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Digital Booklet - Crazy, Stupid, Lov

Transcript of Digital Booklet -Crazy, Stupid, Love

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  • 3The Numbers GameWritten by Garza, hilton, and brown

    Published by Garza y hilton musica (bmI)& Full Circle ent.

    Produced by Thievery CorporationPerformed by Thievery Corporation

    Courtesy of esL music Garza y hilton musica (bmI) & Full Circle ent. 2008

    aLmaNaCWritten by Tsui, Debutte, Johnson, Klausener & malecki

    Published by sONGs music PublishingPerformed by The acorn

    Courtesy of bella union/Yep roc music Groupby arrangement with Ocean Park music Group

    2010 bella union

    LOsT IN PLaCeWritten by Jesika von rabbit & Todd rutherford

    Published by royal Order Publishing (bmI)and stinkyCo

    Produced by ethan allenPerformed by Gram rabbit

    Courtesy of stinky records, a division of stinkyCo., Inc.,by arrangement with Natural energy Lab

    2004 stinky records, a Division of stinkyCo., Inc.

    The hearTs a LONeLY huNTerWritten by r.Garza, e.hilton, & D.byrne

    Published by Garza y hilton musica (bmI) &malu music dba moldy Fig music.Produced by Thievery Corporation

    Performed by Thievery Corporation & David bryneCourtesy of esL music

    Garza y hilton musica (bmI) & malu musicdba moldy Fig music. 2005

    bLaCK Is The COLOr OF mY True LOves haIr (JaFFa remIx)Written by emile Latimer

    Published by emI Grove Park music Inc obo itself and Ninandy music (bmI)Performed by Nina simone

    Courtesy of The verve music Group under licensefrom universal music enterprises

    2003 The verve music Group, a division of umG recordings, Inc.

    aNImaL (marK rONsON remIx)Written by andrew Wyatt, Pontus Winnberg,

    Christian Karlsson and henrik JonbackPublished by Downtown DmP songs (bmI)

    Performed by mike snowCourtesy of Downtown records


  • 4OOh La LaWritten by Will Gregory/alison GoldfrappPublished by Warner Chappell music Ltd.

    administered by Wb music Corp.Performed by Goldfrapp

    Courtesy of mute records Limited,under license from emI music marketing.

    2005 The copyright in this sound recording isowned by mute records Limited

    JusT ONe LOOKWritten by Doris Payne and Gregory CarrollPublished by universal music Careers (bmI)

    Performed by Doris TroyCourtesy of atlantic recording Corp.

    by arrangement with Warner music Group Film and Tv Licensing

    Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OhWritten by eric elbogen

    Published by house of hassleProduced by eric elbogen

    Performed by say hiCourtesy of barsuk records

    2009by arrangement with bank robber music

    ON The sLYWritten by Lance Ferguson

    Published by Full Thought PublishingPerformed by The bamboos

    Courtesy of Tru Thought Ltd.,under license from emI music marketing

    2010 Tru Thought Ltd.all rights reserved.

    I NeeD YOur LOveWritten by martin medina & Jason ruder

    Published by ears b4 u & entropy9Produced by martin medina & Jason ruder

    Performed by marilin medina, martin medina & Jason ruder

    bLOODWritten by Jordan Ireland & rohin Jones

    Published by Jordan Ireland Publishing Designee (aPra)& rohin Jones Designee (aPra)

    Produced by mark myersPerformed by The middle eastCourtesy of The middle east

    by arrangement with Zync music Group LLC

  • 5album Producers: John requa and Glenn Ficarra

    executive album Producers:

    George Drakoulias and Jason ruder

    music Consultant: randall Poster

    executive In Charge Of music for Warner bros. Pictures:

    Darren higman and Niki sherrod

    executive In Charge Of music for WaterTower:

    Jason Linn

    mastered by:

    stephen marsh at stephen marsh mastering

    album business affairs: Lisa margolis

    album Clearances: Neil shulman

    album art Direction: sandeep sriram

    special Thanks to: alan horn, Jeff robinov,

    Paul broucek, Denise DiNovi, Courtenay valenti,

    Greg silverman, marc solomon,

    vance Degeneres, Charlie hartsock

    Thanks to: Chung an, Peter axelrad, marisa baldi,

    Christine bergren, David berman, Kim blackburn bowen,

    Kerrylyn Genetive, alison Greenspan, Chad Greer,

    sanne hagelsten, Jeff harlacker, Lee haxall, Joe Kara,

    Kevin Kertes, Ny Lee, Kris Little, Lisa macy, Doug mark,

    Kari miazek, Lori miyakawa, Genevieve morris,

    amanda Narkis, Joe rangel, Joe rogan,

    rishi shah, Lori soriano, bobby Thornburg,

    John F.x. Walsh, robert Zick

    motion Picture artwork and Photography 2011 Warner bros.

    entertainment Inc. all rights reserved.

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  • 7 1. The Numbers Game - ThIeverY COrPOraTION 2. almaNac - The aCOrN 3. losT IN Place - Gram rabbIT 4. The hearTs a loNely huNTer - ThIeverY COrPOraTION & DavID bYrNe 5. black Is The color of my True loves haIr (Jaffa remIx) - NINa sImONe 6. aNImal (mark roNsoN remIx) - mIIKe sNOW 7. ooh la la - GOLDFraPP 8. JusT oNe look - DOrIs TrOY 9. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh - saY hI 10. oN The sly The bambOOs 11. I Need your love - marILIN meDINa, marTIN meDINa & JasON ruDer 12. blood - The mIDDLe easT

    album Producers: JohN requa aNd GleNN fIcarraexecuTIve album Producers: GeorGe drakoulIas aNd JasoN rudermusIc coNsulTaNT: raNdall PosTerexecuTIve IN charGe of musIc for WarNer bros. PIcTures: darreN hIGmaN aNd NIkI sherrodexecuTIve IN charGe of musIc for WaTerToWer: JasoN lINN

    & 2011 WaterTower Music, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522. Motion Picture Artworkand Photography 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.