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  • Dhruv Diaries Dhruv Global School, Pune

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    Volume 1, Issue 1 March 2019

    In Conversation with the Principal, Mrs. Sangeeta Rautji

    Why did you take up the role of the Principal of Dhruv Global School? Dr. Sanjay Malpani’s vision regarding how students need to be coincided with my vision. This inspired me to take up the role of the Principal of Dhruv Global School. What is your vision for the school? Every child needs to be independent and self-disciplined. We are aiming at a holistic educational experience to create confident individuals and good human beings who will be valued members of society. Students should give their best towards academics. Dhruv should be the alma mater of the students who are well-equipped to bring about the dawn of a more powerful and economically strong nation. What did you like to do as a student? I was an active child, keen gymnast, swimmer and a professional Bharatanatyam dancer. I loved reading and was a Head Girl and a House Captain at school as well as a Class Prefect during college. I also led my college debate team. What were your dreams as a child? Did you ever think they would be fulfilled? I wanted to go into a profession where I would be able to interact with a lot of people. I never gave serious thought to it, but I wanted to do something interesting. It was a very nebulous dream initially, later it took shape. Whom did you consider your role model? When I was a very young girl, I admired Mrs. Indira Gandhi for her absolute confidence and powerful leadership. Later, as I grew up, I understood the value addition of certain personalities. People like Sudha Murthy, Ratan Tata (I find his people to be the epitome of the best HR practices), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam are some of the other personalities I still respect. These stalwarts have given a new direction, a sense of purpose to the young minds not only by thier words but by living what they preached. I also consider my mother, Mrs. Saroj Sharma as my role model for her never-ending spirit. Which subject did you like the most and why? My favourite subject was Biology and especially, Zoology as I was fond of experiments and dissection. Now we have understood that we should not hurt someone and so dissections have stopped. What things are you planning to implement in the school? Every child should be self-disciplined. I would like Dhruvians to ensure that they have the latest technology available to them. However, I would also like to ensure that Dhruvians interact with as many people as possible because, until you don’t know about the world and what it has to offer, you cannot find yourself. Do you have any siblings? What kind of bond do you share? Yes, I have two siblings. I am the eldest. My younger brother is a doctor in the Indian Army and my younger sister is a doctor too. Being the eldest, I was like a mother figure for them. I have guided them and have always ensured that they had me to fall back on. What do you expect Dhruvians to be? Dhruvians should be good human beings and above all, they should believe in themselves and shouldn’t be afraid to take chances. They should not hesitate to experiment, understand the difference between good and bad, be self-disciplined, self-dependent and full of life. They should enjoy every facet of life. Would you like to give any message to your students? Be the best version of yourself! Don’t be under any pressure to be like someone else. The path, challenges, choices, decisions are your own, so the success belongs to you. As the dreams and visions are yours, the success that comes to you will be yours too.

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    Dhruv Diaries2 Dhruv Global School, Pune


    I joined the school a little late. However, the second I saw this huge and beautiful school filled with happiness, I knew I wanted to join and be a part of the Dhruv family. On the first day, I was too shy to speak with anyone. But because of my teachers, it was fun even though I was too shy. However, on the next day, I felt calmer and confident. I started talking to my classmates. Every day after that day, I was enjoying and was thrilled and excited to go to school. The classes and the subjects we were learning were really fun as our amazing teachers would come up with some exciting ways of learning with everyday examples. The teachers would help us no matter what and we never learned just from the book. Our teachers would always find an easier way to teach us and make us learn and understand the chapters in interesting ways. I have always been interested in sports and I got to play sports I like the most. It was never an easy task to play as our teachers always made us cross our limits, to make us reach new heights. However, it was fun to learn new sports. It taught me to face many types of

    situations. At first, we started with less equipment, but now we are playing all sports with the best of equipment. Our teachers help us in art, playing a guitar and table-tennis to master these activities. Our activity teachers take it slow while teaching, but they make us master the art. We all kept the competitive spirit alive even when we had to play against each other. I became the House Captain of the ‘Jnana House’ and it is an honour to be a part of the Student Council with our teachers guiding us all the way to achieve great heights. A big thank you to them for always being so helpful and cheerful!

    Dhruv Global School A Place to Learn, Grow and Excel


    Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (January 8, 1942 to March 14, 2018) was a British scientist, professor and author who did ground-breaking work in Physics and Cosmology and whose books helped to make science accessible to everyone. At 21, while studying cosmology at the University of Cambridge, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). A part of his life was depicted in the 2014 film ‘The Theory of Everything.’ Stephen Hawking’s Books Over the years, Stephen Hawking wrote or co-wrote a total of 15 books. A few of the most noteworthy include- A Brief History of Time The Universe in a Nutshell A Briefer History of Time The Grand Design

    It gives us a great pleasure to write about school’s advancement in the very first newsletter of Dhruv Global School, Pune. We have seen the rise of the school from scratch to the present colossal campus. The world-class splendid Spanish architecture of the school together with in-house sports facilities like badminton, swimming pool and indoor games are marvellous. Throughout this opening year, everything regarding academics and administration was well-planned, well-organised and promptly executed. The first Annual Day function was absolutely professional. We noticed the sincere efforts of organisers to bring all the students on the stage. As parents, we are delighted to see the versatile development of our daughters Ayushi and Aaruhi and want to acknowledge the massive efforts of efficient teachers behind this. Friendly nature of the staff members especially the Principal, Mrs. Rautji should be explicitly mentioned. The school’s book reading programme needs particular appreciation, which is undoubtedly unique and inculcates reading habit in students. This innovative activity has really inspired our daughters. We hope the school will achieve more and more academic endeavours in the coming years like the Sangamner branch and progress towards the best CBSE school in Pune. We are pleased that our daughters are in the best hands. Thank you for being an excellent educator!

    Stephen Hawking

    Abhinav Kumar VI

    Ashish and Madhvi Dongare

    One of the Greatest Astronomers of all time


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    Dhruv Diaries3 Dhruv Global School, Pune

    Ashadi Ekadashi

    Ganesh Chaturthi

    Navratri Celebration

    Janmashta- mi Festivities

    Friendship Day Celebration Independence Day and Republic Day


    Eid Mubarak

    Palkhi tradition is more than 700 years old. Dindi showcases the distinctive feature of Maharashtrian culture and helps develop social skills. Our dindi created awareness about cleanliness.

    Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. This is one of the important festivals celebrated everywhere in India with great devotion. The entire school joined hands in the grand celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. The students performed cultural programmes and teachers performed lazim.

    Navratri was celebrated in a different manner at our school. Students, as well as teachers, were dressed up in traditional attire. Nine girls dressed up as nine goddesses in Hindu mythology and information regarding them was shared with the students.

    We celebrated Janmashtami at the school. Children came dressed in colourful attire of Lord Krishna and Radha. We organised a grand celebration and the students enjoyed every moment of it.

    Islamic prophet Muhammad originated Eid-al-Fitr. We celebrated his birth anniversary at our school by performing a small skit.

    At Dhruv Global School, ‘Friendship Day’ was celebrated enthusiastically on 3rd August 2018. Students had a great time with their friends as they understood the value of friendship.

    Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated with great patriotic fervour in our institution.


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    We organised a Mother-Toddler Programme at the school where parents were involved in activities with their children. They participated and enjoyed the games with their children.

    Dhruvians celebrated the occasion of International Mountain Day on 8th December