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  • 1. By Andrew Greer AWQ4M1-01

2. Title: An Engaging Conversation This is a black and white portrait of a friend of mine. The eyes are centered in the image, and the perspective is used to simulate the subject as being eye level with the viewer. The bright lighting of the image is used to add more contrast to the subjects face and the rest of the room. 3. Title: An Evening In Blue This is a landscape photo taken from my porch. The main draw of this image is the contrast of the vibrant sky and the muted tones of the lower half of the image. The lighting in this image also plays off the theme of contrast with the various street lights are picked up as spheres of light in the dark. 4. Title: Winter at the Park This is a landscape photo of a park. With this image I mainly focused on the composition, balancing the tree line and the snow-covered ground, and the unique perspective provided by standing on the edge of the rounded park. 5. Title: Morning at the MountainThis image is a landscape photo of a street in the blue mountain area. This photo takes advantage of the morning lighting, using the shadows off the trees to create a contrast between both sides of the road. This image is balanced by the two groups of trees on each side of the road, with the road acting as a dividing line, and the mountain in the distance to act as a focal point. 6. Title: Morning at the Mountain This image is a close up of a bud frozen in ice. The main draw of this image is the use of composition and contrast to draw attention. The angle for this image was chosen to better show the contrast between the buds and the ice. 7. Title: Never to Old For Fun This is an action shot taken of a friend of mine jumping off of a concrete wall. The primary focus of this photo was composition and capturing a sense of motion. The composition is achieved by having mostly empty space to the right of the subject in the concrete wall, however offsetting this with lots of interesting movement from the subject. 8. Title: In MotionThis is an action shot taken of a moving car on a highway. The draw of this image is the contrast provided by keeping the car in focus and blurring the background to give a sense of movement. 9. Title: An Afternoon Riddle This is a shot taken of my a shelf in my living room. The main focus of his shot was balancing out the different elements, and using depth of field to differentiate the primary element from the rest of the shot. As well, the use of shadows and lighting adds to the mood of the image quite well. 10. Title: A Brisk JogThis is a modified image of a friend of mine jogging. The image is fairly basic and composed using the rule of thirds. This image was originally black and white, but has been modified to add colour in five different areas, this is used to generate contrast between the original elements of the photo and the modified elements. 11. Title: A Distorted Reflection This is portrait taken of my reflection in a window. The primary goal of this image was too take advantage of the unique visual effect provided by the distorted reflection too enhance the mood of this photo.