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  1. 1. Destria Activating Ideas for Good
  2. 2. Destria Let us tell you about What we mean by activating good ideas Who we do it for How we do it
  3. 3. We are a business driven by social purpose With commercial, NGO & public sector experience We bring sustainable & ethical perspectives & solutions We transform positions & performance & have done so successfully for a range of clients including: Destria Destria
  4. 4. We help clients create clarity of purpose in order to inform and support the concept idea, campaign or business objective. We create and manage content, relationships, specific campaign or component management to the organisational or developmental needs. We help build authentic values with strong internal and external engagement, funding strategies and partnerships. Destria From conception to completion Our work covers three activation areas Sustainability & impact Ethics & responsibility Funding & resources Talent growth Partnerships & collaborations Impact measurement Strategies & positioning Communication & campaigning Content creation Messaging Media partnerships Cause related marketing Campaign management & monitoring Ideation Research Identity & values Audit & analysis Partnership development
  5. 5. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact In 2012 we were asked by HRH The Prince of Wales to create a concept and strategy to link school children with manufacturing based on a company programme he had inspired in the North East. We created the core messaging, delivery partnership, cross sector support & identity to form Industrial Cadets as a national engagement programme with manufacturers. Our ongoing support and the creation of key partnerships has resulted in 1,400 Industrial Cadets graduating in 2014, over 4.7 million in funding and a delivery strategy to have 4,000+ young people engaged in the next 3 years. Destria We deliver this seamlessly
  6. 6. Communication campaigning We were asked to create and manage new sustainability messaging, animated filming to match a personal voice-over from Sir Richard Branson on their sustainability. Embedded within Virgin Atlantic, we co- ordinated content, identified and shortlisted animation specialists, managed production process and cross platform application. Our specialist knowledge complemented that of Virgin Atlantics in-house team providing input to support key stakeholder engagement. Destria As discreet elements
  7. 7. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact We conducted a complete assessment of their worldwide sponsorship and community investment activities across all brands. Facilitated third party relationships across varied campaigns, initiatives and markets, combining important social & cause-related investments. These new, focused relationships are better designed to meet the key corporate objectives, engaging both customers and other key stakeholder groups. Destria To span global business needs The enthusiasm, skill, professionalism and creativity have had a fundamental influence on the success of several different projects John McLaren Corporate Director, Global Communications AkzoNobel
  8. 8. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact In 2014 we helped LOccitane review its customer facing credentials to find ways to enhance public perceptions. We created a new concept and supportive cause-related marketing proposal which we will apply with them across 2015 & 2016. We are now working with LOccitane to apply this strategy across 2015 and 2016 which is already having an impact on internal cross team working and thinking in anticipation of the external stakeholder communication. Destria To address key audience perceptions We are very pleased with the concept and your understanding of our brand and objectives has been excellent Maddie Smith UK Managing Director LOccitane
  9. 9. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact Proud of our five year long relationship, we work with Etihads Global Corporate affairs team to support specific assessment and resultant and external communications activity on new materiality strategies. We have created and advised on the widest range of communication activity covering key airline issues, stakeholder engagement, CSR and market positioning. We created specific campaign partnerships and event activity. The rise in associated profile, significant customer awareness and communication collateral has afforded Etihad an on-going set of impacts on key business development objectives. Destria Over the long term for lasting impact
  10. 10. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact We were asked by world renowned business psychologists Pearn Kandola to review their main digital product range with a view of re-positioning across their worldwide commercial and public sector markets. We created a new appreciation on the significance of the products within their business, leading to a complete organisational transformation, new market position, new name and branded identity. We are currently continuing to assist the company in the internal re-alignment of the product and its external engagement as it leads to a strong shift on customer awareness and product sales. Destria Shaping market opportunities
  11. 11. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact We were asked by Ed Davey, Secretary of state for Energy & Climate change to assess opportunities and resource requirements around the mobilisation of faith related communities on the climate change agenda. We undertook a10 stage review process determining opportunities related to forthcoming global conventions and created detailed recommendations in collaboration with senior Government officials. As a result the importance of this agenda was recognised and it was determined to participate within existing structures including the UN Interfaith summit on Climate change. Destria Supporting Government thinking
  12. 12. Strategies & positioning Communication campaigning Sustainability & impact Working with the Executive team we were asked to create a business development strategy for a new FX business operating over 12 countries. We created a new business strategy, specific policy direction, market assessment and then managed the communication process with key stakeholders across a variety of channels. Our specialist knowledge and networks were used to create specific high target business opportunities as well as advising on key Government relationships. Destria Embedding authentic values & ethics We were looking for advice in positioning this as a sustainable & ethical business, and recognised Destria Partners as the obvious place to seek advice. We were not disappointed Jonny Aucamp CEO, OSTC
  13. 13. Destria Activating Ideas for Good through innovation based on ethical, responsible and sustainable perceptions Destria Partners Ltd. 6 Regents Wharf, All Saints Street, London N1 9RL. +44 203 053 3740 | |