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  • 1. State a3 sports b1 black wedding working hard Governor calls church block unfortunate St. Al builds depth in preseason friDAY, au g u st 3, 2012 50 www.v ick sburg p ost.comEver y day Si nCE 1883 Don t stop believing! Darian Drake PierceRicky WedgeworthNo death penaltyfor inmates chargedin Vicksburg slayingBy Holbrook Mohr his rental car and beatenThe Associated Press and strangled. His body was dumped in Bessemer, Ala.JACKSON Prosecu- Cupps was in Mississippitors have decided not to to inspect the Grand Gulfseek the death penalty for nuclear power plant southtwo inmates charged with of Vicksburg.killing an Ohio business-The inmates were caughtman in Vicksburg after theyMarch 14, 2011, after crash-escaped from a prison work ing a pickup in Memphis,program in Louisiana.Tenn. Police said that beforeSheila Wilbanks, a spokes- their capture, the men tiedwoman for the U.S. Attor-up a county park workerneys office in Jackson, saidand stole a government Brenden NevilleThe Vicksburg Postthe Justice Department parks department truckWarren Central Intermediate assistant principal Morgan Gates, left, principal Tonya Magee and teacher Julia Hood, decided against seekingfrom Madison County, Tenn.cheer on their school during the Vicksburg Warren School District Convocation ceremony Thursday afternoon atthe death penalty for RickyWedgeworth and Piercethe Vicksburg Auditorium. Wedgeworth and Darianwere indicted on multi-Drake Pierce. She had no ple charges in U.S. DistrictSwinford: District now Successfulother comment. Court in Jackson. TheyWedgeworth and Piercecould have faced the deathare charged with kidnap- penalty for two counts ping David Cupps from akidnapping resulting inhotel in Vicksburg, afterdeath and carjacking result- Rating upgrade gives escaping from the Louisi-ing in death. Theyre alsoana State Police compoundcharged with conspiracy school districts facultyin Baton Rouge on Marchand transporting a stolen something to cheer about 4, 2011.Investigators said Cupps, vehicle. They have pleadeda 53-year-old man from Sun-By Pamela Hitchinsbury, Ohio, was attacked for See Inmates, Page [email protected] casinosSuccessful will be the word forVicksburg Warren School Districtwhen 2012 test scores are releasedhave $125M price taglater this month, Superintendent Dr.Elizabeth Swinford told a rollicking,raucous, cow-bell-ringing crowd ofteachers and administrators meet-ing Thursday at the districts annual Bankruptcy filings revealconvocation to jump-start the schoolyear. more than $412,000 in claimsSwinford capped the celebration atBy Danny Barrett Jr. for Global. The deal hingesthe Vicksburg City Auditorium [email protected] on regulatory approvals inthe news that, based on this years Louisiana and Mississippi.test scores, which have not officiallyDebts to a contractTops among more thanbeen released by the MississippiVicksburg Junior High teachers Tonya Drake, middle, and Kimberly Vaughn,housecleaning service and$412,000 in unsecured claimsDepartment of Education, the districtright, cheer for their school.gaming equipment-makerslisted in court papers arehas earned the Successful label.are among DiamondJacks FSS-The Service Compa-When I came to the VWSD we had in just two years, Swinford said toSince 2009, the state education Casinos biggest creditors innies, a Miami-based clean-the label of At Risk of Failing. We loud cheers. Next year we are going department has ranked schools, its parent companys bank- ing service hired often byare no longer At Risk of Failing, weto meet here one more time and cel- ruptcy filing, a process top the gaming industry, owedare a Successful district. We did itebrate it again.See VWSD, Page A7. corporate and local execu- $50,084.86, and Chicago-tives say is the best way to based equipment-makerkeep the place open. IGT, owed $49,452.99. TheBusiness as usual after Claiborne hospital takeover Legends Gaming filed forChapter 11 in U.S. Bank-ruptcy Court in Shreveport list also includes Bancorp- South, AT&T and a photog- raphy business in Tallulah.By Pamela Hitchins trator said Thursday.Tupelo-based Rural Health- care Development and Jerry Tuesday. The filing involves All 339 or so jobs at [email protected] can expect care Developers Inc., whichKennedy are working to transfer of DiamondJacks Vicksburg casino are safe, paychecks today and thehad leased the facility sincemake this transition as seam-casinos, hotels and ancillaryofficials of both LegendsBusiness as usual should doors of the former PatientsOctober 2008. RHC had been less as possible and provide buildings in Vicksburg and and Global contend.continue at Port GibsonsChoice Hospital are open toin arrears in their payments care to the patients at theBossier City to Oklahoma-(The transition) shouldlocal hospital now known those needing medical care,since August, 2010, Johnsonhospital, said Johnson. based Global Gaming Solu-be pretty transparent, saidas Claiborne County Hospital County Administrator James said.About $869,000 is owed totions LLC, which is ownedFelicia Gavin, executive vice following its takeover lastJohnson said.Jefferson County Hospitalthe county, Johnson the Chickasaw Nation. president and general man-week by the Board of Super-Claiborne County super-CEO Jerry Kennedy has been Claiborne Countys Chan- The purchase price of allager of DiamondJacks invisors after nearly two yearsvisors voted July 25 toretained to act as administra- cery Clerk Gloria Dotson had Legends assets and liabili- Vicksburg, at 3990 Washing-of not receiving lease pay-take back the facility fromtive consultant, Johnson said.ties is $125 million, saidments, the county adminis- Patients Choice, managed by The county, Rural Health- See Hospital, Page A7. Kym Koch, a spokeswomanSee Casino, Page A8.ONLINE WEATHER DEATHSTODAY IN HISTORY CONTACT US Tonight: Ida Mae Page Scott1492: Christophermedals at the BerlinBusiness...........A6 cloudy; lows in the 70sColumbus sets sail fromOlympics as he takesCall usVOLUME 130 Rose Marie Shelby Advertising....601-636-4545Classifieds........B6 Saturday: Rosie Lee Tillman Palos, Spain.the 100-meter sprint. Comics..............B4NUMBER 216Classifieds....... 601-636-SELLshowers; highs in the 90s 1914: Germany declares 1943: Gen. George S. 2 SECTIONSMississippi River:A7war on France at the Patton slaps a private Circulation......601-636-4545Puzzles..............B5News................601-636-4545 Dear Abby.......B51.5 feetonset of World War an army hospital Editorial............A4Rose: 0.4 foot1936: Jesse Owens of in Sicily, accusingE-mail usPeople/TV........B5 Flood stage: 43 feet the United States wins him of cowardice.Gen. George See A2 for e-mail addresses S. PattonA7the first of his four gold

2. The Vicksburg Post Friday, August 3, 2012A7VWSD VWSD Awards Announced Thursday for the Anquinette Jenkins Warrenton Elementary Eleese Kemp WarrenPRECISION FORECASTContinued from Page A1.BY CHIEF METEOROLOGIST 2011-12 school year:Central IntermediateBARBIE BASSETTbased on a numerical scorecalculated from test results Vicksburg-area schools Warren Central High Ja-Teachers of Buffy Willliams Vicks- burg Junior HighTONIGHTsaturdaymie Creelplus incremental improve-ment year-to-year, with and their principals Grove Street Lee Dixon the YearToni S. London Warren Central Junior High Vicksburg-Warren Schoolseven descriptors: Star, HighPerforming, Successful, Aca- District first day ofTravelers Rest Christian District winner Jennifer Grey, Vicksburg High Dian Riley Vicksburg 7496 High Partly cloudy tonight, lowsdemic Watch, Low Perform-school Monday: Academy first day of Melissa Hardy Beech-Brad Babb Warren Cen-in the mid-70s; mostly sun-ing, At Risk of Failing and Beechwood Elementary school Monday: wood Elementary tral High ny Saturday with a chanceFailing. John Johnson Latrice McGill (director)Torri Shelton Bovina El-This year the department Bovina Elementary Mikiementary of showers, highs in the 90swill use the five commonletter grades, A through F. Ginn Bowmar Avenue Elementa-Vicksburg Catholic SchoolJoanne Ryan Bowmar El-Parents of first day of schoolementaryVWSDs composite score ry Tammy BurrisWednesday: April Ross Dana Road El-the Year WEATHERplaces it in the former Suc- Dana Road Elementary St. Francis Xavier Elementa- ementaryDistrict winner Renee This weather package iscessful range and earns a CEthel Lassiterletter grade. ry Mary ArledgeLatasha Banks Grove Styles, Sherman Avenue Ele- compiled from historical Redwood Elementary St. Aloysius High Mi-Street School mentary and Warren CentralThe theme for this yearsrecords and informationconvocation was Dont Stop Randy Broome chele Connelly Wyn Pratt Redwood El- Intermediate Schoolprovided by the U.S. ArmyBelieving. Teachers and prin- Sherman Avenue Elemen-ementaryDeann Hill Beechwood Corps of Engineers, thecipals gathered school bytary Ray HumePorters Chapel Acade-Betty Smith Sherman Elementary City of Vicksburg and Theschool, decked out in green, South Park Elementary my first day of school Avenue Elementary Elisa Haggard Bovina El- Associated, yellow, orange and otherWanda FearsThursday:Darryl Floyd South Park ementary Warrenton Elementary matching T-shirts, wavingsigns, beating thundersticks,Janice Hatcher Pam Wilbanks ElementaryAmy Jackson Bowmar El- LOCAL FORECAST Heather Gordon Warren-ementaryblasting air horns and yelling Vicksburg Intermediate Agape Montessori Chris-ton Elementary saturday-sunday Bridgette Harris Danaschool spirit cheers.Sharon Williamstian Academy first day Regina OLeary Vicks-Mostly cloudy, showersWhat a year this is going Road Elementary Warren Central Intermedi-of school Aug. 13: burg Intermediate Tonya Kenney Groveand thunderstorms likely;to be, Swinford told them.ate Tonya Magee Lois Christian Mary Frances Jackson Street Schoolhighs in the 90s, lows inIf we kee