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2. PLAN DESIGN DEVELOP MANAGE 3. PLAN 4. Clarity& 12 Insight3 4Awareness Assessment Experiment Adoption 5. What the Cloud Can Mean for IT New = Untrusted Loss of Control Loss of Security Corporate Assets at Risk ITs Job Harder Than Ever IT Pressured into using the Cloud Uncontrolled use of the cloud IT Less Relevant 6. What the Cloud Can Mean for IT Trusted (earned incrementally) Extra Capacity at a Moments Notice Efficient Use of I.T. Dollars Managed use of cloud and enterprise IT Focusing on strategic use of tech IT Leading the Way on the Cloud Democratization of IT (but guided) IT More Relevant Than Ever 7. $? 8. DESIGN 9. Web RoleWorker RoleAzure StorageWeb RoleSQL Azure 10. STORAGEHOSTED SERVICEHOSTED SERVICE ACCOUNT Affinity GroupAffinity GroupAffinity GroupEmployeePortalEmployeePortalEmployeePortal Same Data Center Geo-Location 11. IN-CLOUDIMPLEMENTATION (WINDOWS AZURE STORAGE) COMMONAPPLICATIONIFileStorage ON-PREMISE IMPLEMENTATION (FILE SERVER) 12. CLOUD YOURSECURITY SECURITY 13. DEVELOP 14. MANAGE 15. email: