“Don Alex”“Don Alex” - Don Alex Restaurant -...

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“Don Alex” “Don Alex” Restaurant Restaurant Don Alex Elizabeth #1 (908) 354-9270 356 Rahway Ave. Elizabeth, NJ 07202 PERUVIAN CUISINE Don Alex Elizabeth #2 (908) 354-9270 352 Rahway Ave. Elizabeth, NJ 07202 Don Alex Union (908) 378-5695 1988 Morris Ave. Union, NJ 07083 Don Alex Kenilworth (908) 349-8060 625 N. Michigan Ave. Kenilworth, NJ 07033 www.donalexrestaurant.com
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Transcript of “Don Alex”“Don Alex” - Don Alex Restaurant -...

  • Don AlexDon AlexRestaurantRestaurant

    Don Alex Elizabeth #1(908) 354-9270

    356 Rahway Ave.Elizabeth, NJ 07202


    Don Alex Elizabeth #2(908) 354-9270

    352 Rahway Ave.Elizabeth, NJ 07202

    Don Alex Union(908) 378-5695

    1988 Morris Ave.Union, NJ 07083

    Don Alex Kenilworth(908) 349-8060

    625 N. Michigan Ave.Kenilworth, NJ 07033


  • CausaMashed yellow potato mixed with key lime, onion, chili and oil layered with tuna salad filling.

    Ceviche de CamaronesCeviche with shrimp in Leche de Tigre.

    Choclo con quesoPeruvian corn served with slice of queso blanco.

    Choros a la ChalacaMussels dressed with onions, peppers, and lime juice served with salsa criolla.

    Ceviche de PescadoCeviche with diced Corvina fish in Leche de Tigre.

    Ceviche MixtoCeviche with mixed seafood in Leche de Tigre.

    Papa a la HuancainaSliced baked potatoes topped with a creamy sauce made of Aji Amarillo & Queso Blanco served with eggs and olives.

    Papa RellenaFried stuffed potatoes filled with seasoned beef, onions, olives, hard boiled eggs, and other spices.

    SalchipapaHot dogs over french fries topped with special sauces and special salad.

    TamalesCorn massa stuffed with exotic seasoning of shredded chicken or pork boiled inside banana leaf wrapping served with salsa criolla.


  • Papitas FritasFrench Fries

    MadurosSweet Fried Yellow Plantains

    Arroz BlancoWhite Rice

    Ensalada EspecialSpecial Avocaco Salad

    Habichuelas / FrijolesHomemade Peruvian Beans

    Papas SancochadasBoiled Potatoes

    TostonesFried Green Plantains

    Yuca Frita/SancochadaFried or Boiled Cassava


  • Pollo a la brasa combo #3Rotisserie chicken with avocado salad , fried rice, and french fries

    Pollo a la brasa special1/4 Rotisserie chicken with salad and french fries

    Pollo a la brasa combo #1Rotisserie chicken with avocado salad and french fries

    Pollo a la brasa combo #2Rotisserie chicken with avocado salad, fried rice, and salchipapa


  • Arroz Chaufa de MariscosSeafood Peruvian fried rice

    Bistec EncebolladoSteak Topped w/ Onions Tomatoes, fench fries, and rice

    Bistec a lo PobreSteak, fried eggs, fried plantains, french fries, and rice

    Entrana a la GrillaGrilled skirt steak with potatoes, and homemad salad

    AnticuchosBeef heart kebab with potatoes and mote corn

    Arroz ChaufaBeef/Chicken Peruvian fried rice

    Lomo SaltadoSauteed Beef/Chicken Rice, and french fries

    Mariscos SaltadosSauteed Seafood over Fries & Rice

    JaleaMixed Deep Fried Seafood

    Jalea CevicheCeviche, jalea, and Leche de Tigre


  • PancitaPorks belly, with potatoes, and mote corn.

    Pancita, Anticucho, RachiBeef heart kebab, porks belly, cows belly, with potatoes and mote corn.

    Pesado FritoFried fish with potatoes, and salad

    Quinua con Espinaca y PolloQuinoa with Chicken and Spinach

    RachiCows belly with potatoes and mote corn

    Tallarin con MariscosSpaghetti sauteed with Mixed Seafood, tomatoes and onions

    Pargo RojoRed Snapper, Fried Potatoes, Salad, Rice

    Parrillada Don AlexMixture of grilled steak, grilled chorizo or sausage, grilled chicken, grilled potatoes, and grilled beef,

    Tallarin SaltadoStir Fry Beef/Chicken Spaghetti

    Arroz con MariscosFried Rice with Mixed Seafood


  • Trucha FritaFried Trout, Potatoes, Rice, Salad

    Pollo Tallarin a la HuancainaRed spaghetti w/ chicken, and papa huancaina

    Pollo Tallarin Verde HuancainaPesto Spaghetti w/ chicken, and papa huancaina

    Tallarin Verde con BistekSpaghetti Pesto w/ Steak


  • Sopa a la MinutaPeruvian soup with beef, stock, peppers, angel hair pasta, and evaporated milk

    ParihuelaPeruvian Bouillabaisse Seafood Soup

    PatascaMote Corn Soup with cows belly, and beef


    Aguadito de PolloChicken Cilantro Rice Soup

    Caldo de GallinaPeruvian Chicken Soup

  • Budin de PanBread pudding with a mixture of caramelized sugar, cakeand sweet condensed milk.

    Crema VoleteadaUpside down cream or Peruvian Flan

    GelatinaFruit flavored gelatin or jello.

    Gelatina con FlanUpside down Gelatin and Flan

    AlfajoresTwo layered cookies filled with caramel peruvian candy(Manjar Blanco) covered with powdered sugar..

    Arroz con LecheRice Pudding simmered with whole and condensed milkthen flavored with cinnamon sticks and raisins

    Mazamorra MoradaPeruvian purple corn pudding

    PicaronesPeruvian doughnut funnel cake covered in honey syrup


    HeladosDifferent falvored ice cream

    HumitasSweet corn desert

  • Torta de ChocolateChocolate cake

    Torta HeladaJello Fluffy Gelatin Layered Cake


  • Batido de GuanabanaFresh blended natural guanabana drink

    Batido de MangoFresh blended natural mango drink

    Batido de MoraFresh blended natural berry drink

    Batido de MaracuyaFresh blended natural passion fruit drink

    Batido de PapayaFresh blended natural papaya drink


    Chicha Morada Batido de PinaFresh blended natural pineapple drinkPeruvian Purple Corn drink with cinnamon, lime, and apples