Digital Collections; Web 2.0, the Semantic Web and Linked Data

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Guest lecture for a UniSA subject, INFS5079 in 2014

Transcript of Digital Collections; Web 2.0, the Semantic Web and Linked Data

  • 1. INFS5079AccessingResources Digital Collections; Web 2.0, the Semantic Web and Linked Data 2014-05-21 Katie Hannan, Co-ordinator, Online Projects, SLSA #INFS5079 Slide #0
  • 2. INFS5079AccessingResources Do not remove this notice. Copyright Notice COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 WARNING This material has been produced and communicated to you by or on behalf of the University of South Australia pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act. Do not remove this notice. #INFS5079 Slide #1
  • 3. INFS5079AccessingResources #INFS5079 Slide #2
  • 4. INFS5079AccessingResources Social Media (web2.0) You know what this is You are probably using this every day If youre not, at least make sure you know how to use it No longer just a fad #INFS5079 Slide #3
  • 5. INFS5079AccessingResources #Socialnomics Short 2014 Erik Qualman, 2014, #INFS5079 Slide #4
  • 6. INFS5079AccessingResources Donuts Image: Slide #5
  • 7. INFS5079AccessingResources Social Media at SLSA Facebook @SLSA Flickr YouTube Pinterest HistoryPin Digital Volunteering #INFS5079
  • 8. INFS5079AccessingResources #INFS5079 Slide #7
  • 9. INFS5079AccessingResources Social Media Summary Changes the balance consumer/customer in control From static to interactive web experiences Web 1.0 was access to information, web 2.0 is access to people #INFS5079 Slide #8
  • 10. INFS5079AccessingResources Digital Collections Collections are more than just books Items that are a part of a larger donated set Art objects Sound and moving pictures Born digital (Hardesty, 2014) #INFS5079 Slide #9
  • 11. INFS5079AccessingResources Google Cultural Institute #INFS5079
  • 12. INFS5079AccessingResources Online Transcriptions First there was the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program now incorporated into Trove
  • 13. INFS5079AccessingResources Think Different The mission of the library is not to gather physical things into an inventory, but to organize human knowledge that has been inconveniently packaged Karen Coyle, p. 8, 2012 #INFS5079 Slide #12
  • 14. INFS5079AccessingResources Semantic Web What is it? "spider-Web-Luc_Viatour" by Luc Viatour, Flickr#INFS5079 Slide #13
  • 15. INFS5079AccessingResources What is it? Semantic web uses metadata & linked data to add context to data Resource Description Framework (RDF) Extensible Markup Language (XML) Semantic Web Using RDF to describe the abbreviation for South Australia Needs to have a subject, predicate, object (hence, RDF triple) SA. In English the statement South Australia has the postal abbreviation SA' , South Australia' would be the subject, 'has the postal abbreviation' the predicate and SA' the object. #INFS5079 Slide #14
  • 16. INFS5079AccessingResources Implementations Linking History in Place Tests the practical application of LOD protocols as a means to share cultural material #INFS5079 Slide #15
  • 17. INFS5079AccessingResources British National Bibliography LOD Subset of the full British National Bibliography Includes published books and serial publications, representing approximately 2.8 million records #INFS5079 Slide #16
  • 18. INFS5079AccessingResources Out of the Trenches A LOD project Proof of concept RDF/XML Existing ontologies 5 partners #INFS5079 Slide #17
  • 19. INFS5079AccessingResources Out of the Trenches A LOD project Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network, 2012, #INFS5079 Slide #18
  • 20. INFS5079AccessingResources South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau (SARCIB) #INFS5079 Slide #19
  • 21. INFS5079AccessingResources SARCIB #INFS5079 Slide #20
  • 22. INFS5079AccessingResources SARCIB #INFS5079
  • 23. INFS5079AccessingResources SARCIB #INFS5079 Slide #22
  • 24. INFS5079AccessingResources SARCIB #INFS5079
  • 25. INFS5079AccessingResources L R: Philip De Quetteville Robin, George Darling Beames, Brunel John Nash. Norwood Football Club players. These three were amongst the first players to enlist. Only Beames survived the war. SLSA B46130/286 #INFS5079 Slide #24
  • 26. INFS5079AccessingResources Brunel J Nash George Beames Arthur Blackburn Red Cross Enquiry Trove National Archives records SA Football Norwood Football Club Played football obituary enlisted 1915 Gallipoli Campaign Victoria Cross Played with Philip DeQ Robin Represented SA witness Played with #INFS5079 Slide #25
  • 27. INFS5079AccessingResources
  • 28. INFS5079AccessingResources LOD Next Steps Overcome challenges Changes to standards Privacy Trust NSLA Digital Skills working group #INFS5079 Slide #27
  • 29. INFS5079AccessingResources GLAM? Understand our customers Want quick, personalised access and service Prefer online library resources vs. print Increasingly self sufficient, navigating and making choices Increasingly satisfied with the quality of info found Used to content in any format and want to reuse that content Expect 24/7 service Wired more mobile Accustomed to multi-tasking #INFS5079 Slide #28
  • 30. INFS5079AccessingResources The Future? #INFS5079 Slide #29
  • 31. INFS5079AccessingResources References Slide 2 - Slide 4 - Qualman, E. (2014). #Socialnomics short 2014, Slide 5 - Humphries, M. (2012). Social media explained with donuts, explained-with-donuts-20120210/ Slides 6-7 - State Library of South Australia (SLSA) Slide 10 -,,,,,, Slide 11 -,,, archivist/transcribe/ Slide 12 - Coyle, K. (2012). Think Different, Slide 13 - Viatour, L. "spider-Web-Luc_Viatour, Slide 15 - Slide 16 - Slide 18 - Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network, (2012), Out of the trenches, Slide 19 - 21 - SLSA Slide 22 SLSA, THE LATE PRIVATE B. J. NASH. (1916, November 4).Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 43. Retrieved May 19, 2014, from Slide 23 -, dead/casualty/718403/NASH,%20BRUNEL%20JOHN, Slide 24 - SLSA B46130/286 Slide 26 - State Library of South Australia catalogue, Trove, National Archives of Australia, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, SANFL Marketing http://www