Distributed Innodb Caching With Memcached Presentation

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Transcript of Distributed Innodb Caching With Memcached Presentation

  • 1. Distributed Innodb Caching with memcached
    • Matt Yonkovit, Sun
  • Yves Trudeau, Sun

2. Why WaffleGrid?

  • You have a fairly large database
  • Performance is ok
  • The dataset is growing
  • Performance is degrading
  • What can you do?

3. Why WaffleGrid?

  • Buy a new, bigger server
  • No more money...
  • Add memory?Already max out....

4. Why WaffleGrid?

  • Since disk IO is...

This is Jabba the hut, for those who do know he is slow... 5. Why WaffleGrid?

  • And memory is...

For those who do not know, this is the flash, he is fast. 6. Why WaffleGrid?

  • And because we all have piles of extra hardware!
  • Why not reuse use the memory of other boxes?

7. Why WaffleGrid?

  • Why not?Isn't hacking fun?

8. A bigger buffer pool matters BIGGER IS SOMETIMES BETTER! 9. How does it works? 10. Optimal configuration

  • Memcached tuning (hacking)
  • Libmemcached tuning
  • Network
  • New configuration parameters

11. DBT2 Results 12. Sysbench results 13. Interconnect speed 14. Dolphin High Speed Interconnects 15. Dolphin High Speed Interconnects 16. SSD -vs- Waffle? If Disk IO is causing your database to be: And WaffleMakes Your Database : Do SSD's or faster disk make Waffle Obsolete? 17. SSD 18. What about EC2?

  • Need to overcome some hurdles:
  • Network is shared on EC2
  • Boxes are shared
  • Boxes tend to be underpowered
  • Shared environment means slowdowns are a fact of life
  • Performance is similar to a 100Mb/s connection

19. What about EC2? 20. Status and roadmap

  • What we have
  • What we would like to have

21. Innodb Plugin + Waffle 22. No Reply? 23. Want to try?

  • http://www.wafflegrid.com
  • https://launchpad.net/wafflegrid