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Presentation to Vancouver Island University OLTD 502 students

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  • 1. Week 3:Designing for Learning Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Understanding by Design (UbD)Education for a Digital WorldDevelopment of Online Courses (Anderson) Learning Activity

2. Understanding by Design (UbD) Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe Backwards design - begins with the end inmindDesign focus on1. Big ideas and targeted understandings2. Authentic assessments - fair and reliable3. Effectively engaging the learnerSource: content/uploads/2011/04/Design-Standards- 2005.pdf 3. Understanding by DesignGrant Wiggins 4 minute introduction desired results2.Determine acceptable evidence3.Plan learning activitiesOther sources YouTube and SlideShare template 1005.pdf 4. Basic Stages of UbDStage 1:Identify desired results Curriculum Goals and Learner Outcomes Big Ideas Essential Questions/ Enduring Understandings Know/ Understand/ DoStage 2: Determine acceptable evidence Formative/Summative AssessmentsStage 3: Plan learning experiences and instruction Developing the Learning Plan Consider how to differentiate 5. Understanding by Design 6. Universal Design for LearningYouTube introduction means of representation2.Multiple means of action & expression3.Multiple means of engagement UDL is intended to increase access tolearning by reducing physical, cognitive,intellectual, and organizational barriers tolearning, as well as other obstacles. 7. UDL Self Check CAST Resources an account SetBC ml 8. UDL Lesson PlanningUDL LESSON PLANNING &PROCESSES 9. UDL Resources CAST Resources an account SetBCResources SetBC LOR 10. Finding UDL Solutions 11. UDL Resources -Technology 12. Week 3 Readings Chapter 10 in Andersons The Theory andPractice of Online Learning Gunawardena&McIsaacs section 14.6 (p.372-375) Chapters 10, 11, and 13 in Education for a DigitalWorld 13. Theory & Practice of Online Learning 14. Chapters 10/11/13 Education for a DigitalWorld cation_for_a_Digital_World_part2.pdf 15. Week 3 Learning Activity Due November 25 Assessment: 10%Prepare a critique of an existing learning activity andredesign it for your learning environment, students,and outcomes you are looking to achieve. The critique should reference theory and designprinciples from the readings The critique should use one of the templates or guidesfrom the readings, the Understanding by Designstandards, or the Universal Design for Learningtemplate Provide a digital copy of the original learning activity,your critique and redesigned activity, minimum one-page for each of the three components. 16. eCampusAlberta Resources