel MortensonKen & Kay MortonSally Moss

    Charles J. MossBarry & Beverly MoyerJohn & Elizabeth MoyerBill & Geralynn MuldersDorothy & John MullJulie & Patrick MurthaWalter & Elizabeth NagelJohn & Dianna NagleRobert & Susan NashJeanette NeithamerJulie & John NosalLyle NyeMichael O'BrienEdward Knight & Kristin OlbertsonAloysius J. OliverDick & Ann OlsonTeri OltmanPauline & Richard OsburnEd & Indira OskvarekJoe & Polly OstrofskyKerry & George PainterJon & Sharon PanepucciBrian & Catherine PankowGreg & Sharlene ParishStephen & Sylvia PatchinJude & Deanna PatnaudeBarbara PauliKim & Joan PayneBruce & Carol PeckDouglas & Karin PelletierTracy & Steve PerryDavid PeruskiJohn & Dorothy PetersThomas & Margaret PetersChristopher & Jill PfeifferDennis & Donna PhillipsDr. Betsy PierceMaureen PillepichAnnette PinneyJeannette PizzoJeff & Jo PolishakNancy & Jim PollackShelley PottsGeorge & Lynn PuiaMatthew & Dawn PumfordMr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. RandallTom & JoEllen RandolphMichael RapanosBruce & Carey RayceFredrick & Mona ReesMatt & Krista ReisigKris & Amy RemingtonPamela RenderHyo Rhee & Karen Kernosek-RheeJohn & Barbara RiceDavid & Donna RichardsNancy RichardsonRechelle R