Designing to Persuade and Engage

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Designing to Persuade & Engage Andi Galpern, UX & UI Designer @andigalpern I organize events for @cascadesf

Transcript of Designing to Persuade and Engage

Designing to Persuade & Engage

Andi Galpern, UX & UI Designer @andigalpern!I organize events for @cascadesf

3 personality traitsLearn how to catch and keep their attention.

IMPATIENTPersonality trait

The tendency to be impatient; irritability or restlessness.


• Moves quickly !• Sense of urgency!• Restless!• Won’t try the demo!• Won’t read the documentation


Design Solutions

Make it easy to compare

Loss aversion

Use Scarcity

How do we keep their attention?

Show progress with breadcrumbs

Simplify the Experience

A simplified browsing experience helps us to easily understand product features

Show a preview of the product.

SKEPTICPersonality trait

A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.


•Finds unforeseen problems!•Investigates everything!•Doesn’t accept things at face value!•Lacks trust!•Argumentative!•Needs to experience things for themselves!


Get all of the facts to them up front.

Skeptics are untrusting by default.

How do we build trust?

They have nothing to lose.

Explain how the product is made.

5 pairs, 5 days, 100% FREE

Make them feel secure.

Give them options


Personality trait

Already made the decision in a knowingly irrational way.

Stubborn or Predecided

• Preconceptions are misplaced!• Difficult to convince!• Decision established in advance!• Deeply attached to beliefs!• Stubborn


These types often form an opinion without adequate


How do we get them to listen?

To build trust, associate your brand with quality brands.

Use facts.

Make it elite.

Spend $1,000 per calendar year to enjoy the benefits!of unlocking our premium membership level

Never appear desperate.

Use testimonials to build trust

Use social influence & the rating system

Convince their friends first

The Band Wagon Effect


Understand that people’s time is precious.

Present what you are saying with facts, respect and dignity.

Deliver the statements in small portions

Whatever you say is never the right thing to say

Summary: !Keep all of these

personality traits in mind when designing.

Always have simple and clean design.

2 Key Influencers


American Psychologist known for creating

“Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”

April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970

BJ FoggPersuasive Technology Lab

at Stanford University


Founder of @cascadesf

Andi Galpern

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