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A significant industrial contract for Veolia Water: K+S Potash Canada GP chooses HPD® evaporation and crystallization solutions for its upcoming potash production

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  • March 2013 ) Veolia Environnement, Veolia Water Communications 1


    A significant industrial contract for Veolia Water.K+S Potash Canada GP chooses HPD evaporation and crystallization solutions for its upcoming potash production.

  • 2March 2013 ) Veolia Environnement, Veolia Water Communications Department

    1. What is the scope of this contract?

    2. WhatistheHPDevaporationandcrystallization processforfertilizerproduction?

    3. IsthisHPDprocessaninnovation?

    4. Whyarethesesolutionsofparticularinterest forthepotashindustry?

    5. DoesVeoliaWaterhaveotheroperations intheminingindustry?

    6. Whatisthesizeofthismarket?

    7. Whatotherindustriesarehigh-growthmarkets forVeoliaWater?


  • 3March 2013 ) Veolia Environnement, Veolia Water Communications Department

    1. What is the scope of this contract?Veolia Water will supply the HPD evaporation and crystallization process at the core of the new potash production facilities built by K+S Potash Canada GP, along with the entire engineering package (general and detailed design) related to the process. The site, scheduled to be commissioned in 2015, will produce 2.86 million metric tons per year of potash by 2023. This large-scale project is the largest contract ever signed by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies in the industrial market.

    2. WhatistheHPDevaporationandcrystallizationprocessforfertilizerproduction?The production of most chemical fertilizers requires the use of potash as a raw material. The potash can be extracted from mine galleries or shafts, or solution-mined as here in Saskatchewan.Large volumes of water are injected deep into the deposit to dissolve it, and the resulting mining solution, or brine, is then pumped back up to the surface. The HPD evaporation and crystallization solution to be incorporated at the core of the solution-mining process is an advanced treatment process designed to separate the liquid and solid components in the mining solution. The evaporated liquid is condensed for treatment prior to discharge back into the natural environment, while the salt crystals are recovered for subsequent refining into potash. This same process can also be used to treat water so that it can then be recycled into a production process.

    3. IsthisHPDprocessaninnovation?HPD evaporation and crystallization processes are tried and tested technologies in the Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies portfolio of 350 processes. The added-value that Veolia was able to offer was its innovative approach to adapting each stage of the process to the specific needs of this facility.It is this expertise and project engineering competence that has enabled Veolia to install over 800 HPD processes in more than 30 countries (for example, Brazil, Spain, Indonesia, New Zealand, Canada), and that has led the order intake to enjoy a record high in 2012. Following contracts with Iberpotash in Spain and Petrobras in Brazil, this new contract with K+S Potash Canada GP confirms that these solutions are particularly well suited to meet the current challenges of fertilizer producers.

    4. Whyarethesesolutionsofparticularinterestforthepotashindustry?These HPD processes contribute to maximizing output while keeping costs, energy consumption and environmental impacts under control. Solution mining is now the preferred method of extracting potash, in preference to open-pit mining. This trend has resulted in a growing market for the HPD evaporation and crystallization technologies developed by Veolia.With increasing demographic pressure, the demand for food is growing, while farming yields are stagnating. As a result, the market for fertilizers is booming.In a concern to expand its production capacity, K+S Potash Canada GP, a subsidiary of the German K+S Group, one of the top industry leaders, has launched its Legacy Project, the first potash mine in Saskatchewan in the past 40 years, for which Veolia Water was chosen as a partner.


  • 4March 2013 ) Veolia Environnement, Veolia Water Communications Department

    5. DoesVeoliaWaterhaveotheroperationsintheminingindustry?The fertilizer industry, like the mining industry in general, is highly diversified, with each site being unique in terms of location of water resources and geological characteristics. A solution applicable to one site may not necessarily be suitable for another site, thereby requiring a significant adaptability from our water treatment experts. In spite of a relatively scattered supply chain, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has gained recognition as a leader of equipment supply (source: GWI(1)), although with only a 10% market share. This is no longer just about HPD evaporation and crystallization, but about all of our solutions for alternative sourcing, treatment of complex effluents, recovery, recycling and reuse of by-products, energy efficiency optimization of processes, and mitigation of environmental footprints.

    6. Whatisthesizeofthismarket?The market potential is huge: in the worldwide mining industry, water-related expenses accounted for 7.7 billion US dollars in 2011 and could reach in excess of 13 billion in 2014 (source: GWI(1)).

    7. Whatotherindustriesarehigh-growthmarketsforVeoliaWater?Apart from the mining industry encompassing the extraction of fertilizers or other ores such as gold, copper and cobalt, we also focus specifically on the oil and gas market. In the upstream oil and gas segment (exploration and production), we signed in late 2012 a substantial contract for material recovery with an oil-sands bitumen producer in the province of Alberta, Canada. In the high-growth market of unconventional gas, we also have expertise to treat, recover and recycle the produced water. Veolia has recently developed SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage) applications to respond to the needs of this sector.In addition, Veolia Water intends to boost its activities in the cosmetics industry where our ultrapure water supply processes, complying with the most stringent standards, are also in high demand. Last but not least, we remain focused on the agro-food industry, a high-growth sector that will feed a global population of two billion more by 2030, where we are already enjoying a 5.5% annual growth rate.

    1. GWI: GlobalWaterIntelligence,


  • 5March 2013 ) Veolia Environnement, Veolia Water Communications Department




    Veolia WaterSolutions & Technologies

    K+S Potash Canada GP



    2.86 million metric tons per year of potash

    Solution-mined deposits


    Salt crystals


    Treated water discharged


  • 6March 2013 ) Veolia Environnement, Veolia Water Communications Department






    Prince Albert

    La Ronge

    Stony Rapids








    300 km

    Regina CANADA