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Slide deck from Speak The Web (Sheffield) - 16th July 2013

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  • 1. #speaktheweb Designing for Evil @quiffboy @speaktheweb sheffield #speaktheweb Tuesday, 16 July 2013

2. #speaktheweb Senior UX Consultant at amaze Left Sheffield Hallam Uni in 1998 Started career as a front-end dev Drifted into UX in 2005 Joined amaze in April 2012 3. #speaktheweb Amaze founded in 1995 Lots and lots of people (about 220!) Offices in Manchester, Liverpool & London - this is the Manchester office opposite the old Hacienda Full service consultancy for B2C and B2B: Strategy & creative, Design & build, Digital commerce and technology, Integrated comms, Global implementation support Were quite good 4. #speaktheweb In 2013, Amaze ranked at number 22 in UKs top 100 agencies Ranked #1 in the North West Ranked #4 in Design & Build Dont just take my word for it 5. #speakthewebASICS International websites / Global E-commerce Take ASICS from non-transactional to transactional Requires whole sales, warehouse and distribution network, and customer services establishing America live, Japan in dev, Europe ready for dev, next up is Australiathen on to China, South America and rest of world 6. #speakthewebLexus V10 Building award-winning pan-European luxury European rollout completed couple of months ago FWA and Mobile FWA in same day - first site ever to do that Best use of brand @ Big chip 2013 7. #speaktheweb The Saucy Fish Co Increasing brand worth to 60m in 2 years using digital, social and PR as springboards 8. #speaktheweb Unilever - Strategic co-ordination and implementation support across Unilevers global digital operation Responsible for strategic co-ordination & implementation support across Unilevers global digital operation. This involves building a consistent global digital presence for the corporation, including the support of 68 websites across 104 countries. 9. #speaktheweb Toyota - Strategic brand, creative, technological and feature-rich functional development for multi-lingual websites across 28 European markets 10. #speaktheweb UX User Experience Usability User-centred Design InformationArchitecture Wireframing Whatever My bit in all that magic is UX lots of different names for what we do User-centric what do your users or customers want? User, stakeholder & competitor research, Content audits, Sitemaps, Wireframes & prototypes, Usability testing. Best practise & design patterns & a bit of wheel reinventing 11. #speaktheweb Making stuff work well Me 12. #speaktheweb Evil UX Boo hiss! 13. #speaktheweb Bad UX != Evil UX Bad UX can be down to poor attention to detail, laziness, lack of understanding of the web Evil UX is completely the opposite 14. #speaktheweb its done by people who sit in chairs like this 15. #speaktheweb is deliberate and carefully crafted 16. #speaktheweb utilises an understanding of human nature and psychology 17. #speaktheweb and is designed to trick, fool & exploit 18. #speaktheweb So, whos bad? 19. #speaktheweb Real link Ad disguised as a link Ad disguised as a link Ad Ad disguised as a link Ad disguised as a link Ad Lots more ads 20. #speaktheweb if either of these things happened OMG!! That would be a disaster if either of these things happened and the standard password reminder didnt work Click here anyway 21. #speaktheweb Pre-selected Main CTAsMain CTAs More pre-selected 22. #speaktheweb Looks like a basket review Thanks to @timharbour 23. #speaktheweb 4 items 92 3 items Thanks to @timharbour 24. #speaktheweb Box around this content: Uniform Connectedness Optional extras with compulsory passenger information: Proximity OPT OUT instructions, located AFTER the option Travel insurance Label separate from dropdown 25. #speaktheweb Select no insurance - between LATVIA and LITHUANIA 26. #speaktheweb But wait! Whats this? They've changed it 27. #speaktheweb Travel insurance 28. #speaktheweb Countries 29. #speaktheweb Opt out 30. #speaktheweb Image credit: FB: 5830 words USA: 4543 words 31. #speaktheweb Image credit: UPDATE: Facebooks Privacy Policy now called Data Use Policy & split into several pages & sections Digital Trends breakdown of the Data Use Policy: 32. #speaktheweb Offering a feedback form but no other contact details Means the user has no record of contacting you, giving you plausible deniability They cannot chase you up any other way Theres no context to subsequent correspondence Every follow-up must be done through the feedback form & feels like yet another first approach 33. #speaktheweb More opt-in hi-jinx from 34. #speaktheweb Link to opt out hidden behind this link Image credit: 35. #speaktheweb Opt out Opt in Compulsory Image credit: 36. #speaktheweb Image credit: Opt out Opt in Obfuscating terminology 37. #speaktheweb Play nice Me again 38. #speaktheweb Thank you J e: t: @quiffboy w: