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Who is Demi Lovato?

She is an American recording artist, actress, and philanthropist

Her birth name is Demetria Devonne Lovato

Her birthday is on August 20, 1992 She’s from Dallas, Texas but born in

Albuquerque, New Mexico Her favorite colors are RED & BLACK

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How her career began

She first started acting in Barney & Friends in the year 2002

In 2008 she became a cast member of the film Camp Rock

Later that year she signed with Hollywood records.

She released her first album in September 2008

She became an instant hit

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Personal StrugglesWhen she was younger she was severely bulliedIt got so bad she requested a home-schooled educationShe suffered from depression, bulimia, and cut herself before going into rehab in November 2010On October 30, 2010, she withdrew from the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert to enter a treatment facility to confront "physical and emotional issues".She decided to enter treatment after punching back female back-up dancer during a confrontation which led to an intervention by her family and management; she later took "100 percent, full responsibility" for the incident.

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Personal Struggles (cont.)

She returned home on January 28, 2011 She admitted to having suffered from “self-

medicating” with drugs and alcohol. She also said she had “basically had a

nervous breakdown” and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during treatment

She later revealed that she would use cocaine multiple times a day and would smuggle cocaine & alcohol onto airplanes and use them during here flights

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How She Inspires People

She appeared on America’s Next Top Model to speak out about bullying

She became a spokesperson for the anti-bullying organization PACER

In April of 2011 she became a contributing editor for Seventeen magazine, where she discussed her personal struggles, directed to teenage girls.

She wrote many songs about her struggles. Many of them in her album Unbroken

She also wrote a book called Stay Strong:365 Days A Year and is currently writing another one

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Eating Disorder (Interview)


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