Defeat H.R. 996

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Defeat H.R. 996 Protect Pet Owners’ Rights Protect Introduced Parrot Populations Protect Jobs in an Industry that Comforts People

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H.R. 996 represents pet industry-crippling legislation and poor conservation planning. Here is a short 4-slide presentation companion animal (specifically companion parrot) owners can use to get a few salient points across to elected officials to explain why they should stop H.R. 996 in its tracks.

Transcript of Defeat H.R. 996

  • 1. Defeat H.R. 996 Protect Pet Owners Rights Protect Introduced Parrot PopulationsProtect Jobs in an Industry that Comforts People
  • 2. Introduced Parrots = No Harm Wild parrots eat fruits and nuts that native species dont Organizations provide boxes to keep Quakers from using powerlines/poles for nesting boxes (until wires go underground, of course)this gives Boy Scouts and other youth a chance to build, grow, work in the community, etc. Introduced parrots often represent endangered species in other countries; conservation demands we protect them however we can, not kill off their descendants weve bred here
  • 3. Pet Industry = Jobs82.5 million households in the United States have pets6.9 million households in 2012 owned pet birds20.6 million pet birds are living in the United States (as of 2012)Expenses that represent jobs: pet foods, treats, housing, boarding, grooming,accessories, toys, gifts, pet health insurance, pet tracking/GPS/micro-chipdevices, beds, veterinary visits, medications, supplements & vitamins, waterconditioners, carriers & travel crates/cages, and much more.Notice that health insurance, vet visits, medications and supplements, improvedfoods and treats, and the use of GPS and other tracking devices flies in the faceof the supposition within H.R. 996 that owners easily release their pets. Instead,pets are considered valuable members of the family.
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