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Generic Actos helps to treat Type II diabetes mellitus. It helps your body to make good use of insulin, the natural hormone more effectively.

Transcript of do & dont

  • 1. Eat Fruits to keep your blood levelperfect.Eating cake will help to increasediabetes level in future.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits tokeep you slim.Eat unlimited pizza anddevelop unlimited tummy. 3. Eat grapes and strawberry to have ashiny skin.Eat chips and junk food to have achubby cheek. 4. Eating apple will help to stay away fromdoctor by keeping you healthy.Eating finger chip helps you to producethe outline Click to edit bigtyre shaped fat around your hip. text formatSecond Outline Level Third Outline Level Fourth Outline LevelFifth Outline LevelSixth Outline LevelSeventh Outline 5. You can die only once.Make sure it`s worth it.My body is a temple wherejunk food goes to worship. 6. Eating junk food will make your hospitalizedat the age of 40.Eating fruits and vegetables will help to liveand lead happy life. 7. Pain and death are a partof life. To accept or rejectits in your hand. 8. Take medicine to get cured from diabetes and makeyour life blossom with your family.Click to edit the outlinetext formatSecond Outline Level Third Outline Level Fourth Outline LevelWant to live happy life without Fifth Outline Level DiabeticsVisit usSixth Outline @Level OutlineSeventh