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Develop Your Mindset for Wealth Inspiring Courage and Confidence for Prosperity and Success Chris Cooper Dec 2009  Chris Cooper• email: [email protected] 1
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  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    Develop Your Mindset for WealthInspiring Courage and Confidence for Prosperity and Success

    Chris Dec 2009

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected] 1[email protected]:[email protected]://
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    Develop Your Mindset for Wealth

    Who should read this document?

    If you are wishing to develop greater personal wealth (and add more value to others

    in the process) while developing a balanced fulfilled life, then this is for you. If you are

    looking for the keys to help you, then there are significant principles you may well find

    very helpful.

    Even though our lives can be very busy, it is very helpful to stop, think and course

    correct. Otherwise we can drift aimlessly. Rather than make the most of ourselves.

    My intention is to share some of my thoughts in conjunction with one of the most

    influential personal development books ever written. In this document, I am referring

    to The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, with the aim of bringing

    greater modern day clarity to it.

    There is a more detailed and experiential downloadable wealth programme that will

    be available for purchase at in early 2010. This will be

    an ideal companion to studying and reflecting upon the book, whether within a tele-

    seminar group or individually. The book provides a vehicle to discuss some of the

    most important themes of wealth creation and personal development.

    In this version, I include some of the introductory chapters of this programme

    ie background to the book, some considerations if you decide to read it and

    10 high value mindset principles. If you successfully implement the latter you

    will be well on your way to achieving greater prosperity and success.

    Background to The Science of Getting Rich and why study it?

    Wallace D. Wattles was born in the United States in the mid 1800s. In 1896 in

    Chicago, he stumbled upon a Secret. Who gave him it we are not sure. By 1910,

    application of this secret had transformed the performance of a failed businessman

    into a wealthy entrepreneur and Wallace decided to share these principles in The

    Science of Getting Rich. He also wrote The Science of Being Great and The

    Science of Being Well. Only a year after writing the latter, he wasnt so well and died!

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    Many people have taken these principles and put them to great use. I was introduced

    to the book by a personal mentor of mine, Helen Urwin back in 2005. Helen had

    studied the principles with Bob Proctor, who puts much of his success down to the

    application of this book and Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. Both books have

    become part of a core that I enjoy studying on an ongoing basis.

    So why do I love these books? At the age of 30, I wrote down what my life would be

    like when I was 40. At the time this vision seemed impossible. I imagined a wonderful

    wife, family, 5 bedroom home in the country and great abundance. Living on my own,

    feeling broke with the mortgage from a small flat in London, nothing seemed further

    from reality. Ten years later at my 40th birthday party, I stood outside the very home I

    had visualised with my wife and son and I shared how my thoughts had come true.

    Now in December 2009, the next part of the equation is about to arrive. Another baby

    is due in early January! If I hadnt read these books and continuously visualised a

    second child, I may have given up hope. However, despite some difficulties and

    losses, we never lost our faith.

    The Science of Getting Rich amongst other studies helped me understand how it

    was that I had achieved what I had achieved. It has become one of several books that

    I keep close to me at all times. Each time I study it, I learn more. It is from running 33

    tele-seminars in 2009 that I am writing these notes.

    Owning a business that develops people, I decided in 2008

    to begin running some tele-seminars on The Science of Getting Rich . To share it

    with colleagues and friends who might benefit. The success some people achieved

    from these calls has at times, been astounding. From this beginning and being part of

    Mastermind programmes, my own personal development brand emerged.

    I am now literally living my dream as I have made the transition from big corporate

    roles to fulfilling my passion for helping others realise their potential. To some, this

    may seem soft compared to the millions of pounds of money I stripped out of

    businesses. The reality though is that this is the most rewarding and added value

    work I have ever done.

    The notes below are some of my key learnings and tips inspired by The Science of

    Getting Rich. There are a lot more! They are ideal if you are interested in developing

    yourself by using the the book as a study vehicle with me or just deepening your

    understanding of it yourself. You might also decide to share this information with

    others. That is fine. Please share the gift!

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]://
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    A few considerations if you want to read The Science of Getting Rich

    I want to say a few things about the book first:

    1. It is focused on getting rich.However, the principles are equally applicable to

    other aspects of your life. When it was written in 1910 in the USA, wealth was at the

    forefront of many minds. Times were tough. So I guess this was a clever marketing

    title. I say this as a few people have been put off reading it because the title sits

    uncomfortably with their beliefs. If it does, ask yourself why? Then my

    recommendation is read it anyway. The book is rich in content whether financial

    wealth is important to you or not.

    2. If you are finding the present recession tough, it is a good time to study. At

    present, there is so much happening in the world. It is important to keep things in

    perspective and keep on learning. It is through continuous learning that we raise our

    awareness to play a bigger game. As I say in my own Wealth programme, The

    Wealth Keys Retreat, more millionaires tend to be made in a recessionary period

    than in boom times. When everyone else is struggling, if you have cash, the bargain

    of the century will open up to you when things hit rock bottom.

    3. Invest in YOU. I am a strong advocate of this, having invested a significant sum in

    my own development. Coming from a free school system, many of us do not put a

    value on our own education, when in reality, we are the most important asset. Instead,

    we invest in assets that depreciate such as cars. Be wise where you put your money.

    However, dont be afraid to invest wisely in your own education. If you do not have the

    funds, research the best books to read and start a daily discipline of exercising your

    mind with positive material.

    4.There are some concepts in this book that may seem very strange. Be open

    minded. Wallace is also passionate to the point of being very blunt. For example, he

    talks about making this the only book you study. It is his opinion. Take what is useful

    to you and if something does not sit with you, again, ask yourself why? In my view,

    there are a number of other works well worth studying. Also, the way it is written

    means it can be better to study as a group.

    5. I find this book has given me a greater appreciation of the strengths,

    weaknesses and opportunities for business. As a business consultant, these

    distinctions are very powerful and can give a different perspective on things. They do,

    of course, need to be shared in a very grounded commercial way. One of my clients

    discussed these principles with a potential employer. The interviewer was so

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    impressed that he took the job description off the table and said can we discuss a

    bigger role instead? He was delighted to land the larger job.

    6. Be aware that words such as God, the universe, a thinking stuff will get

    mentioned. For some, including myself, not brought up with religion or spiritualthings, this may seem strange and uncomfortable. For others, it may challenge your

    pre-existing thinking. Although everyone I have worked with who has strong beliefs

    has been able to get their head around the content. To me, it opened up a new

    perspective and helped me think about things in a different way, which I am really

    grateful for!

    7. This book was the source inspiration for the very successful movie The

    Secret.The story of how Rhonda Byrne read this book and then turned it into the

    movie is very powerful. Three of the people in the latest movie Beyond the Secret I

    have had the pleasure of talking too personally. I find this quite remarkable and a

    demonstration of what is termed the Law of Attraction in action. Here I am with Bob

    Proctor. I see Bob as the elder statement of the personal development industry and a

    truly inspirational person. I imagined myself meeting him and I did.

    Gaining inspiration and knowledge from people who have achieved is so valuable.You can download from for free, interviews I did with

    Milos Stankovich MBE and Mette Bloch. Milos was a Bosnian war hero and

    interpreter to General Rose. He then became the first person in the UK to be arrested

    for treason since the second world war. It took him 10 years to clear his name. Talk

    about a roller coaster. Mette Bloch is a twice world champion rower, celebrity and

    motivational speaker from Denmark.

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]://
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    For 2010, telephone interviews with a movie star and also world record holding

    Transatlantic rower have been arranged. You could be in the audience putting a

    question to them if you also imagine yourself there and take action!

    8. To really embed some of the principles of this book, studying it with others is

    very helpful (The Power of the Mastermind). You gain very different perspectives

    and new learning. This is why I chose to run a Science of Getting Rich Tele-seminar

    and also Think and Grow Rich. Each time I run such programmes, I also gain a

    deeper insight. Of course, though, the books are just a vehicle for lots of added value

    conversation. If you want to join a programme, then let me know. If not, then feel free

    to use this material for your own personal study or share with others with my


    Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, talks about the Power of the

    Mastermind and how the greatest achievers Mastermind with others to accelerate

    progress on the journey. I get many comments from people about how studying such

    materials in a group adds so much more inspiration, insight and value.

    9. These are only 10 Key Tips picked up through many hours studying the

    book. With of course my own interpretations. You will find other things that really

    resonate with you. The book, although short, is very rich with content. In the fuller

    version, I will provide a chapter by chapter summary, some actions and also some

    links to video commentary to help explain it.

    In addition, you will gain my broader perspectives from my experience of studying

    with a number of the worlds top personal development and business experts.

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth



    1. What you THINK and how you FEEL determines your ACTIONS

    which determine your RESULTS.

    The book suggests you must take action in a certain way. If you do, you will become

    wealthy and achieve the results you want to achieve. It all starts with thought.

    We are all thought controlled beings and we have the power to develop the discipline

    to control our thinking. To become a true master in life, you must first learn to control

    yourself. It is tough because we usually spend so many years not fully in control. If

    you dont control your thinking, your life can be like a ball continually bouncing around

    in a pin ball machine from one thing to another without a clear direction.

    In the follow up to this document, and within Be More.Achieve More. newsletters and

    blogs, I will keep giving you ideas and tips to do this. Having spent a number of years

    researching everything I can to help make this process easier, I can help you shortcut

    the process.

    2. You must take responsibility for what you want. Do not let your

    direction in life be governed by others, by the government, economy,

    newspapers, the TV, your boss. Or as my wife pointed out while proof

    reading this for me a 3.5 year old in a demanding mood!

    Much of the coaching work I do is about shifting people from being at effect with the

    world into one where they set their own agenda. You must learn to control your own

    thoughts and decide upon your own outcomes (your vision). Rather than always

    getting enrolled into other peoples ideas. If people complain and see the world is

    going backwards, smile and ignore them. By getting into action and achieving your

    results, you become an example that demonstrates otherwise.

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 1: To increase your wealth, it will first help to commit to yourself to doeverything you can to take control and direct your thoughts towards what you

    want. Keep them away from any thought of lack. If you find yourself talking

    negatively, then stop yourself and tell the story in a more positive way.

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    3. Success in life is becoming WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.

    Yes YOU! It is not about how much money youre earning right now. Although moneycan be an indicator of how much value you are adding to others. It is about becoming

    the person that you dream to be! That is true wealth. How many people do you know

    who live with regrets of what could have been? However, their time is running out!

    How many people are really financially rich but still miserable. Become what you want

    to be and if you do become rich, grow yourself in such a way that you can really make

    the most of it.

    A friend of mine John E. Regan, amongst his many talents is a very successful movie,

    TV and theatre actor. In his book Yes You Can he says You want to be a star in yourown movie? Then set your own goals.

    Make sure that in becoming what you want to be, that you are MAKING THE MOST

    OF YOURSELF. Your time is ticking away. Make the most of everyday. The time to act

    is now!

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 3: Discover your PURPOSE. This is something that everyone who attends

    the Wealth Keys Retreat comes away with. I give a personal guarantee that if

    they do not, I will work with them personally until they do. This is something you

    cannot easily achieve on your own.

    Action 2 : Formulate what it is you want, ie your vision. Dont expect it to be

    easy. However, notice what motivates you, inspirational ideas, what you are

    doing when you are at your happiest etc for clues. Make sure you write them

    down. Although vision must come from you, inspiration and support from a

    Mastermind group has been critical in the formulation of my vision. Working with

    like minded souls is very valuable.

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth



    One of the greatest pleasures in life is giving generously. No one appreciates the

    person who does not reciprocate or hoards their money. There is a universal lawcalled The law of Reciprocity that if you give to others, you will be rewarded in return.

    Robert Cialdini in his famous book The Psychology of Influence and Persuasion

    referred to this as one of the key factors of influence. Do not always expect it to come

    in the form of money or from the person you give it too though!

    I love the programme The Secret Millionaire which we have in the UK. Here a very

    wealthy entrepreneur goes under cover meeting local people in an underprivileged

    area of the country. They then get to know people, establish the most worthy cases

    and surprise them by giving them a cheque to help them. The summary from the

    people who have been in the programme is that they have never felt better about


    5. Your CURRENT RESULTS are based on your CURRENT BELIEFS.

    To be more successful, you must develop the beliefs of a more successful person.

    Those people who succeed are prepared to challenge their own programming and

    prepared to make changes. If they dont, they get stuck in a rut and usually cant see

    the wood from the trees.

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 4: Make giving generously a principle both in your business and personal

    life. Clearly do not go beyond your means. However, if you are generous to

    others, people on the whole will be generous to you. Look for ways to give

    added value to your clients.

    Action 5: Your current beliefs towards money will be a key factor in achieving

    financial wealth. We are brought up with many beliefs about money. Some bad.

    For example, in fairy stories and movies, the bad person is often the wealthy

    one. Religions often see money as bad. The reality though, is it is who you

    are and not what you have that is key. A great person with money has the

    means to add great benefit to others. Start to notice any negative self talk

    about money and re-frame it in a more positive light. You may need to shift

    your beliefs about money if you are to hold it in your hand.

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    6. Accept the view that YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT if you put your

    mind to it!

    Most people focus all their energy on the view that there is a limited supply. To break

    away from this, we must think ofwhat we want to think of, regardless of appearance

    and also what others in disagreement may say.

    To think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of

    more power than any other workman is called to perform. Wallace D. Wattles

    Wallace also says that most people build castles in their mind but never realise that

    they could actually have what they want in their hands. It is hard to appreciate that we

    could have exactly what we want. It might not arrive exactly when you want it but if

    you act upon what you want, Wallace is saying that there is a universal intelligence

    that is working to bring it to you.

    Being completely open with you, I have been a very commercial business person and

    having not been exposed to spiritual thinking, this has taken me a while to accept.

    However, so many serendipitous situations have occurred over the last few years that

    my conclusion is that there is more to life than I realised.

    Take the pictures on the front page of this document. I heard about this great artist

    called Louis Parsons. So I took a look at some of his pictures and loved them. We

    then coincidentally met, became friends and I am now the owner of the pictures I fell

    for. To me, they tell the story of how we can grow to achieve more. Louis recently ran

    a creative workshop as part of my Wealth Keys Retreat where people put their

    visions of themselves onto canvas! So successful he is now coming next event as


    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 6: Follow your gut instinct on whether your vision is going to happen. If

    your instinct says yes then see it through. When I think of this, I cant help

    thinking of the TV show The X Factor and also the story of how JK Rowling

    created Harry Potter. Make sure that you do have some affinity for what you

    want ie if you really cant sing, choose something else. However, if you can,

    remember JK Rowling creating Harry Potter in a bedsit and her remarkable


    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    7. Every living thing must seek for the enlargement of its life.

    Every fact we learn leads to the learning of another fact. Every talent we cultivate

    brings to us the learning of another fact; knowledge is continually increasing. We are

    subject to the urge of life. We must, therefore Be More to Achieve More. It is nice to

    know that after much consideration my brand name works!

    Is it not true that we are continuously evolving? I remember starting work at Mars

    Confectionery in the early 90s and not even having a computer. Today I am typing

    this on a beautiful Apple Mac which also holds a large % of my record collection. It

    also synchs with my ipod Touch. Sorry I am not intending to promote Apple but I just

    love the technology. How much has changed in a short period of time. Whenever we

    innovate, we are contributing to the enlargement of life.

    8. Make sure you have fun!

    Creating wealth can seem very serious I know. It does not need too. We have theright to have a good time. I think the following is worth remembering.

    You do not get rich solely to enjoy mental pleasures. If you live for intellect alone, you

    will only have a partial life. The joys of the soul are a part of life. Get rich to eat, drink

    and be merry when it is this time to do these things, in order that you may surround

    yourself with beautiful things, see distant lands, feed your mind, and develop your

    intellect; in order that you may love people and do kind things, and be able to play a

    good part in helping the world to find truth. Wallace D. Wattles

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 7: You must develop yourself to provide a product or service that

    enlarges life. If you are going to create something, make it better than that

    which has gone before.

    Action 8: Make sure you enjoy what you are doing. Have fun with it. Dont take it

    all too seriously. Lighten up. You should have fun at work too. People almost

    always prefer to be around others that make them feel better!If you are unhappy,is there something you would enjoy even more than you are presently doing? If

    you feel like an extra in the comedy The Office use your present position to

    help you towards what you would prefer to be doing. Make sure it is worthy of

    your time though. We are at our most fulfilled when we are enjoying adding


    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    9. You must CREATE not COMPETE

    You do not have to take anything away from someone else. Were the Apple IPOD or

    Nintendo Wii products derived from creation or competition? Become a creator not a

    competitor. You can get what you want but in such a way that every person has

    more than he has right now. The Apple IPOD created a completely new market


    So you, might say, well lots of people have become very wealthy through being

    competitive. Wallace gives the warning that their day is nearly over.

    They have never really been rich, a record of the private lives of most of this class

    will show that they have really been the most abject and wretched of the poor

    Every man who becomes rich by competition throws down behind him the ladder by

    which he rises, and keeps others down; but every man who gets rich by creation

    opens a way for thousands to follow him, and inspires them to do so.

    I know where I sit? Where do you?

    10. You cannot not rely on thought alone . You must ACT.

    A key learning I have had, is that rather than just thinking about what you want and

    planning everything very thoroughly, you must get into action. Those people who are

    very successful are generally able to get into action quickly and in a very calm way.

    The challenge when you get into action, though, is you are going to have to learn

    on the job. Not every circumstance can be covered. You may also have to make

    several adjustments to the tiller to get to where you want to go.

    I have found that the more I have got into action, the faster I have moved towards my

    vision. Also, that on the way, the chance of having a painful lesson increases.

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 9: I really like this. In business, I have been in many competitive situations

    for jobs, sales awards etc. However, when I look at the success achieved it was

    through creativity. I remember winning a major sales award. My sales levels got

    me into the final group. However, it was the free TV advertising, celebrity product

    endorsement, promotional ideas implemented that won me an all expenses trip to

    the World Cup! Where can you bring creativity into your work?

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    However, I view the lessons as better to have now than when the scale of my

    businesses are much larger.

    At an extreme, I have met many very successful and wealthy people who have been

    bankrupt at some point pursuing their dreams. However, they took the learning, got

    back on their feet and recovered quickly. Learn from the experience, adjust and thenmake it happen!


    Above are 10 key focus areas that can really help you move forward. If you want to

    generate great wealth, then the best way is to study others who have done it. This

    does mean that significant effort is required. If you want to be extraordinary you will

    need to be extraordinary in the way you develop yourself to achieve more. If you want

    to also lead a balanced, fulfilled low stress life, where you add lots of value to others

    beyond your physical presence, again growth is required. You have the potential to doit and if I can help in that journey, then I will be following in my purpose. So just ask.

    How do I join a tele-seminar, workshop or Mastermind?

    To find out more about joining a Be More. Achieve More Tele-seminar, Wealth

    Retreat or Mastermind visit: email [email protected] or visit

    To buy the book, see Book Reviews in Shop on:

    On the site you will find lots of testimonials from happy clients and will gain the

    opportunity to become part of a growing community of successful business people

    and entrepreneurs.

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected]

    Action 10. Once you have a plan. Get into action because it is only through action

    that you can can move towards your vision. See action as the route to receive

    what you want.[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    Some of the feedback from Be More. Achieve More. Tele-seminars and

    Wealth Retreat.


    "I found the Be More Achieve More sessions inspirational, informative and invaluable. Aweekly session with a rounded group of high achievers is a good source of support and helps

    to promote ongoing improvement. Chris's facilitation is excellent with a good mix of

    knowledge, experience and humour. I highly recommend Be More Achieve More to anyone

    looking to develop themselves or their business".

    Pete Ashley, Managing Director, Mamba Business Developments Ltd

    "I found the Science of Getting Rich process very thought provoking. The calls are a great

    opportunity to share ideas and it is fascinating to hear how others interpret the messages in

    the book. I feel that I am now equipped to shape my vision as the programme encouraged me

    to adopt the right mindset- and I have already had some personal success by adopting the


    Erika Hardy, Marketing Manager, Everards Brewing Ltd

    "Thank you for inviting me to the SGR calls. I really enjoyed them and learned a lot of valuable

    lessons. It made me take some steps that I would not otherwise have dared to take and the

    payoff has been great. So thank you for taking the time and for sharing your learnings with


    Bonnie Rasmussen, Managing Director, BlueStone Coaching.

    The Wealth Keys Retreat:

    'This event was inspirational, challenging, motivating and empowering. These four days were

    the best I have ever spent on my personal development. Thanks Chris' Richard Pitt -Former Insurance Sector Managing Director. Now Senior Consultant at NIG

    'A profound journey through the concepts and practical steps to achieving so much in life. This

    workshop delivers a provocative experience about creating the life and riches you desire.'

    Steve Robinson, Managing Director Si Training & Consulting - Director of Fitness First and Specsavers

    'Inspirational, enjoyable. Fantastic to review direction and next action.'

    Alison Mckinna - Former Managing Director Crawford

    'An energising breakthrough experience. Motivational and inspirational

    Annie Bennett, Director Tandem Coaching

    'The Retreat was a really rewarding experience that has both inspired and helped me

    understand how I can go and achieve everything I want from life. A totally unique learning

    experience and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with some creative individuals'.

    Andy Jones, Area Business Manager NIG Insurance

    'The Wealth Keys Retreat is actually about your life. While focusing on wealth you also gain

    the tools to transform it'

    Sonja Hansen IT Consultant - Denmark

    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]://
  • 8/8/2019 Develop Your Mindset for Wealth


    Material References:

    The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace d. Wattles

    Paintings on Front Cover (The Human Story) - Louis Parsons

    Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

    The Psychology of Influence and Persuasion - Robert Cialdini

    Yes You Can! How to be, do and have anything you want - John ReganHelen Urwin and Bob Proctor for their inspiration

    Who is Chris Cooper?

    Chris is the founder and

    He is a business owner, trainer, consultant, speaker, coach, mentor, interviewer and

    writer. In his corporate work, Chris has worked with some of the worlds largest globalbrands, across multiple business functions to board level. He is qualified in many

    behavioural sciences and describes himself as a personal development addict. His

    passion in life is helping others to realise their true potential. He lives in Leicestershire

    in the United Kingdom with his wife, son (second on the way) and labradoodle,


    Chris Cooper email: [email protected][email protected]:[email protected]://