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Transcript of Digital Outdoor Trends

  • 1. Digital Outdoor Trends
    • February, 2010

Tijen Armaan 2. The World's Biggest Signpost 2010

  • Nice installation here from Nokia. A digital panel in the shape of arrow was lifted 50 metres above London by a crane. People on the street could send text messages to the sign with their favorite places to visit, and the arrow would move to point to that location, and also provide the distance.
  • The installation was streamed live to, where all the locations were synced with Nokias good things map.
  • Very nice idea here from Nokia to promote their geo-localization for mobiles OVI Maps.

3. Mobile Video Cube

  • Mobile Video Cube is a self-contained mobile outdoor digital advertising billboard truck capable of delivering full
  • motion video advertising {commercial spots, movie trailers, video game previews, or other branded digital video content} to thousands of consumers nightly in metro markets such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.The patent-pending Mobile Video Cube delivers over 60 sq. ft. of outdoor digital video billboard advertising space to outdoor shopping districts, nightlife areas, concerts, or transportation hubs.Mobile Video Cube advertising campaigns are enhanced by Wrapping the Vehicle, Street Team Sampling, Custom Screen Shapes, Sound, and/or Bluetooth.

4. Mobile Pop-up Art&Video Projections

  • Hill Holliday's client, the New York's Firefighters Association, was looking for media vehicles to convince Mayor Michael Bloomberg to reverse his decision to close down several firehouses in New York City.Conceived by Hill Holliday and refined by ALT TERRAIN, burning flames were projected on to buildings throughout New York City with the tagline "Call The Mayor! Budget Cuts Are Suicide".The consumer response was amazing, plus the initiative was covered by all the major news stations and newspapers in the New York area.Fearful of what Hill Holliday/New York's Firefighters Association might do next, Mayor Bloomberg re-instated 4 firehouses the day after the Guerilla Video Projections.

5. Guerilla Video Projections

  • The Bravo Group knew when and where Hispanic consumers were in need of Eclipse Gum so they deployed ALT
  • TERRAIN to implement a 2-month Guerilla Video Projection initiative throughout Chicago neighborhoods and
  • nightlife districts.
  • Eclipse Gum guerilla video projection media targeted predominately Hispanic consumer nightclubs, neighborhoods
  • and festivals, plus after-hours food and hangout spots.

6. Guerilla Video Projections

  • The global experiential marketing leader George P. Johnson Marketing hires ALT TERRAIN to implement guerilla projections to to celebrate the production of the Nissan's first zero emissions electric vehicle; the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.The guerilla video projections were simultaneously implemented Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C., San Diego and Los Angeles.

7. Consumers get creative control on digital posters through new iPhone platform

  • LONDON - Consumers will be given the chance to control and change the advertising display on digital LCD screens via their iPhones.
  • CBS Outdoor has partnered with Clusta, the digital creative agency, to develop a new advertising platform, launched yesterday, which connects a consumersiPhoneto the display via WiFi or 3G. By swiping in either direction on the iPhones touchscreen, users can make the object in the digital poster spin to the left or right, and users can also make the display change colour.LONDON - Consumers will be given the chance to control and change the advertising display on digital LCD screens via their iPhones.

8. Interactive Billboard

  • MINI took outdoor advertising to an interactive place by linking participants in The Club with RFID key chains. In a sense, users opted-in to this interactivity.

9. Interactive Poster

  • Consider Fords interactive poster oer in Germany. An actor views mall-goers through a tiny video camera. He reacts to, and interacts with, these unsuspecting participants. It is active ambient advertising, if you will.

10. Mobile Controled Billboard


11. Interactive Billboard with Camera


12. Motion Billboard for Modes


13. Augmented Reality BillBoard


14. Augmented Reality BillBoard

  • http://vimeo

15. Mixed Reality Advertising The evolution of outdoor Billboards


16. Digital Outdoor Kit 1. Digital Billboard etc. 2. Mobile Phone3. Internet&Social Media 4. GPRS+Turkcell Location Based Services 5. Augmented Reality 6. Bluetooth&Mobile Controled Billboard 7. Mobile Service: Mobile Borcode&SMS&MMS&IVR 8. Light Design with led, lazer etc. (Mobile Controled) 9. Social Media Entegrated (Twitter, Facebook, foursquare etc.) 17.