Digging for Buried Treasure: Strategies for Promoting Institutional Repository

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ER&L 2010, Austin, TX February, 2, 2010 Julie Arendt, Jonathan Nabe, Andrea Imre Southern Illinois University Carbondale Tara Baillargeon, Beth Turtle – Kansas State University Digging for buried treasure: strategies for promoting institutional repositories

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This session will highlight successful strategies at two institutions for gaining participation in institutional repositories. Librarians from Southern Illinois University Carbondale will discuss their experience in designing and implementing an effective marketing program, recruiting content and expanding collections. Librarians from Kansas State University will describe their best practices focusing on the pivotal role of library liaisons and value-added services in ensuring the success of the institutional repository.

Transcript of Digging for Buried Treasure: Strategies for Promoting Institutional Repository

  • 1. ER&L 2010, Austin, TX February, 2, 2010Julie Arendt, Jonathan Nabe, Andrea Imre Southern Illinois University CarbondaleTara Baillargeon, Beth Turtle Kansas StateUniversity
  • 2. Julie ArendtAndrea ImreJonathan NabeElectronic Resources and Libraries 2010Austin, TXFebruary 2, 2010
  • 3. Overcome challenge of content recruitment Copyright Time constraints (authors, IR managers)
  • 4. General, for a broader audience High profile, one time, broad or targeted Targeted, for specific audiences
  • 5. Design elements of IR Promotional material Brochure Handouts submission guidelines Author guide and help pages
  • 6. Promotion within the Library (meetings, websites) Promotion on campus Media outlets (newspaper, radio, TV) Links placed on university webpages Meetings at multiple levels of the organization (administration, colleges, departments, special programs, research centers, individual faculty, etc.)
  • 7. Forum Survey Open Access policy (or mandate, or resolution, etc.)
  • 8. CatchyProminent titlespeaker Local panel Food!
  • 9. Use successful adopters language: Harvard http://osc.hul.harvard.edu/OpenAccess/policytexts.php Stanford http://ed.stanford.edu/suse/faculty/openaccess.html Kansas http://www.lib.ku.edu/scholcomm/OA_announce.shtml MIT http://info-libraries.mit.edu/scholarly/faculty-and- researchers/mit-faculty-open-access-policy/ Oregon State Libraries http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/jspui/handle/1957/10850 Visit SPARCs site: http://www.arl.org/sparc/advocacy/campus/
  • 10. Learn from others failure: University of Marylands experience http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/publi cations/crlnews/2009/oct/pyrrhicvict.cfm
  • 11. Information about the repository, repository policies Responses to frequently asked questions from faculty Two requests Deposit your stuff Go forth and spread the word Requirement for new hires
  • 12. Brochure Talking Points
  • 13. Liaison visits to department With or Without Team members Other units Honors program Graduate School
  • 14. Make it easy Keep in contact Download statistics Solicit again
  • 15. Email: [email protected] Materials: http://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/morris_opensiuc/