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Este trabajo ha sido realizado por un alumno del IES FRancés de Aranda de Teruel dentro del proyecto LEONARDO DA... JUEGO, desarrollado junto con el IES Salvador VIctoria de Monral del Campo en el curso 2012/2013

Transcript of Denis kevin

  • 1. The anatomical studies of LeonardoDa Vinci.

2. Information of Leonardo- Date of Birth: 15/04/1452- Date of Death: 05/02/1519- He was a Renaissance man, working in differentfields: anatomist, architect, artist, botanist,scientist, writer, sculptor, philosopher, engineer,inventor, musician, poet and town planner.- Famous paintings: The Mona Lisa and The LastSupper.- As an engineer and inventor he made a helicopter,a tank, a submarine ... 3. More information about Leonardo. His first important work was in Milan. He also worked in Rome, Bologna and Venice. He also did works in France and he died there. 4. The cardiovascular system.An anatomical study of themain organs and the arterialsystem of a female torso. 5. Large drawing of anembryo within a humanuterus with a cowsplacenta. 6. Comparing the foetus"All seeds have an umbilical cord which is broken when the seed isripe," wrote Leonardo. "Likewise they have a uterus and membranes,as herbs and all seeds that are produced in pods demonstrate."Below his embryo, Leonardo sketched the uterus opening like thepetals of a flower. 7. Torax drawing (comparing a real onewith Leonardos drawings) 8. The spinal columnAccording to PeterAbrahams, Leonardoperfectly captured thedelicate curve and tilt ofthe spine, and the snugfit of one vertebra intoanother. 9. The proportions of the head. 10. Bears foot.A study of thedissection of the soleof a bears hind-foot 11. Bibliography Google images. 12. By Kevin Martnez and Denis Florin. 3B