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Like so many people before me I’ve said goodbye to time frames, deadlines and set dates. Instead I’ve said hello to wide open spaces and the unknown.

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Like so many people before me Ive said goodbye to time frames, deadlines and set dates. Instead Ive said hello to wide open spaces and the unknown.Hi there! Im Denis Vincent.More about Denis************************

I believe in trusting your inner voice and giving it permission to lead you to your truth.

Travelling through life with ease. Knowing that where you are in in this exact moment is where you are meant to be, is the definition of the happiest traveller.Im taking a chance. Going with the flow.Thats why Im embracing intuitive travel.

For me, its new landscapes, customs, languages, people.Often, to get to this point you need to remove yourself from your comfort zone.


My aim is to empower you to see the world from a different angle, go on that epic adventure, retreat to the wilderness, face or fears and live a life that makes you happy.

The question is will you listen to your inner voice and turn these dreams into reality? Travel


Too often we lose sight of what life is about. Consumed by the quest for more, wishing away the week to get to the weekend and putting off our hopes and dreams to another day.The way I see things

What keeps us doing the same thing year after year? Comfort? fear? or maybe (like me) you had convinced yourself that there was a second life waiting for you? Its ok Ill just cruise through this one that isnt really doing it for me at the moment and then Ill live out my ideal life later.***********************************

After a chance encounter that upon reflection was more like an intervention from the universe I found myself standing on the summit of north Americas highest freestanding mountains. When I decided that I would give this Helico ride thing a go, I hadnt anticipated the change that I would be forced to make. There is no choice but to replace the I cant with the I will when you are pushed 5895m past your comfort zone.


If you dont challenge yourself, how do you know what you are truly made of?

More Detail Visit my website :

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Address - 70 Chaparral Square Valley SE Calgary, AB T2X 3V2 CANADAPhone - 819-536-8888Email - [email protected]