Devolution and dementia

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Devolution and Dementia: Opportunities to Transform CareGeorge McNamara, Alzheimers Society Dr Ann Johnson, Alzheimers Society AmbassadorProfessor Maxine Power, Dementia United

Complex web of care



Hospitals3.2 million hospital bed days.Over 35% of beds occupied by people with dementia.Excessive hospital stays.High level of readmission.

Care homes 70% of residents have dementia.GP and acute care relationship.Dementia friendly environment.Community engagement.

Home careLimited access to home care.Services stretched or reduced.High turnover of staff.Dementia can be the success criteria for integrated health and social care.


Maintaining diagnosis rates and focus on post-diagnosis support.

Supporting Dementia Friendly Communities: Healthy New Towns, Health as a Social Movement.

44 Sustainability Transformation Plans, NHSE Vanguards, Better Care Fund.

City devolution deals

Local areas will integrate in different ways using a range of models which the government supports.

Dementia and Devolution


Scale of the change

Vanguard sitesCity Devolution Deals


If you get it right for dementia you get it right for everyone.

Over 70% of people with dementia have co-morbidities

Health system open to change and respond to the dementia challenge

Innovation and future-proofing

Reduced reliance on statutory services and improved health outcomes

Devolution and Dementia

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