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Transcript of Deserts - · PDF file Deserts Deserts Companion worksheets for the BBC documentary Planet...

  • Deserts

    Companion worksheets for the

    BBC documentary Planet Earth


  • Notes.

    The Planet Earth series produced by the BBC spans the globe, introducing students to an array of environments, plants and animals, beautifully captured and wonderfully narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

    These work sheets are a primary / elementary level companion to the show. They are designed to refine the student’s knowledge of the geography and environmental diversity of the world presented in the series, build map reading skills and build an appreciation for the diversity of life on the planet.

    The link below is to the discovery channel page.

  • Task 1 Planet Earth

    Before watching ‘Deserts’ get started with the tasks below.

    Using color pencils:

    1. Draw a line across the map to represent the equator. Try it in pencil first and then finish it off with a red color pencil.

    This website will help you find the right place for your red line

    2. With a blue color pencil lightly and carefully color the oceans, seas and largest lakes of the world. You can label the oceans if you’d like!

    3. Now take a look at your world and list the continents and major islands the equator passes through. There are only four! ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    4. Find and color the Gobi desert using a tan or yellow color pencil. The Gobi is a large desert on the border of Mongolia and China. That is where we will begin our journey! Let’s Start.

  • The Gobi Desert

    What is the name of the twin humped camel able to survive the harsh climates of the Gobi desert?


    Why is the Gobi desert one of the harshest in the world?














    00:00:00 ~ 00:05:20 Task 2

    Listen Carefully!!

    1. Why can Bactrian Camels travel away from water holes in winter? _______________________________________________________________________


    2. How many Bactrian camels live in the Gobi desert?


  • Task 3 The Himalayas

    The Himalayan mountain range is the world’s highest. The long chain of snowy peaks includes mountains over 8000 meters high, such as Mount Everest and K2. Using a brown pencil color your world map to represent the Himalayas! Check out the pictures below to help you find them on your world map & to see how this beautiful and very tall range was created. Use a red felt tip pen to draw on your map the route India took on its way to Eurasia.

  • Task 4 Rain Shadows 00:05:21 ~ 00:06:00

    In the video David Attenborough explains why the gobi region is a desert. Very little rain falls on the gobi desert because of the Himalayan mountains.

    After watching the section of the video explaining this problem look at the pictures below and in your own words explain what a “rain shadow” is.

  • Rain Shadows Explained by ___________ ___________________________________________________________________









    Draw your own rain shadow diagram.

  • Task 5 The Sahara DeSerT

    Find and color the Sahara desert on your world map. Try to match the colors to the picture below. Be sure to add the Nile River as a thin blue line! Using the link above for help list the 11 Saharan countries that people live in…

    ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

    00:18:45 ~ 00:22:20

    Task 5 & 6 00:06:01 ~ 00:07:15

  • Task 6

    How big is it?

    We know that the Sahara is the biggest desert in the world, but how big is it really? After you write the names of the countries pictured on the right choose the country that is closest in size to the Sahara! Look at a world atlas for help naming the countries.

    a) ________________________

    b) ________________________

    c) ________________________

    So which one is it?

    On your world map color the country that is about the same size as the Sahara Desert!




    The Sahara is the world’s largest source of …

    _____________________ and _________________


  • Task 7 00:07:16 ~ 00:12:02


    A Sea of Dunes : a dune is a hill of sand built by wind. The wind blows desert sands and piles it up

    as hills like the one in the picture.

    In what country can you find the largest sand

    dunes in the world?


    How high can a sand dune get?

    ⊗ 3000 meters ⊗ 300 feet ⊗ Three hundred meters

    How do you make more sand? The beautiful rock formations in Egypt’s White Desert are cut by tiny, hard grains of sand being blown against them over

    many years. The sand slowly cuts tiny

    grains off the rocks, which then become sand. themselves.

    This is called Erosion.

    Whole mountains can be eroded.

    Fill out the equation below.

    Strong winds + hard sand hitting rocks = More ____________

  • Animals in the Sahara! Task 8 Did you spot the animals living in the Sahara Desert. Draw and name three of the animals you saw in the boxes below…

  • Task 9 The Desert Sun 00:12:03 ~ 00:14:22

    The Arid Outback…

    The desert sun is very strong. We know that many deserts are very hot dry places with little rainfall. The continent pictured to the left is the driest continent in the world. Very large parts of this continent are called ‘Arid’ and ‘Semi-Arid’.

    What is the name of this continent?


    A semi-arid area sees some rainfall, and small plants called shrubs and grasses do grow.

    What do you think the weather is like in an arid area?



    On your world map label and color this continent, using the same colors shown in the picture.

    What’s the temperature?

    During the summer, in the deserts of this continent, out in the open, ground temperatures during the day can rise to…

    That’s the same as 158°F


  • Task 10 Desert Life 00:14:23 ~ 00:18:40

    Can you name the Australian animal in the



    It gets very hot in the desert. What are two ways these animals keep themselves cool during the hottest part of the day?





    Meanwhile Back in the Sahara…