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Transcript of DOWNTOWN EXPRESS 2-9-11

BY HELAINA N HOVITZIts 6:15 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday and even the most notorious restau-rants in the city are empty some havent bothered to open. Everyone is watching the Super Bowl with friends and family, gathered at bars or relax-ing at home but theres still a line outside the NYC Rescue Mission at 90 Lafayette Street. The hungry and homeless men who have nowhere else to go will realize once inside that they, too, will get to celebrate the big game at the place theyll call home for the night.SOUPerBowl Week, a seven-day event that pairs soup kitchens with some of the citys best chefs, was initially a fundraising event launched by Michael Colameco, host of WORs Food Talk and Colamecos Food Show on PBS. After volunteering at the Mission in 2007, he began mak-ing public service announcements for SOUPerBowl week and directing dona-tions to the Mission. A year later, Mayor Michael Bloomberg caught on, and ofcially declared the week before Sundays big game SOUPerBowl week citywide. The mission is always edifying, but not always festive, explained Joe Little, the missions community rela-tions manager. This week, chefs sent soup, chowder, chili and gumbo, and helped make the entire week celebra-tory and warm. These chefs included Tribecas own David Bouley, Vikas Khanna, Fox Sportscaster Duke Castiglione, Al Yeganeh, the man behind the Seinfeld Soup Nazi Ron Silver of Bubbys restaurant. Wade Burch, winner of Food Networks Chopped and Head Chef of Southwest NY in Battery Park City brought chili so hot and spicy that the guys were still sweating it off on Monday. Downtown Express photo by Milo HessLocal pols looking for rabbit luckThe Chinese Lunar New Year Festival was held last Sunday. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the rabbit is the luckiest of the symbols.BY ALINE REYNOLDSThe lines in front of Lower Manhattan elemen-tary schools are once again forming, the same way they have been for the last two years. Kindergarten registra-tion for the 2011-12 school year is already creating angst among Downtown parents who are itching to know where their child will be going to school next fall. Pre-registration, which began on January 10, is a good forecaster for next years enrollment at the Lower Manhattan elemen-tary schools, which have already received more applications than they have seats. P.S. 234 is once again proving to be an extremely popular choice for Lower Manhattan families. The school has received 163 applicants for 125 seats one month into pre-registration, causing its administrators to resort to a lottery for the third year in a row.Public schools citywide are mandated by the New York City Department of Education to arbitrarily admit students in these situations, since they arent allowed to admit them on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to D.O.E. Spokesperson Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld. If a school has more applicants than more zoned spots for during pre-reg-istration period, he said, they have a responsibility to determine which pre-reg-istered zoned students are getting an offer, and which pre-registered zoned stu-dents they waitlist on a ran-dom basis. Magdalena Lenski, the schools parent coordinator, said the stress level among parents this year is lower compared to three years ago, when administrators Lines, lotteries signal same old song for elementary schoolsNo at screens, just smiles needed for this SOUPerBowl partyContinued on page 20Continued on page 16downtown expressVOLUME 23, NUMBER 39 THE NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN FEBRUARY 9 - 15, 2010CAPT. KREVEY REMEMBERED, PG. 12Local BPC girl performs on the big stage. Page 14Februar y 9 - 15, 2011 2downtown express