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Document Camera/Presenter. Styles/Costs. $709.73. $1,730.13. $1,972.78. $3,144.06. Document Camera Parts. Video camera head Light Connectors (on rear) Work surface Power on/off Light on/off Close up lens Pull ring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Document Camera/


  • $3,144.06$1,730.13$709.73$1,972.78Styles/Costs

  • Document Camera PartsVideo camera headLightConnectors (on rear)Work surfacePower on/offLight on/offClose up lensPull ringAuto focus on/off Zoom

  • Real time PresentationFor Comprehensible and Creative Class workPresenter + Projector + PCPresentations with 3Ps persuade and impress. Change smoothly from presenter to PC.


  • Hooking-Up to a DesktopVGA(input)EXTRONVGA(output)VGA(input)MonitorRGB RGB(input)(output)ELMOComputerVGA(output)ProjectorVGA(input)

  • Hooking-Up to a LaptopLaptopVGA(output) RGB RGB(input)(output)ELMOProjectorVGA(input)

  • INPUT VIDEO Switch ComputerMAIN Switch - ELMO


  • Using Your Document Camera

    In this section, you will learn how to make images on your document camera look more professional by using:

    wedgies tricking zooming

    A document camera makes it very easy to show virtually anything you can put under the camera. However, there are certain hints, tips, and tricks you can use to ensure that your images appear the best at the far site.

    The first thing to remember when displaying an item on the document camera is to think "What am I trying to show?" or "What is the main idea I am trying to convey?" Keeping this in mind can help you to focus on what is important and what is extraneous or distracting.

  • GlareGlare can ruin a good picture. Glossy pictures can reflect light from the ceiling lights in the room - not the lights attached to the document camera, but overhead fluorescent lights.

    Good Examples of Bad Examples:

  • SolutionsMove the document camera Turn off overhead lights Wedgies!

    Since it is not always convenient to move the document camera or turn off the lights in the room, wedgies are an ideal and simple answer.

  • WedgiesUse something to wedge under one side of the document camera to make the glare not reflect into the lens of the camera. The following are a few suggestions for wedges:

    Block of woodDoor stopSoda pop screw topBook

    What else can you think of using?

  • The ProblemThe Solution

  • TrickingMost document cameras have an auto iris feature that can be useful. The auto iris looks at the entire picture in the camera's field of view. It tries to figure out what is the brightest part of the picture. It will then adjust the iris or close the iris to let less light into the lens.

    The background of most document cameras is white. When the upper lights are turned on, the white background become blinding to the camera lens. Therefore, the document camera closes the iris down to allow in less light. However, not only is the white background dimmer, but so is the image you are trying to show.

    Since you now know HOW the document camera works, you can work to TRICK the document camera by placing a dark background behind what you are trying to showcase.

  • Some Solutions

    Using darker backgrounds of different materials.Manila Envelope The Problem

    The Main Idea of this picture is the remote control. However, the iris of the camera has closed down so much you can barely read the words on the buttons.

  • Black Construction Paper Burgundy Album Cover Black Glossy Plastic Slick

  • Zooming

    Since you know that the iris of the camera will close and make your image or picture dim, make sure you zoom in close enough to fill the screen with the subject.

    The Problem

    The main idea of what is under the document camera is the photograph, not the white background of the document camera. The Solution

    By filling the screen with the photograph, you do not have to worry about the iris of the camera closing too much

  • ZoomingThere are two ways to zoom:Push down the knob on top of the armPush the arm down closer