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  • 1. Social gathering restaurant Classroom table Alarm clock

2. How to make an alarm clock that does notdisturb others??? Standard alarm clock would make sound loud enough towake a person up. But consider a scenario where we are sharing a roomtogether with a spouse or siblings?? One needs to wake up early and the other does not Hence I want to explore different methods of waking up aperson without disturbing the other person in the room 3. Body circadian rhythm All of us have a built in body clock It tells us when to wake up at a certain time of thenext day What actually signal us when to wake up is LIGHT. 4. The master clock that controls circadian rhythms consists of a group of nerve cells in the brain called thesuprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN. The SCN contains about 20,000 nerve cells and is located in thehypothalamus, an area of the brain just above where the optic nerves from the eyes cross. 5. The cells in the master clock takes in lightfrom the eyes Hence when the intensity of light reached acertain limits it would , the cells would sendsignals to the brain which would wake thebody up 6. Purpose of the design To wake a person up without disturbing anybody else 7. DesignCouplesAirplaneStudents inpassenger Family thatorientationare living incampsa smallhouse 8. People who use sleeps with one or morepeople in the same room. 9. The main factors that affects our CIRCADIANrhythm is LIGHT The question now becomes how do we makeuse of light to wake a person up? 10. Different scenarios were light glows would beuseful Husband/wife waking up for work in the wee morning and he/she does not want to wake their spouse. Orientation camp, student wants to wake up early then the rest without affecting the other , may cause frustrations 11. Social gathering restaurant More teens are in todays modern society haveaccess to internet Internet life becomes the new reality of today People meeting new people through internet The idea here is to integrate young teensback into society 12. Step 1: People who wants to dine in the restaurant need to book for theirreservations Step 2: once reaching to that restaurant, the person would need to identifythemselves with the counter at the entrance that they have made a booking Step3: they will be given a number to their assigned table Step 4 : They will notice that they will be assign to sit with people that they dontknow 13. Location: Republic class room The idea: to create a classroom table that isable to promote group discussion 14. The scene The first day of school I didnt know any of my classmates We tend to do our own stuff Never really bothered to show our group mates what weare doing. At the end of the day most of us did our own slides and thepowerpoint presentation and it was not in sync and weended up having a bad presentation The reason for this is that it was very hard to communicatewith each other especially during the 1st week of school 15. Can accommodate up to 5-6 people 16. The design of the table must be able topromote group discussion Helps to lessen awkward feeling betweengroup members