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We help nonprofits raise money to accomplish their missions by making Fundraising Murals. These murals need to be located in places with a lot of foot traffic to help raise the most money possible for the nonprofits. If that sounds like you then please check out our presentation.

Transcript of Donate Wall Space for a Fundraising Mural

  • Helping nonprofits with Fundraising Murals How and Why to Donate Wall Space for a Fundraising Mural
  • What We Do at Custom Tile by Xthings We help nonprofits raise money so they can accomplish their missions We do that through Fundraising Murals For every 100 square feet of mural the nonprofit makes between $40,000 and $50,000 Murals can be smaller than 100 square feet or much, much larger it depends on how much money the nonprofit needs Nonprofits can also do multiple murals
  • Why We Need Donated Wall Space When a business sponsors one or more tiles of a mural their company name goes on the mural Companies are more likely to sponsor if a lot of people will see the mural
  • Why Should You Donate Wall Space? You get a gigantic piece of art at NO COST to you You get to help a nonprofit There are several opportunities that create a positive PR benefit for you: Press release Fundraising campaign communication to potential donors Unveiling ceremony Publicity from the nonprofit to its supporters (website, newsletter, etc) And finally: You get a gigantic piece of art at NO COST to you
  • Some Examples This mural was done for a Meals on Wheels. In the Close-up shot on the next slide you can barely make out the sponsor names. In the extreme close-up on the slide after that you can easily see the sponsor names.
  • Meals on Wheels Close-up
  • Meals On Wheels Extreme Close-up
  • Parent Teacher Organization This mural is a photomosaic. Tens of thousands of tiny pictures make up the large one. Included is a close-up of one of the tiles.
  • Chamber of Commerce Board Room This Mural is another Photomosaic.
  • Recognition Mural This mural recognizes donors to a project.
  • Chamber of Commerce Mural
  • Library Photo Mosaic
  • Library Close-up
  • Extreme Library Photomosaic Close-up
  • Ready to Donate some Wall Space? If you are ready to donate some wall space please: Call us at 208-773-3743 Email us at [email protected] We cant wait to make a beautiful tile mural that will get people talking about your location while helping a local nonprofit!
  • Thank you!