Design & developement of swing frame testing fixture of Bandsaw Machine.

download Design & developement of swing frame testing fixture of Bandsaw Machine.

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Transcript of Design & developement of swing frame testing fixture of Bandsaw Machine.

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Design and Development:Swing frame testing fixture for Bandsaw Machine.Created By: Mr. KOLI VAIBHAV S. Mr. ZADE VIKAS R. Mr. DATAR SHREEKAR R. Mr. BHOSALE DHANANJAY B. Guided By: Prof. Mr. P. S. BADAKAR

Abstract: The aim of project is to reduce the inspection timing with proper alignment & drilling holes . Also with increase in accuracy, precision & reliability on fixture of swing arm of band saw type machine. This proposed method has to design & fabricate the fixture to reduce the manufacturing cycle time.

Testing Fixtures for Swing Frame


Company Profile Name : SPM tools Pvt. Ltd.Address : Plot No. 2 to 8, Sector A, Parvati Co-op. Ind. Estate, YADRAV-416145. Dist.- Kolhapur, Maharashtra (India).Type of Firm : CNC, Band Saw & Special Purpose Machines.Website of Establishment 1984Total Shifts General

Horizontal Band Saw Machine (HBM250)

Band saw machine is power tool, uses blade to cut the metal rods (250 mm).

The cutting blade rotating on 2 wheels in the same plane.

Swing ArmTwo wheels are mounted on swing arm.Overall weigh approx 35-40 Kg.

IntroductionFixture is work holding device that holds, supports & locates the work piece for a specific operation but does not guide the cutting tool.. The main purpose of a fixture is to locate & in some cases hold a work piece during either a machining operation or some other industrial process

Need of FixtureEasy, quick and consistently accurate locating, supporting and clamping.Guidance to the cutting tool like drill, reamer etc. To reduce operators labor and skill requirementTo reduce measurement and its cost. Increase in productivity and maintain product quality consistently.

Material Selection


Resting Pad


Locating Pin

Mild Steel




Purpose of SelectionMS for Fixture: High strength & malleability, quite soft. Desirable weldability & machinability.EN24 for Resting Pad: Excellent machinability & wear resistance. Good hardness & tensile strength.EN8 for Clamping: Good tensile strength, machinable in any condition, enhanced wear resistance.

Design PrinciplesTotal machining time for workpiece is minimize.Easy & quick loading & unloading of workpiece.The fixture should be open as possible to minimize cheap or burr accumulation.Sufficiently stiff to secure the preset accuracy of machining.

Experimental DraftingJigs & Fixtures in Aircraft Industries

Experimental Design

Final Drafting

Final Design

Fixture Fabrication

Working ProcedureFirst of all two pieces of 5 m long "C" channels along with 1 m extra channel is taken for cutting process. These pieces are fabricated (welded) with number of joints to form a bed.Plates are welded above base at respective positions.Cylindrical components attached to the plates by screws & welding joints.

Assembly Drafting

Assembly Design

Testing ProcedureSWING FRAMELEFT WINGRIGHT WINGDECISIONA+1+0-2+0+2+3+4+0-1AcceptedB-2+3+5-3+2+1+0-6+4RejectedC-1+4+0-1-2+0+1+3-2Accepted

Swing frame mounted on fixture with horizontal zero level stoppers attached.Drilling tool of machine is placed over points where drilling should be done and values of bend tested as below.

Allocation Plates Designs

E Plate C Plate O Plate

Plate Allocation

E Plate C Plate O Plate

Cost EstimationSr.No.Name of componentPrice in Rupees1Welding cost190002Machining cost50003Clamping4004Resting100005Locating700

AdvantagesMinimize the possibility of human error.Permit the use of medium-skilled labour.Reduce the manufacturing time.Allow the production of repeat orderswithout retooling.The directions of motion for make drill is organised & deterministic.The total time for make fix work piece & release in short.

ConclusionThe fixtures are very important part of manufacturing systems. The fixtures of appropriate design may be used to restrict certain of the unbalanced forces, and thus reduce the requirements of control by the operator.

Understanding how to design and development of inspection fixture will help to get more accuracy, alignment & testing measurements along with production of swing frame.

References User manual of respective machine. Reference book of Production Engineering by P. C. Sharma. Reference book of Manufacturing Engineering by P. G. Deshpande.Brochure and Catalogues