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Digipak Analysis

Digipak AnalysisLeonie Law

The front cover of Ben Haenows album, Something I Need, is simplistic in both layout and theme. The black and white colours of the cover goes against the colourful texts and shirts that he wears in other photo shoots. There is an overall seriousness that contradicts his later albums. All of the generic conventions of a digipak front cover are present however, I dont believe they are very effective, due to their simplicity For example, the text is very simple and boring and not very eye catching. It is unusual to have a logo on the front cover however, it is a style choice that X Factor use for most of the CDs they release.The back cover of the CD follows the colour scheme of the front. The Live Tour information is specific to the X Factor CDs however, the producers for each song is listed something that is very unappealing for the audience. The generic conventions of a back cover are present (such as the producing label, song list, and record company logo).

This is a better example of Ben Haenows aesthetic style for CD covers. This text is used through out all of the covers, whilst he also uses this colour of yellow, or a vibrant hue of red for his text. His quirky pose is synonymous with Ben as he often poses in the same ways for every photo shoot. Being central in his CD covers is also another stylistic choice that Ben uses often.

This EP cover supports the statements that I made before. The font is the same, the colour red is used, and he has a quirky but central pose.

This Justin Bieber album cover suggests that the central positioning of the artist is a Pop artist theme. Compared to Bens covers, it is similar in simplicity however, the contrasting colours (black, gold, and white) make the cover eye catching. Justin Bieber also has a habit of not looking towards the camera for adverts and Cd covers.

Adele is a pop artist who is know for her maturity. This reflects in her album cover through the monochrome colour scheme and clear, simple font. The green colour of 21 distinguishes the title from the artists name whilst still being the same size and font means that there is continuity.