Demon Gate Core Rulebook - · PDF file Demon Gate Core Rulebook An apocalyptic dark fantasy...

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Transcript of Demon Gate Core Rulebook - · PDF file Demon Gate Core Rulebook An apocalyptic dark fantasy...

  • Demon Gate

    Core Rulebook An apocalyptic dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game

    set within a feudal, medieval era. You are a survivor, an adventurer fighting for your soul within a world filled with

    darkness and monsters. Delve into the ancient ruins of races long dead and otherworldly beings lost to the teeth of time. The black towers of the Void Gods hold untold treasures and mystic artifacts that wield esoteric technology, or what we call “magic”. The world Koth has suffered through the Apocalyptic Prophecies with the final tragedy yet to be fulfilled. The legends say that the world was once infested by demons and for

    eons they have been imprisoned. Now stories are spreading around the campfires of the dead rising from their graves

    and the very darkness of the Veil Myst coming to drag souls to the Black Plane. If this is true, the Demon

    Gate has opened, and it will take more than just heroes to stop it.

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  • The Apocalyptic Prophecies

    “The first catastrophe that will mark the beginning of the end of our world will be known as the Shattering, the near destruction of Gana. The moon will be lacerated by the Void Stone and it will break into pieces that will plummet from the edge of the Never to Gaia, the land. It will bury our world, it will raise the oceans and the skies will burn. When the Tree of Zaghos trembles, the world will know its first slumber since the mortal dynasty, thus its second awakening shall come. The Tablet of Fate will be broken, and the eyes of Baal will open in the depths of Tartarus.”

    - Vosow Moulung (3rd prophet of Turad, 42 years Pre- Age of Falling)

    “The second cataclysm shall be called the Pale Plague. The ashen hand will pass over mortals turning eyes black and flesh white. Take heed the blood roots as the portent of doom to befall them. This mass horror will bear no mercy for any who would pray for their children. The white horde will wander the land to feast on flesh and then unto the realm of Hell. The Order will bear false witness and break the lock of Tartarus in search of truth.”

    -Caiman Mael (9th prophet of Wyrmfire, 4 years Pre- Age of Bones)

    “The third tragedy is to mark the dusk of mortals. The army of Baal will rise and the quest to re-forge the soul gates will begin. They will march over the world to burn, kill, and torture once the last seal is shattered. The atrocities that follow will be unspeakable and all will tumble into perdition.”

    -Azure Felling (Seer of Dalewynnd, 7 years Pre- Year of the Crow)


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  • Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Lore Pg. 4

    Chapter 2: Character Creation Pg. 13

    Chapter 3: Mortals of Koth Pg. 45

    Chapter 4: Classes & Abilities Pg. 71

    Chapter 5: Skills Pg. 168

    Chapter 6: Gods Pg. 218

    Chapter 7: Combat Pg. 240

    Chapter 8: Magic Pg. 270

    Chapter 9: Equipment Pg. 329

    Chapter 10: The Realms of Koth Pg. 357

    Chapter 11: The Wilderness Pg. 397

    Chapter 12: Game Master Rules Pg. 407

    Chapter 13: Creatures of Koth Pg. 437

    Design Team Written & Created By: Brandon Williams a.k.a. “Rogue”

    Edited By: Amanda Williams, Richard Walker

    Art Direction: Brandon Williams

    Layout Design: Heather Christofaro, Rogue

    Art Team: Adam Black, Adam Schmidt, Brandon Williams, Heather Cristofaro, Michael Syrigos, Nele Diel, Piotr Chrzanowski

    Game Testers Steven Astacio, Todd Bauman, Ray Boettgar, Matthew Boggs, Jon Burlison, Daniel Chaplin, Guy Chaplin, Dave Creely, Robert Dion, Francisco Fitaroni, Joe Howard, Larry Lillard, Ken McCooey, Kyle Milwee, Steven Noll, John Norton, Michelle Pauley, Darren Ruiz, Adam Schmidt, David Smith, Simon Smith, Dan Ubach, David Whiting, Mandi Williams, Simon Yates

    Kickstarter Backers Aaron Pothecary, Akiazoth, Alton Capps, Andrew Ferber, Angelo Pileggi, Anthony Thomson, Ben McArdle, Bez Bezson, Boris J Cibic, Brian Young, Cameron Beach, Charlotte McCormick, Chelsey Thill, Christopher R. Tannahill, Craig Wright, Dan Lipman, Dan Ubach, Danny Groshong, Darren Aldredge, Darren Forbes, Dave Creely, Dave “Wintergreen” Harrison, Dávid Csobay, David Lacerte, Dead Gentlemen, Dr. Donald A. TURNER, Edwin Ghigliotty Jr., Eric Moffitt, Felix Salazar, Fidel S. Arbolaez, Merry Crystal, Grant A. Carter, Fuzzy, Anton H., Haley Eskridge, Heather Fildes, Herman Duyker, Solistia, James M. Wood, James Unick, Jason Kaster, Jay Watson, Vigiler, Jeffrey Meyer, Jemiah Whiting, Jeremy Siemon, J. R. Howard, Joe Dunham, Joseph S Lipman, Jörg Bours, John Dallas DeWeese, John K, Jon Terry, Jordan White, Jordi Rabionet, Jose Fernandez, Joshua “MonKy” Downing, Kevin Lama, Two Tails, Amadan, Lucho Castro, Mark Crew, Mark Stanley, Martin

    Demon Gate Core Book

    Chapter I I


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  • Wagner, Matt Wood, Matthew Wright, Max Bantleman, Strange Machine Games, MikesMind, Michael Glass, Michael Musselman, Michael Wenditz, Michael “Talthos” Willett, Michelle Pauley, Michelle Zuck, Mike Shema, Morgan Hazel, Mark R. Lesniewski, Nicholas Muehlenweg, Oliver R Shead, Marco Streekmann, Patricia Efird, Paul Umbers, Alexander Haeberle, Robert Dion, Rob McKavanagh, Feral Gamers Inc., Ronald Pyatt, Ross Meats, Ryan Holdbrooks, M. Ryan McKenzie, The Sage Experiment, Scott Smith, Sergio A Saenz, Stevan Allen, Steven Noll, Sylvain ‘Sly’ Pronovost, Taylor Emery, Glenn Berry, Timothy Baker, Tristan Wolfe DeRoches, Brandon Lee Wesley Tack, Wade Geer, Warren P Nelson, William Greer, Nick Colombo

    Special Thanks Thanks to my wife and kids, if it were not for them I would have finished this book years ago. Seriously though, I love them and would not have been able to do this without them either. Thanks to everyone that has helped make it all possible. Game testers, crew, and backers, you all have been a great help and inspiration. Good gaming to you all!


    Roleplaying in Koth Demon Gate is meant to be a dark fantasy role- playing game. It uses an element of horror and high fantasy, then mixes it all up with some miniature battle rules. It is a sci-fi alien world, trapped in a medieval fantasy era. The stories that you create during gameplay are meant to have a somber feel, grim, and dangerous. It is a post-apocalyptic realm that over the past few centuries survived through many devastating eras, such as the Shattering and the Pale Plague. It is prophesized that there is one more cataclysm still to come, when the Demon Gate lets loose Hell upon the world. Within this world players often attempt to become powerful enough to be immortals or even gods that can quest against all the soul gates and destroy them. In the Demon Gate universe most worlds come with their own Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. All are surrounded by the layers of dimensions within the multi-verse and the Spirit World is one of them. It is possible to die in one world and move onto the next and continue your character.

    In a role-playing game the game master (GM) and players (PCs) are going to make their own stories within this world and play the game just how they wish to. A great deal of the lore in which you may read in these pages are often accounts from characters in the game, so not all are meant to be exact or even true, only tales as they perceive them. Many creatures thought to be extinct, such as the dragon, actually still do exist. Most of the world is rebuilt upon the ashes of fallen eras. Thus, you are free to make your own stories out of the lore you read. In the GM section you will find the most accurate accounts of the actual chronology of Koth. This leaves it up to the GM to share information as they see fit. The rules within are merely guidelines for you to follow and if the GM and players feel like changing certain rules to “house rules” then so be it. The combat system of the game uses the Chaos System and it is quite brutal. Just remember that if you want to survive then you must take steps to strategize and try to think of what you would do in each situation, because one strong hit can kill you just as quickly as one wrong step. Survival is also a monumental part of the game, finding food, water, and shelter in the harsh climates is necessary. Sunlight is a great tool for survival, it can blast a spirit back to its plane of existence, or turn an undead monster horde to ash. Use your skills, wits, and gear to keep yourself alive. You start with the bare minimum of equipment, totally broke and pretty much on the verge of only just becoming your actual character class at 1st level. Your character class is defined by your skills at first, until you begin to unlock your class specific abilities at second level. The point of the game is to have fun though, struggling in a fantasy world that is filled with horrors. While doing this it also allows the game master and players to create amazing stories that are sure to be remembered for years to come. When you play a table- top roleplaying game you are not just rolling dice and killing monsters, you are creating a saga. Many movies, books, and shows were even created from the very stories that were made in RPGs. So, let me shut up so you can start making your stories. Good gaming to you and may you conquer all of your demons.


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