Digital Trends - International Fundraising Festival 2015

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Transcript of Digital Trends - International Fundraising Festival 2015

IFF 2015, PragueDigital Trends

and takeaways for non-profitsasi by se hodilo nekam jinam...Ivos Gajdorus

Technology enthusiast, digital social innovation fan and startups mentor. Founder and CEO at COEX.

[email protected] | @guid33Jakub Stogr

Gamification specialist, digital social innovation seeker & business development pusher.

[email protected] | @stogr

Technology progress is...PastNowFutureTechnological progress...speeding up...Time2000Intellectual Level / Power1950Machine intelligenceHuman IntellectTrans Humans?...singularity is near...AI?

Meantime on the Internet...Content is the king ceasar!2015Content marketing Content strategies, channels, segmentsCreated & curated by evolving toolsConsumed on diverse devicesVideo, blogs, case studies, infographicsCompanies shift from traditional marketing towards creating high quality content thats targeted to customer interests.Wheelhouse advisorsTraditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with

Infographics by www.bluetext.com2015Crowd & Cloud Everything Funding, sourcingKickstarter, Indiegogo, Hithit...White label or brandedP2P financing, microloanswww.vozejkmap.czVozejkmap - wheelchair mapping

Source: 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report2015 in Non Profits Most Important Communications GoalsEngaging Our Community (57%) In 2014, was 2nd Retaining Current Donors (53%) In 2014, was 4thGeneral Brand Awareness (51%) Remains sameAcquiring New Donors (50%) In 2014, was in 1st Thought Leadership (33%)



Source: ExactTargets State of Marketing Report 2014

What marketers sayBut facebook rules them all...

In content distribution, social is the key.According to a presentation from AOL, email (93%), social networks (89%), blogs (82%), message boards (81%), and instant messages (80%) are where the greatest amount of content is being shared and consumed.What do customers use?Mon vynechat i upravit2015The Multi-Screen World Fragmented devices & platformsContent first strategy is essentialResponsive / fluid design is a mustGoogle starts preferring mobileOne user multiple devices

Source: ExactTargets State of Marketing Report 2014

Source: ExactTargets State of Marketing Report 2014

Source: ExactTargets State of Marketing Report 2014

2015Measuring & Personalization Understanding clients behaviourMeasuring goals & ROICost per acquisition / conversionWeb analytics, mobile analytics2015Pending trends SaaS & PaaS Tweeting flowersSmart cars & homesIoT, iBeacons, WearablesHealth apps, Open data...Gamification, engagement= more fun.



More and more companies is seeking ways to use their competencies to achieve CSR.

Some (social innovation) businesses invest everything into what they do. They dont create any profit.

Social innovation trends and entrepreneurship make the border between business and non-profits fuzzy.Jenda & Ivos having a beer 2 days ago National states, Corporates, ...donations, funds, grants

NGOs & Non-profits


$$Tuto obrazovku lze ve finle vynechat trochu preformulovat 1. vetuCORPORATIONS AND NON-PROFITS?Zatm pracovn, bude tu njak pedlov obrzekA couple of tips...2015Work & CommunicationGoogle Apps, Office 365Google Drive, Dropbox, OnedriveGoogle Plus Private GroupsBasecamp,, Asana.comSlack, HipChat

2015Online marketingCRM vs Lead managementHootSuit, Social BakersGoogle Analytics, Crazy EggAdwords, Facebook AdsMailchimp, MandDrill, Quanda2015Better web developmentWireframes (Axure, InAppVision)Squarespace, Webflow Wordpress - templates, pluginsMODX - creative freedomGrid.ioCreating websites is much easier now.Ivos GajdorusCreating web applications is multi-disciplionary and complex process.Ivos GajdorusIvo [email protected]

[email protected]/