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Transcript of DOWNTOWN EXPRESS 11-24-10

  • 8/8/2019 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS 11-24-10



    Five hundred WorldTrade Center constructionworkers lined up for turkey

    subs, angus hamburgers andhot dogs last Friday after-noon during a break fromwork.

    The feast, held on theground floor of 4 W.T.C.,was a pre-Thanksgivingdinner provided by W.T.C.developer Larry Silverstein.

    The food was supplied byBig Daddies caterers basedin Massapequa, Long Island.

    Even to help a little, tomake their day go easier,brings satisfaction to myday, said Jordan Signorelli,

    who was busy flipping burg-ers on the grill before theworkers arrived.

    Three large turkey sub-marines were laid out on theadjacent buffet table, wait-ing to be devoured.

    You can see advance-ment [on the W.T.C.] overthe last few months, saidTom Kurtz, who servedlunch to a different group of

    Downtown Express Photo by Terese Loeb Kreuzer)

    Mr. Bloomberg goes to WashingtonNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 16, 2010 lobbyingfor the Zadroga Act. He was joined by Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler, who moved the bill through theHouse, and Senators Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), the senatesponsors of the bill.



    In the predawn darknessof November 16, a smallgroup of people huddledunder umbrellas outside theDistrict Council 37 build-ing on Barclay Street inLower Manhattan, waitingfor a bus to take them to Washington, D.C. for yetanother round in the fight

    for passage of the JamesZadroga 9/11 Health andCompensation Act.

    The $7 billion bill is thenumber one priority for NewYork lawmakers these daysand would provide medi-cal monitoring and treat-ment to World Trade Centerresponders and to peoplewho lived, worked and stud-ied in Lower Manhattan on9/11 and who might havebeen affected by toxins. It

    would also reopen the 9/11Victim Compensation Fund.In September, after years

    of struggle, the ZadrogaAct passed the House ofRepresentatives. Followingthe Thanksgiving recess, itwill come up for a vote inthe Senate, where 60 votesare needed to prevent a fili-buster that would kill thebill, probably forever. It has58 supporters.

    The people on the bus,one of two chartered by

    the Fealgood Foundation,included first responders,Lower Manhattan residents,members of 9/11 familiesand City Council MemberMargaret Chin. AlexSanchez, 43, brought hisnine-year-old son, Jack.

    I did clean-up workon skyscrapers surround-ing the pit, said Sanchez,describing himself as cheaplabor.

    I worked down there six

    months, seven days a week,12 to 14 hour days, saidSanchez.


    AND ANDREA RIQUIERThe long-awaited and

    much-needed West ThamesStreet pedestrian bridgemoved one step closer tobecoming a reality this week.Assemblyman SheldonSilver announced Mondaythat the Lower ManhattanDevelopment Corporationhad allocated up to $20 mil-lion to build the bridge.

    I am so pleased that this

    bridge, which has been a toppriority of mine, is now setto be built, said AssemblySpeaker Sheldon Silver, thebridges chief advocate.

    With our successfulopening of the new P.S. 276this year, children and theirparents will have a safe andreliable way to cross thisdangerous intersection.

    The need for a pedestrian

    Lobby for Zadroga;

    now or never

    Safe crossing via bridge,

    moving forward

    hed hed hed hed hed hed

    W.T.C. workers first Thanksgiving on site

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    downtown express VOLUME 23, NUMBER 28 THE NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN NOVEMBER 24 - 30, 2010


  • 8/8/2019 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS 11-24-10


    November 24 - 30, 20102 downtown express


    Downtowns affordable housing stockcould increase and the East Side waterfrontcould receive a facelift, if funding from theLower Manhattan Development Corporationmaterializes.

    The L.M.D.C. decided on distinct cat-egories for the allocation of approximately$200 million in grant money for Downtownprojects at its monthly board meeting onMonday, two months after it announced theavailability of the funds.

    Ninety-nine million dollars will be allo-cated to the Performing Arts Centerand$37million will fund the East River waterfront

    esplanade.A total of $17 million would be directedtowards the walkway along the BatteryMaritime Building, and to infrastructureimprovements between Piers 15 and 16 andCatherine and Pike Slips on the Lower EastSide. It will also encompass a refurbishmentof the walkway near the Battery MaritimeBuilding in Bowling Green, according toL.M.D.C. spokesperson John Delibero.

    The remaining $2 million of the $37 mil-lion sum would allow for at least the EastRiver Park Connector aspect of improve-ments in the area of Pier 42, he said.

    But it does not include the redevelopment

    of Pier 42, which currently consists of a park-ing lot and a shed.New York State SenatorDaniel Squadron would like to see the piertransformed into a recreational green spacefor the local community. Its an iconic proj-ect to match the [P.A.C.] on the West Side,he said. Without it, [the waterfront project]wont reach the full potential.

    Construction of Pier 42, he added, wouldcreate a unified Harbor park for LowerManhattan, connecting the Hudson RiverPark on the west side with the East RiverPark on the east side.

    Squadron and U.S. Senator Charles

    Schumer held a press conference on Sundayat the Pier 42 site, at Montgomery Street andthe East River, to advocate for the allocation of$45 million in L.M.D.C. grant money, separatefrom the $200 million, to go towards the trans-formation of the pier into open park space.

    Community Board 1 Chair Julie Meninsupports the Pier 42 overhaul, saying thatit would foster short- and long-term jobcreation and be on par with the West Sidewaterfront. She confirmed that the $45 mil-lion would not come from the $200 million


    Twelve thousand of the glass panels willbe installed between the 20th and 104stfloors of the tower, after the underlying fire-proofing of each floors steel core is complet-ed. Once the construction crews get into arhythm, we expect they will install the glass

    panels at the rate of one floor per week,Coleman said. The project is supposed to becompleted by 2012.

    The glass is whats called a low E-coating,which is energy efficient and eco-friendly,according to Steve Coleman, spokesperson


    Tuesday, November 30at 5:15pm

    ZUCCOTTI PARK(at Broadway & Liberty Street)

    Sponsored by




    featuring the





    FESTIVE CONCERT,a warm cup of


    L.M.D.C sets waterfrontpriorities, Pier 42 missing

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    Photo courtesy of N.Y. Travel Bureau

    A Hi-five world record

    A new Guinness World Record was set on Tuesday when one intrepid soul gave 797high-fives in one hour to an assembled crowd, breaking the previous record of 429.

    The record-breaking corresponded to the fifth anniversary of the Bodies exhibit atthe South Street Seaport.

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  • 8/8/2019 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS 11-24-10


    downtown express November 24 - 30, 2010 3

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    ON THUR., DEC 2: C.B. 1s Planning andCommunity Infrastructure Committee will meet.

    for the Port Authority, the developer of the building. It was

    made, in other words, to let in a good amount of naturallight, reducing the need for artificial lighting sources.A different glass faade designed for security purposes

    will be installed between the 1st and 20th floor by early2012. It will resemble the coating of the first 10 floors of 7W.T.C., according to Coleman.

    Construction of One W.T.C. is slated for completion in2013. At 1,776 feet high, it will become the tallest sky-scraper in America.


    On Wednesday, December 1, The New Yor