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Transcript of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is really scary · PDF file 2016-10-30 ·...

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    My family is going to go to Disneyland on vacation, and I’m excited to see the Haunted Mansion.

    There is a spooky ghost who talks for the entire time you are in the house. There is a spooky Attic, Graveyard, picture gallery, a spooky Ballroom and a

    Séance Circle. There are all kinds of spooky things that pop out of the walls and scare you. There is also spooky music the whole time.

    There is even a Dis- ney movie about the Haunted Mansion, starring Eddie Mur- phy. It is the ride I’m looking forward to the most!!!!



    Transylvania is a real place in central Ro- mania, and there is a really cool castle there. Ro- mania is in southeast Europe near the Black Sea.

    Dracula lived in a castle in Transylvania. He was a vampire. His daytime was at night and when the sun comes up, it was his nighttime. If he was out during the daytime, he would get burned.

    Dracula tried to bite people and suck their blood. The only way to kill him was to stab him with a silver knife.

    In the comedy TV show, the Munsters were from Transylvania. The movie Hotel Transyl- vania takes place in Transylvania and Dracula is a funny guy.

    Transylvania is a popular vacation spot be- cause people want to see where Dracula lived.

    Transylvania is a popular place to visit T.J. WERSONICK LINCOLN LEDGER

    Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is really scary


    I went to Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City. I saw a lion named Aurora, big fat elephant eating a pumpkin, and loud and noisy monkeys. The elephant would throw a pumpkin up in the air and then he had to go back inside. The monkeys threw fruit at me! I also saw a big gorilla through the glass window. He was laying down.

    A few years ago, someone was knocking on the glass and the big gorilla ran at the glass and the man got knocked out because his face was up against the glass.