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    Interested in current events on sea otters? Looking to find out whats going on with the sea otter organization with their finger on the pulse of everything sea otter related? Trying to help advocate for these endangered species? Love cute sea otter pictures? Look no further!

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  • Who: All ages!What: Raffle tickets are each a$15 dollar donation,andenters you into the Disneyland Raffle. Limit 6 raffle ticket purchases per person.

    Raffle winner takes home the package vacation which includes: 4 All Day Disneyland Hopper Passes

    2 night stay at the Sheraton Anaheim (Total Package Value: $1200)*

    Where: Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CaliforniaHow: Donate $15 to Friends of the Sea Otter for your chance to win!When: The gift bundle can be used anytime between now and August 2015.

    Why: Combining The Happiest Place on Earth and protecting sea otters is a win-win combination!

    Our MissionFriends of the Sea Otter is committed to and advocates for the conservation of sea otters, the preservation of their habitat, through education, research, and policy decisions that will ensure the long-term survival of this species.

    Friends of the Sea Otters

    Disney Vacation Giveaway!


    As a member of Friends of the Sea Otter, we cannot thank you enough for your support and contribution to our organization. As we continue to find new ways to benefit both sea otters and acknowledge our members, we would like to let you know about the different ways your tax-refundable donations can support FSO.

    Friends of the Sea Otter Online Gift Store Friends of the Sea Otter has several different gifts available online through our website at http://www.seaotters.org/gift-store:. Bundle packages and gifts are sold with free shipping and handling. These bundles include membership and are a wonderful way for you to spread the sea otter love amongst friends and family. If you are paying via check, be sure to label which bundle you would like in your envelope or check. All purchases go towards protecting and recovering sea otters and their habitats. Some of the bundles offered include:

    Your Dollar Can Help a

    Sea Otter

    Amazon SmileAmazon makes everyones lives easier by creating an online shopping market place that offers just about everything. This year, we are hoping that if you are using Amazon.com, please consider us for the Amazon Smile program, where 0.5% of your gift purchases will go towards Friends of the Sea Otter. Visithttps://smile.amazon.com/and enter Friends of the Sea Otter into the Search Section and add us. A little goes a very long way and everything helps.

    ZazzleAlong with our online store front on www.seaotters.org, we also have many products to choose from through Zazzle, a company that gives 15%-20% of proceeds back to Friends of the Sea Otter. Visit http://www.zazzle.com/friendsoftheseaotter to select your favorite FSO products including: shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, stamps, iPhone cases, note cards, hats, tote bags, magnets, sweatshirts, and more!

    $30 -Sea Otter Pup Bundle SeaOtterStickyPad FriendsoftheSeaOtterMembership FriendsoftheSeaOttersBi-AnnualNewsletter, The Raft SeaOtterFactSheet

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    $100 Sea Otter Raft Bundle 2014SeaOtterCalendar SeaOtterHolidayNoteCards SeaOtterStickyNotes FriendsoftheSeaOtterBi-AnnualNewsletter (printversion) SeaOtterFactSheet

    Bequests Bequests have been vital to sustaining Friends of the Sea Otter (FSO)overmanyyears.Bequestsbothlargeandsmallprovidelasting support and impact the programs and services FSO can pursue. Some FSO members make gifts to honor loved ones and others make bequests in their wills or estate plans.

    Another way to give to FSO is donating stock or other financial instruments.

    These alternative ways of supporting FSO may be more practical for some allowing individuals who can not make a cash donation to still support FSO and reflect their charitable wishes.

    If you would like to learn more about bequests or other donation options, please contact us at: P.O. Box 223260, Carmel, CA 93922 [email protected] or 831.915.3275

  • Friends of the Sea Otter Merchandise is here!


    Now you can support the otters we love, and look good at the same time.Visit our store at www.seaotters.org, 15%-20% proceeds go to support Friends of the Sea Otter and its mission to protect our remarkable furry friends.


    It might be tempting while watching a sea otter floating on its back, chowing down on some shellfish or just taking a nap in a kelp bed, to think, now thats the life! But let me assure you that the life of a sea otter is far from easyespeciallyforfemales.Howwouldyouliketospend12hoursaday,everyday, searching for food? What if on top of that you needed to frequently nurse and groom a dependent pup? Or what if you were forced to make a decision about abandoning your newborn or risking your own survival? These are just a few of the challenges female sea otters face in their daily fight for survival.

    Sea otters have an energetically expensive lifestyle. Due to their small body size and marine living, they lose heat to their environment at a rapid rate and must expendagreatdealofenergyjusttokeepwarm.Consequently,seaottersneedto eat roughly 25% of their body weight in food per day. That is the equivalent ofa140poundhumaneating35poundsoffoodeveryday!!Andthatisjustenough to energetically break even, not even to pack on weight. Keep in mind that 25% is the amount needed by the average sea otter and that across mammalian species lactation is known to be the most energetically taxing life stage. So what does this mean for our sea otter moms?

    Given their inherently high baseline energy needs, one would assume that the cost of lactation in sea otters would be considerable. In fact, females have


    SEA OTTER MOTHERHOOD: and you thought you had it rough?


    been documented losing body mass over the course of pup dependency. But until recently*, the exact cost of pup rearing was unknown. By three weeks postpartum, the daily energy demands of a female sea otter increase 17%. Although energy demands are increased, females reduce foraging activity during the first weeks postpartum in order to diligently care for their newborn pups. As a result, females must immediately tap into their onboard fat reserves; and because their fat reserves are quite small, such minimal foraging activity can only be sustained for the first week or two of dependency.

    Pup energy demands increase rapidly over the course of lactation.IncentralCalifornia,afemalewithamediumtolargesizedpupmustspendanaverageof48%ofeachday foraging to meet the increasing needs of her pup comparedtoonly39%forafemalewithnopup.Bytheaverage age of weaning, a dependent pup increases the dailyenergeticdemandsofafemaleby96%,essentiallydoubling her daily metabolic demands. At this stage, the dependent pup is foraging and contributing somewhat to its own energy demands, but it continues to nurse frequently, solicit for food, and share and steal prey items from its mother; making it a substantial energetic

    burden until weaning occurs. Females with pups at or around weaning age have been observed feeding as muchas60%of theday.Tobeclear, that is60%of a24hourday,not just60%ofdaylighthours.Thoseare hardworking moms!!

    The exceptional energetic demands adult female sea otters must manage during lactation have both direct and cascading consequences. Female sea otters spend nearly their entire adult lives either pregnant or lactating. On average, females will give birth to a pup every year regardless of physiological or environmental conditions. Thus, they must make the decision after giving birth, to keep or abandon the pup. Females in poor body condition may need to cut their losses and abandon a pup shortly after birth to save energy, build up fat reserves, and be in better condition before giving birth to their next pup. If a female chooses to keep a pup, but is in very poor body condition, she may risk her own survival trying to keep pace with such rapidly increasing energy demands.

    For those females that choose to raise a pup there is anot