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CENTRE NO: 11049


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My name is: Devina Godfrey

Candidate No:1127

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Preliminary Project – Research & Planning

How did you think about target audience? I chose to focus my target audience within my age group and used my interests in magazines and pictures to help attract other people to my front cover/contents page.

How did awareness of that audience impact upon your visual design and choice of language? Firstly I researched magazines which are aimed at my target audience I found that bold and bright colours are extremely eye grabbing, and using pictures of youth also tends to help as the audience are reading certain aspects and content of the magazine by observing pictures (without reading anything).

What key points did you learn about Adobe Photoshop and InDesign in constructing your artefacts? I learned that while using Photoshop you have to have patients as producing your ideal image can be difficult, you also have to be willing to experiment with the different tools to see which has the best outcome.

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Preliminary Project

College Cover College Contents

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Reflections & Feedback

What would you do differently next time? I would certainly use brighter colours, I would also feature more people in my images.

What kind of feedback did you get that might influence you? I got good feedback from friends and teachers advising me you use more cover lines on my front cover and maybe add a bit more stuff to my contents page

What aspects of your understanding of Adobe Photoshop & InDesign do you need to improve? I need to improve on cropping images, adding different effects to images, being able to blend pictures together and lastly understanding what colours go best without them clashing.

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The music genre of my music magazine is: Genre: Grime

and my chosen title is: I Grime because: it has two meanings to it and

both of them represent my genre best. The first meaning is “I am grime” and the second meaning means “I Grind” which is a word that everyone that has any involvement with the Grime genre would associate this word with “making money”

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So I researched this genre of music publication and studied: Model 1 Model 2

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What I learned from this was….. Cover Design What type of image I

should use for my front cover

What colours stand out best

I have also learned about what fonts look best and what size fonts major headlines should have

Cover Lines

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For my music magazine…. Target Audience: Bath male and

female, both races, aged between 14-19 with a D1, D2 demographic status.

typical reader > Frequency: every week

Cover price: £1.99

Publisher: IPC Media

Unique selling point :

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This is the face of the magazine Front cover

This is how it works<< This is my title

<< This is my main image (T.rexz)

<< On the right hand side are my headlines

<<This is my barcode

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Here’s the original photographs I shot for the project……

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I modified my photograph; here is the original next to the final version: Raw 1

Here is how I changed the photograph and why : I used the magnetic tool to edit the back ground out and I also cropped out some of the image to ensure that I had enough space on my front cover for my headlines

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Due to the research I done I have decided to only use one image

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Due to the research I done I have decided to only use one image

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Due to the research I done I have decided to only use one image

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Here are a couple of research models for my contents page…

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This is my contents page

Contents Page These are key

features… The image of Capa and

Rone who are well known grime artist

The engaging stories the font look like a type of

graffiti which is associated with grime which will grab my audiences eye

And lastly the fonts colour as their bold colour which allows my contents page to stand out

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How does the contents page link back to the cover page? My contents page links to by cover

page in a variety of ways. I have used the same colours consistently to indicate that they belong to the same magazine, I have also used the same fonts and lastly the bylines displayed on my front cover are also displayed in my contents page which shows that the two pages link together.

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Key points of contents page How have you made the reader want to read on?

I have used appealing stories which are also relevant to my target audience

What are the links between images and words? I have used images of artists that I have spoken about in my contents page and font cover which shows the link.

What determines the dominant stories? for my dominant story I have used the image of my artist, the font size is biggest than the other stories and my dominant story is placed in its hierarchy order.

How have you gone about ordering the information on the page? I research other grime magazine to see what forms and conventions that have displaced and used and developed their conventions

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How does the contents page flag up your double page spread? I have stated in my contents page

that there will be a “exclusive interview with Mr. Kayos”, this tells the audience that their will be a interview with Mr. Kayos in my magazine which then implies that this will be my double page spread as interviews in other magazine are usually displayed through double page spreads.

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Here’s an example of an inspiring double page spread…

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This is why I think that double spread works I think that that double page spread

works because its not to crowded which is still very effective, the image they have used is very interesting and you can tell that they have edited the picture thoroughly and lastly the fonts and colours they have used are quite simple however together as a package makes a powerful media production.

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This is my double-page spread

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This is how my double page spread works On the right hand see there is a image of Mr.

Kayos followed by his mix tape Title “Kaboom” We then have the interview on the left hand

side of the page with a smaller image of Mr. Kayos in the center

The artist name also appears on the left hand side of the page followed by a brief sentence about what the interviews is going to be based on

We then have a little box at the bottom of the left hand side giving information about Mr. Kayos next tours dates, live performances and mix tape releases.

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This is how all three components are linked together….

All three media products use the same colours which are blue, white and black to indicate that they are all apart of one magazine

The images in the contents page match the storylines displayed on the front cover and the exclusive interview of Mr. Kayos is displayed on the double page spread

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This is my re-drafted cover page Key modifications

from feedback I have changed my

magazine completely

I have used a better image

I have used fonts that look like graffiti to represents my genre

I have also used much better headlines

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This is my re-drafted contents page Key modifications

from feedback I have know used

four images I have slightly

changed my font colours

I have added much more stories to my contents page

And lastly I have changed my layout

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This is my re-drafted double spread

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Key modifications to double spread from feedback I made the mix tape title “Kaboom”

stand out more I edited my picture to make my image

look less basic I cut down on the text I changed the fonts in order the stand

out more on the page I added more information on my artists

upcoming events to make my double page look like a real media product

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You can find my blog here:

(URL)And You can find my evaluation with responses to

the 7 questions here:(URL)

NB. Make sure you have completed slides 11-15 with downloads of the minimum 4 original images before thinking this is finished. Then erase this reminder.