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How to improve your up coming leadership team.


  • 1. Developing LeadershipCoaching Workshops Bench CMOE by Strength CMOE
  • 2. Why Bother? CMOE
  • 3. the consequences of pooror non-existent successionplanning include reducedperformance, higher turnoverof senior management, marketshare loss to more aggressiveand focused competitors,irreparable reputationaldamage, and skepticismamong institutionalinvestors. Financial Times CMOE
  • 4. A recent study by the Corporate LeadershipCouncil found that 72% of companies predicttheyll have an increasing number of leadership vacancies over the nextthree to five years. At the same time, 76% areless than confident in their abilities to adequately staff these positions. CMOE
  • 5. Another studyfound that chief executives threeappointed after times 1985 are more likely to be than CEOs fired who were appointed before that date. CMOE
  • 6. Well, Thats Sobering. CMOE
  • 7. Is your company ready for the future? If your answer is NO youre not alone. with-your-strategic-initiatives.htm CMOE
  • 8. So, What Can I Do About It? CMOE
  • 9. Create a Process1.Anticipate and fillany gaps. tegic-ideas-a-step-ahead.htm CMOE
  • 10. Create a Process2.Identify high-potentialemployees earlyon. leaders.htm CMOE
  • 11. Create a Process3.Align the peoplestrategy with thebusiness strategy. your-strategic-vision-to-your-team.htm CMOE
  • 12. What Next? CMOE
  • 13. A recent study of strategy-to-performance gaps shows that there is an average shortfall opportunitiesmissed, or performance lossof 37 percent. A significant contributor to such gaps isthe failure to have the right leadership resources in placewho can also effectively translate the strategy into actionable priorities.Harvard Business Review, 2005 CMOE
  • 14. Succession planning is only the first step . To execute and deliver , leadership talents and abilities must be developed . CMOE
  • 15. That takes some effort. Wed like to help. CMOE
  • 16. CMOEs Approach toLeadership Development CMOE
  • 17. If you put fencesaround people,you get sheep.Give people theroom they need. William McKnight,Former Chairman of 3M CMOE
  • 18. Leadership-Development Workshops1. Customize the curriculum for each clients needs.2. Establish relevance for the participants.3. Assess individual skill level.4. Present practical frameworks and tools.5. Provide opportunities for practice.6. Offer feedback on strengths and opportunities for improvement.7. Create a plan for real-world application.8. Reinforce the learning. CMOE
  • 19. Leadership-Development Workshops Based on extensive and ongoing research. Speak to the needs of the adult learner. Feature tools, hardbound books, practice opportunities, and business simulations. Led by an experienced CMOE facilitator in a live, virtual, or blended-learning format. Train-the-Trainer services are available. CMOE
  • 20. Why Choose CMOE? CMOE
  • 21. Why Choose CMOE? We have served our clients since 1978. We employ the worlds greatest instructional designers, facilitators, and consultants. We work hard for our clients. We are innovative. We offer a no-risk guarantee. CMOE
  • 22. A Few of Our Clients Department of Defense BlueCross Blue Shield
  • 23. 801 569 CMOE