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  • 1. DECORATING Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc.


  • liveworkgrow
  • laugh entertain
    • celebrate rejuvenate
  • feel safe and secure

HOME. Its where we . . . Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 3. TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. Millions of people comehome to . . .

    • Ugly unused or uncomfortable space.
  • A sea of clutter
  • Furnishings that look simplylike a mishmash of possessions
  • Missing orwrong
  • window treatments
  • dark & cramped
  • areas that lack
  • personality &
  • pizzazz


  • Its not easy to
    • make roomslook
  • inviting ,and
        • stylish .

Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 5. feel completely overwhelmed same thing everywhere cant spend all my free time cant afford mistakes struggling unsure For most, decorating is a struggle TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 6. TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS

  • Achievingthe
    • look you love
  • doesnt just
  • happen!

Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 7. TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS

  • Color Phobia
  • Lack of Time
  • Furniture Selection &Value Decisions
  • Safety& Environmental Impact
  • Missing Master Plan

Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 8. thecolors wechoose can make usfeel wonderfulin our homesor notColor Phobia TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 9. 45 % they just can not choose colors25 % the colors they like would not fit the room Avoidover-the-counter-color advice and save yourself time, money and "do-over" frustrations. TopChallenges: In a recent survey people felt:TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS: COLOR PHOBIA Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 10. The powerof colors can Knowledge of color theory is critical in making the right decisions about your color choice --- the first time!

  • set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement.
  • energize,or to cool it down.
  • create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquility.
  • convey an image of playful youthfulness.
  • Combining the intricacies
  • of science and color can make rooms sing with harmony!


  • 90 % of visitors to a paint department of a local big box store *were unable to define two of these basic color harmony terms:
  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary
  • Split Complementary
  • Triad
  • Asymmetrical
  • Tetrad-Double Complementary
  • * Informal exit poll 27 respondents

Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 12. Understand the essential properties of color: hue, saturation and value.They transform: Colors respond differently to light because of how their color was created, i.e. pigments, fabrics, etc.Its called Metamerism into 12basic colors 12million colorsColors are impacted by surrounding colors; its called Simultaneous Contrast TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS: COLOR PHOBIA Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 13. Lack of Time TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS All my possessions for a moment of time . Queen Elizabeth Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 14. Does this sound like you

  • I love buying every home decorating magazine or book, and spending my free time reading every word!
  • I cant imagine a better place to spend a Saturday (and Sunday!) than in a furniture store, strolling the aisles for hours- just looking for that perfect sofa!
  • I have no other hobbies, decorating my home over and over again is my life! So, if I get it wrong the first time, its not a big deal!

Ican spend all my free time decorating! TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS: LACK OF TIME Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 15. or is this more like it? Where does the Time go? Get ready! Get Set!GO! Source: Results from National Sleep Foundation's 2008 National Sleep in America Poll.Americans have a very long day Wake Up Call: 5:35 am That morning time flies by Out the Door: 7:45 am Commute to Work:23 min Thats without TrafficStart Work:8:09 amCommute Home: 23.min Only if you get to go straight home Home By: 5:27 pm And your to-do list begins Finally In Bed By: 10:53 pm TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS: LACK OF TIME Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 16. Poor Furniture Selection & Value TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS

    • What used to be a somewhat
  • simpleDecisionnow
  • needs farmore consideration
  • about safety and value

Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 17. U.S. household wood furniture imports have risenthis could explain the abundance of curb sidefurniture that is availabletoday. from19% in 1992 to 64% in 2008

  • We all have heard or seen the disappointed customers comments about how they cant even count on the Top Retail Stores anymore.
  • Retail FACT:Quality that was there yesterday is no longer here today.
  • Retail FACT:Customer service usually cant help once you have accepted delivery.

TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS: QUALITY Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 18. You can quickly expose curb side quality by following these simple tips:TIP 1:Lift up one end of a sofa or an arm of a chair. Then push on the arms, back or wings. There should be little or no give when you do this. TIP 2:Always avoid upholstered furniture that is squeaky. TIP 3:Must have strong, stable frames that cannot be felt from the outside.Check corners and edges; if you feel the frame within, the cover or padding will wear out prematurely.TIP4:Look for straight, strong seams. TIP 5:Does it pass the rub test.

  • 100% Kiln-dried hardwood frame.
  • Arms wrapped with high-density foam
  • Inside backs supported by sturdy sinuous steel springs or crossed-weave webbing, each covered in high density foam padding.
  • Exterior frame wrapped with foam padding
  • Pillow back cushions filled to ensure a uniform soft back
  • Dacron foam filled seat cushions or Dacron with Feather and down.
  • Hardwood legs.
  • Stress points reinforced by dowels, corner blocks, screws and glue.
  • Steel coil springs 8 way hand-tied to the frame using polyester cord or Sinuous Spring affixed to the frame
  • Foam coils for overall seating comfort.
  • Padding edge roll provides shape and firmness to the front edge.
  • Skirts that are lined and then interlined for lasting smoothness and shape.
  • Before you purchase a piece of furniture,
  • Ask yourself. . .
    • How long do you want it to last?
    • Quality Construction

Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 19. TODAY'S TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS

  • Today thefurniture in our homes
          • not onlyaffects our comfort , but
      • can alsoimpact our health

Safety & Environmental Impact Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 20. Today's Headlines Thousands injured by 'toxic gas from Chinese sofas New Warning - Drapes and Upholstery are often treated with and give off formaldehyde. Many baby nursery furnishings tested emit very high levels offormaldehyde. Toxic Substances Control Act(TSCA)The TSCA gives a "free pass" to all chemicals in existence before 1976. Those chemicals are not required to undergo any safety testing. Some 60,000 chemicals, that have been linked to health issues, are grandfathered in the TSCA and not subject to mandatory safety tests. Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 21. Non Eco friendly material products In a recent surveyOnly 27 %of youth bedroom units sold last year were comprised ofEco-Friendly Materials Leukemia, brain cancer, and other childhood cancers have increased by more than 20 percent since 1975.Source Tracey J. Woodruff, et al.,Americas Children and the Environment , (Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2008) TODAY'S TOP FIVE DECORATING BLUNDERS AND RISKS: SAFETY Copyright 2010 -2011 Decor&You, Inc. 22. Source: Minnesota Department of Health

  • Many products we have in our homes release or off-gas VOCs. Some examples of sources of VOCs are:
  • Building Materials
    • Carpets and adhesives
    • Composite wood products
    • Paints
    • Sealing caulks
    • Solvents