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Dolma is a fair trade company that specializes in accessories and home decor handmade in India. Our wholesale catalog includes home decor: table linens and accessories: scarves. In addition to abiding by fair trade standards, Dolma donates 15% of profits to schools for children in need.

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    h o m e d c o r & a c c e s s o r i e s w h o l e s a l e c a t a l o g

  • About DolmaDolma is a socially responsible company that specializes in fair trade personal accessories and home dcor handmade by economically disadvantaged communities in India. In addition to abiding by fair trade principles of fair wages, womens em-powerment and environmental responsibility, we donate 15% of our profits to schools for children in need.

    Our Products Dolma specializes in personal accessories and home dcor. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail, quality and beauty. We work with fair trade artisan coopera-tives in India that were established to provide an alternative income to struggling communities. We focus on empowering women to earn an income and to invest in their families and communities.

    Schools Dolma donates 15% of our profits to schools for children in India. It is our goal to alleviate poverty through fair trade and education.

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    Meet RanjeetaRanjeeta is one of five children in her family and the only one to receive a formal education. She excels academically and competes in statewide competitions. She hopes to become a doctor.

  • Proud member of the Fair Trade Federation

    o u r a r t i s a n c o o p e r a t i v e s

    Home Dcor: Tabletop Artisan CooperativeSkilled artisans create our beautiful tabletop collection as a reflection of the natural world that surrounds them. Inspired by vibrant Indian jungles, each piece is block printed by hand with floral and animal motifs.

    Tucked away in a rural part of Rajasthan, the coop-erative began with 20 female artisans and now employs over 200. In addition to paying fair wages, the group saves a percentage of earnings to put back into the community. The women vote how to spend it; on healthcare, community outreach or education.

    Personal Accessories: Peace Scarves Artisan CooperativePeace Silk Scarves weave strength and hope for struggling communities in the mountains of Northern India. Villages profit on every level of production as they grow the silk worms, spin, dye and weave the yarn into beautifully handcrafted scarves.

    The scarves are created with a reverence for the land and the people. Women are empowered because they play a central role in production and business management and the land is reforested to provide enough trees for the silk worms.

  • Blue Floral Enchanting motifs adorn our Blue Floral tabletop. Soothing hues of blue and green summon crisp, clean dawn air. Intricate patterns reflect the rich flora and fauna of the Indian jungle a true feast for the eyes.

    h o m e d c o r t a b l e t o p

    Blue Floral TableclothSmal l 60x60 RTTBFSW

    Large 60x90 RTTBFLW

    Blue Bird Napkin (Set of 2) 10x10 RTNBBW

    Blue Floral RunnerSmal l 13x35 RTRBFSWLarge 18x72 RTRBFLW

    Blue Floral Placemat(Set of 2) RTPBFW

    Tabletop Care Instructions - 100% cotton | Machine wash cold | Line dry | Warm iron

  • Green LotusRelaxing verdant tones make our Green Lotus tabletop an inviting centerpiece for gatherings with loved ones. Delightful and fresh, each piece is adorned with intricate patterns and touches of blue.

    Tabletop Craft Process: Block PrintingIndia has been renowned for its block printed textiles for centuries. Our tabletop artisans help keep the celebrated tradition alive. They carve beautiful designs into wooden blocks, immerse them in paint and press them onto fabric in careful but rapid free hand form.

    h o m e d c o r t a b l e t o p

    Green Bird Napkin(Set of 2) 10x10


    Green Lotus TableclothSmal l 60x60 RTTGLSW Large 60x90 RTTGLLW

    Green Tiger RunnerSmal l 13x35 RTRGTSW Large 18x72 RTRGTLW

    Green Lotus Placemat(Set of 2) RTPGLW

    Green Lotus Runner Smal l 13x35 RTRGLSW Large 18x72 RTRGLLW

  • Sheer ScarvesVibrant shades and delicate silk combine to make our Sheer scarves luxurious and refined. Captivating tones bring to mind enchanting Indian nights. Each piece drapes elegantly, bringing with it a touch of feminine appeal.

    Java Two-Toned Scarf16x60 MASBW

    Raspberry Two-Toned Scarf 16x60 MASPW

    Amethyst Scarf16x60 MASPSW

    Radiant Scarf 16x60 MASOW

    Scarf Care Instructions - 100% Silk | Hand Wash Cold | Line Dry | Cool Iron

    p e r s o n a l a c c e s s o r i e s s c a r v e s

  • Natural Scarves Soothing tones enhance the soft and full weave of our Natural scarves. Each piece is crafted with peaceful hues derived from vegetable dyes. The earthy colors lend a feeling of abundance and charm.

    Craft Process: Silk WeavingIn rural villages in northern India, silk weaving is a traditional craft passed down for generations. Silk worms are grown in forested areas, the artisans harvest the silk, dye the thread and use wooden looms to weave glorious scarves, exemplary of the beauty of Indian textiles.

    Hyacinth Scarf16x60 MASPGW

    Moss Scarf16x60 MASGW

    Leaf Scarf16x60 MASNGW

    Lavender Scarf 16x60 MASNPW

    p e r s o n a l a c c e s s o r i e s s c a r v e s

  • For Ordering Contact:Dolma, Inc.

    180 Flynn Ave. Burlington, VT 05401

    p (802)540-0326 e [email protected]

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