Disobedience To God Can Be An Awful Thing

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Disobedience to God is never a good thing. There is one action that tips the scales toward a downward slide, but there is a heart issue that always precedes it. http://who-god-is.com/disobedience-to-god-can-be-an-awful-thing

Transcript of Disobedience To God Can Be An Awful Thing

  • 1. Disobedience To God Can Be An Awful ThingTaken from I Samuel Chapter 15Cathy Deaton Fan The Flame Ministries whogodis.com #whogodisblog 2014

2. Disobedience To God Can BeAn Awful ThingTaken from I Samuel Chapter 1515: 1-3 Samuel said to Saul, God sent me toanoint you kind over his people, Israel. Now,listen again to what God says. This is the God-of-the-Angel-Armies speaking: Im about to geteven with Amalek for ambushing Israel whenIsrael came up out of Egypt. Heres what you areto do: Go to war against Amalek. Put everythingconnected with Amalek under a holy ban. And noexceptions! This is to be total destruction menand women, children and infants, cattle andsheep, camels and donkeys the works. 3. God told Samuel The Priest To AnointSaul King Over IsraelHe was given specific instructions for battle! God would give Israel victory over themighty Amalekites Saul was then to totally destroy everyperson and animal - NO EXCEPTIONS GOD gave them the victory BUT Saul disobeyed God 4. I Samuel 15: 7-9Saul Lost His Great Legacy At This MomentThen Saul went after Amalek, from the canyon allthe way to Shur near the Egyptian border. Hecaptured Agag, king of Amalek, alive. Everyoneelse was killed under the terms of the holy ban.Saul and the army made an exception for Agag,and for the choice sheep and cattle. They didntinclude them under the terms of the holy ban. Butall the rest, which nobody wanted anyway, theydestroyed as decreed by the holy ban. 5. Saul Chose To Disobeyand Suffered Great ConsequencesWhen Samuel Confronted Him: He justified his actions by saying he saved thebest animals to sacrifice as a Thank-You Gift. God was greatly upset at his disobedience andtook his kingship away. From that moment his life went radicallydownhill until he lost the respect of the peopleand died a dishonored king. He had made the One True God to be aritualistic god whom he thought would be pleasedwith sacrifice over obedience. 6. I Samuel 15: 22-23Then Samuel said:Do you think all God wants are sacrifices empty rituals just for show? He wants you tolisten to him! Plain listening is the thing, notstaging a lavish religious production. Notdoing what God tells you is far worse thanfooling around in the occult. Getting self-importantaround God is far worse thanmaking deals with your dead ancestors.Because you said NO to Gods command, hesays NO to your kingship. 7. From the Wesley CommentaryABOUT OBEDIENCE TO GOD:it is a moral duty, constantly andindispensably necessary; but sacrifice is but aceremonial institution, sometimesunnecessary and sometimes sinful. ThereforeSauls gross disobedience to Gods expresscommand, was not to be compensated withsacrifice.Those are unworthy to rule over men, whoare not willing that God should rule over them. 8. When God Tells You To Do SomethingIt Is Extremely Important That You Do It!You might not understand its significance,ANDSometimes God is testing you to see if youwill be obedient to do a small thing that youdont understand the significance of.BUThow insignificant can something be ifGod Himself has told you to do it?Sauls disobedience ultimately cost him hiskingship and he died in disgrace instead ofdying a much beloved king of Israel. 9. 1 Action That Tips The ScalesThere is one action that tipsthe scales toward a downwardslide, but there is a heart issuethat always precedes it. 10. PRIDE Can Do Terrible Things It makes you think you have power youultimately do not have It makes you think you are invincible It destroys your ability to think rationally It can leave you disgraced and sometimeseven destroyed It causes you to justify your situation andfeel that God will make an exception for you 11. JUST BE OBEDIENT!If you know for certain that God hastold you to do something,PLEASE!PLEASE!Be obedient to do it.Disobedience can cost you much morethan you ever imagined! 12. Who God IsTo read this post on my site click on thelink below:http://who-god-is.com/disobedience-to-god-can-be-an-awful-thingCathy DeatonFan the FlameMinistrieswhogodis.com#whogodisblog2014 13. To Watch The VideoClick On The Link Belowhttp://youtu.be/CYAq5Eu8cL0