Digital Dealer Seo 2010

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Transcript of Digital Dealer Seo 2010

  • Understanding The Role of ContentAutomotive SEO Architecture Search Engine Asset ClassesSearch Engines SimplifiedDeveloping A Search Phrase Target ListKeyword Research ToolsHow Asset Classes Use Search Phrase TermsContent on Google, Yahoo and BingTraffic patterns on the 3 major search enginesSERP Behavior on Google, Yahoo and BingKeywords and Domain Names Good Content & Consumer Curb AppealWhat should we be writing about?Manufacturer Announcements, New Models & PromotionsCustomer TestimonialsDealer Specific Promotions and SalesCommunities ActivitiesConsumer Tips, Service and PartsContent writing tips
    Seminar Outline
  • Where to Place ContentPress Release WebsitesBlogging PlatformsIndustry Websites Automotive MicrositesDont Forget Your Dealer SiteMeasuring The Effect of Content SEO StrategiesGoogle AnalyticsPlatform Referring Link ReportsCustom Analytics Tools
    Seminar Outline (cont)
  • Fundamentals: SEO vs. SEM
    This seminar will focus on the green area of a search results page
  • Automotive SEO Architecture
    This architecture builds links, traffic and relevancy
  • Automotive SEO 101
    Search Phrase
    Any search phrase triggers a scan of various asset classes in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You should have targeted content in each class to maximize your exposure in SERPs.
  • SERP Showing Asset Classes
    Search: Chevy Silverado
    Adwords (PPC)
    Video Assets
    Image Assets
  • SERP Showing Asset Classes
    Digital Dealer Nashville
    Notice Newspaper Icon
  • Search Engines Simplified
    You need to know what phrases people are typing into the search engines.
    Create best matching content.
    Publish the content on the Internet with links back to your website(s).
    Promote the content and traffic via embedded links.
    My consulting practice is best described as creating Best Matching Internet assets for business owners.
  • Type of Automotive Search Phrases
    For most dealer websites, their #1 referring search phrase, by a long shot, is their brand name.
  • Developing A Search Phrase List
    If you were a Nissan dealer that was located in the Bronx or served Bronx consumers, what would your search phrase list look like?
    You would consider broad phrases like:
    New York Nissan Dealers
    Nissan New York
    Nissan Cars NY
    You would consider regional phrases like:
    Bronx Nissan Sentra
    Bronx Nissan Dealers
    Bronx Nissan Service
    Bronx Nissan Parts
    You would consider surrounding towns:
    Nissan Yonkers
    Nissan Mt Vernon
    New Rochelle Nissan Service
    East Tremont Nissan
    You would consider Model searches:
    Nissan Altima Bronx
    Nissan Cube New York
  • Prioritizing a Search Phrase List
    If you were a Nissan dealer that was located in the Bronx or served Bronx consumers, what would your search phrase list look like?
    This is where the art of Search Engine Optimization comes into play.
    The organization needs to identify the intend of the search phrase and consider the frequency of the search phrase.
    Then a testing regimen must be put in place.
    Example: Bronx Nissan
    Frequency: 4,400 searches month (approximate)
    Intent: Since the consumer is not using a specific dealer name they may be undecided on which dealer to do business with.
    Translation: 30+ calls a month and 30+ email leads in 30 days.
  • 12
    Searching for Bronx Nissan
    Consultant has created web assets that appear for broad searches that can lead customers to any particular dealer.
    Know how to create lasting web assets is one of the skills of an Automotive SEO consultant.
  • 13
    Searching for Bronx Nissan Sentra
    Owning the top spots (above the fold) for vehicle model searches in your PMA can be very effective for lead generation.
  • How To Research Search Phrases
    There are many free and paid tools on the market and for most people the free tools are fine.
    Google Yahoo and MSN all offer free tools for keyword research.
    Link to Googles Keyword Research Tool
    WordTracker is a popular paid tool. (
    Spyfu is another tool that is helpful with Adwords strategies ( )
    Keywords should be prioritized and a checklist created to mark where phrases have been targeted with press releases.
  • Search Phrases & Asset Classes
    • All asset classes need your search phrase research.
    • Businesses should develop an initial Top 20 search phrase target list.
    • Then you must track your progress each month to see how your visibility is improving.