Dev Days Unified Communications Development

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Transcript of Dev Days Unified Communications Development

  • 1. UC Development Matthijs Hoekstra Developer Evangelist [email protected] +31205001478

2. Agenda Wat is Unified Communications Platform overzicht Hoe bouw je een UC applicatie Next steps 3. Many islands of communications Closely tied to hardwareAudio Hard to integrateVoice Mail Conference Multitude of clients No or limited public APIs WebInstant Hard to customizeConference Messaging Hard to extend Requiring specialized resourcesEnterprise Video For developmentTelephonyConference For maintenance 4. Application Calendaring Sharing WebEmailInboxConferenceEnterpriseVideoTelephony Conference InstantAudioVoice Mail Messaging Conference 5. Value Proposition StreamlinedOperationalExtensible CommunicationsFlexibility Communicationsand Control Platform9 6. Enable integration of collaborative experiences in softwareContextualBusiness Anywhere CollaborationProcess Information Communications Access 7. Contextual Collaboration in Outlook 8. Webchat door e-office 9. Agent Communications Panel for CRM 4.0 Agent initiates internal consultation request. 10. Business Process Communications Basic capabilities High volume outbound notifications and alerts Via e-mail, the IM client (OC, CWA, CoMo) or phone Outbound automated agents via chat or the phone Outbound surveys via chat or the phone Role Agents Query Presence to find the right person at the right timeExpert capabilities Automatic Call Distributors Skill based Routing Conference people in Conferencing Service Build Portals, Conference Concierge/Access Control Archiving Custom Client Gateways Third party clients, like mobile 11. Automated Agents 12. SharePoint Workflow Notification 13. Anywhere Information Access Basic Capabilities Build Query-Response Bots Build IM or Speech driven self-service applications Build Interactive Voice Response applications for telephone access Build touch tone or speech driven informationor self-service IVR applications Expert Capabilities Build your own IVR platform Build Speech engine servers Speech Engine servicesusing Microsofts speech enginesin 12 languages 14. Outlook Voice AccessPicture 15. Platform overview 16. R2 Client APIs Your ApplicationPresence Controls Your Application Your ApplicationYour Application AJAX code samples Communicator Your Application Automation API Middle-tierOffice CommunicatorExchange 2007 R2 Unified Web ServicesWeb ServicesCommunications Sample Managed API AJAX ServiceYour Extensions Exchange Unified Communications Managed API Unified Communications Client APIWeb Services 2.0 Exchange 2007 Office CommunicationsOCS 2007WindowsClient AccessServer 2007 R2CWA ServerServerServer 17. R2 Server APIsYour ApplicationYour ApplicationYour Application Your Application Your ApplicationWindows WorkflowUC WorkflowActivitiesYour Application & Activities VoiceXML / SALT ExchangeUnified Web ServicesSpeech Server Web ServicesCommunications UC Workflow API SampleManaged API Managed APIAJAX ServiceExchangeUnified Communications Managed API 2.0Web Services Core APISpeech API Exchange 2007OCS 2007Windows WindowsWindows OCS 2007Client AccessCWA ServerServerServer ServerSpeechServerServer 18. Some basics around UC TLS SIP Enhanced Presence Subscribe/Query GRUU Endpoints Grammar 19. Presence 20. Presence Model 21. DEMO SIP 22. Introduction to UCMA Managed code platform to create communication and collaboration enabled services Multi Layers of Abstraction: SIP Abstraction (UCMA 1.0) OCS Protocols (UCMA 2.0) Enhanced Presence, Conferencing, Contactsand Groups, Call Control Multi Modal High Performance and Scalability 23. Key Features Multimodal & Multiparty Call Management IM & Audio built-in this version Extensible for custom modalities Enhanced Presence Services Querying, Publishing, and Subscribing Custom categories Conference Scheduling Connection Management Contact Group Services 24. Design Goals Highly Scalable Designed/tested for thousands of concurrent endpoints with concurrent communications Multi-threaded Highly Available Built-in dialog resiliency Extensible 25. Key Developer Scenarios Notification Systems Voice alerts and broadcast IM Interactive Response Systems IM and Voice Automated Call Management Automated Call Distributors (ACDs) Hunt Group Conferencing Bridging, archiving, scheduling, management User gateway (e.g. CWA) 26. UCMA Application Architecture Application Thread Pool Your ApplicationConversationApplication Endpoint Conversation Collaboration Conversation Outgoing Connections ApplicationPlatform Endpoint Communication Server R2UserEndpointConversation: Incoming Connections Your Process Worker Thread PoolMicrosoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll 27. Conclusion Microsoft Unified Communications platform is extensible Adding click to call and presence information into your applications and websites is easy and a quick win Extending functionality with our UCMA APIs When starting UC development, please tell me! Happy to help out! 28. Resources 29. Resources MSDN Unified Communications Developer Portal Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Trial Download Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 Trial Download Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 2.0 SDK (32-bit) Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 2.0 SDK (64-bit) Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Resource Kit Programming for Unified Communications Chris Mayos blog (API URLs, etc.) 30. Dank voor uw aandacht Reminder: Evaluaties!