Delightful Deals and Delicious Meals

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This was the winning team's presentation at the APM Wessex branch's PM Challenge finals night. All three finalist teams came from Bournemouth University where APM's 'The PM Challenge' is embedded in to their course.

Transcript of Delightful Deals and Delicious Meals

  • 1. 'Create a campaign via social media that provides money saving food ideas for Bournemouth University students.'
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  • 3. Planning tools Gantt, Risk assessment, PBS, WBS Progress report for APM and Karen allowing us to analyse the success more frequently Managing Quality, Time, Cost
  • 4. Poster were not printed in time Graphic designer was late Red bull didnt work out Lack of what's in your fridge uploads We kept a risk log throughout the process which we added to Made sure we had appropriate contingency plans
  • 5. What did we do well? Worked well as a team Flexibility and Adaptability Stall in the atrium Innovative What did we learn? Importance of communication Being realistic Naivety Professionalism What would we do differently? Prioritise the APM challenge Utilise our resources more Select one deliverable Communicated more with certain stakeholders Recommendations we have developed for future projects Ensure initial objectives are realistic Maintaining motivation Communicate with stakeholders Be cost effective whenever feasible
  • 6. Lack of comments from external users (not as self manageable as originally expected) Maintaining the site ourselves is feasible in the short term Long term view seek out new owners possible first year students looking for project management experience.
  • 7. Thank you to the APM for this opportunity Karen for embedding this opportunity into the unit Russel (our mentor) for guiding us through the process