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These are my magazine contents page deconstructions for my media coursework!

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  • 1. Deconstructions of contentspagesBlender MagazineQ MagazineTop Of The Pops Magazine

2. Blender contents page This is the contents page of the music magazine Blender . This particular example doesinclude the basic needs and features for a contents page. A contents page is important,as it is a source of information for the reader to get an understanding of the currentissue. It includes a professional photo of singer Katy Perry. This is quite effective as it makesthe magazine look professional and quite popular as it includes content of a mainstreamstar, which would seem appealing to a wide majority. This particular contents page is actually quite bare compared to other prints. Most pageswould be covered in information such as page numbers, features and editors messages,however this is quite simple and seems to only include the most essential factors. The contents page includes four main articles and their page numbers. These would beclassed as the most important features that the magazine thinks the readers will want toread most, therefore if they see the most popular and important articles in the contents,they would probably end up buying the magazine just for that. The big title reading contents is also quite important as it is strongly presented so thatreaders realise that this is the contents page, and can quickly notice where it is and whatit is. It also contrasts with the white background, to make it stand out to readers. Underthe title, the date is of the issue is included in a way to define and document that issue,and also for the reader to understand the current month and year if they decide to lookback on it after a while. Colours are important in two ways. One is so that it reflects the magazine and itsprofessionalism, as it has to stand out and be appropriate for the age group, as colourscan effect this by making it look too childish by adding the wrong colours and shades.The second reason is that it reflects the artist. The use of the colour red on her outfit andthe random mushroom reflects her quirky style and music. Both of these reasons is usedfor impact on the reader. A quote from Katy Perry is also shown on the bottom, this is to gain the readersattention even more and to try and grasp them in to read more into that particulararticle and then potentially the whole magazine. 3. Q contents page Qs magazine contents page includes of content and information. Thisis so that the reader can gather a lot of info from the magazine orcurrent issue shown. They have all the features labelled by page numbers, so that readerscan quickly find out where they could find that particular spread in themagazine. They clearly highlight the main articles, but then add asection of other articles and named it under women in music, this isto sign post a certain set of articles that could be similar. There is also a review included, which counts as another source ofinformation for the reader. Another interesting factor could be thefact that it still includes the features that are in the magazine everymonth or week, this counts as a nice touch to the contents page. Like most contents pages, they have included a picture of the artistsfrom the main feature, or the most popular artist in the magazine oreven the media at the current moment. In this issue it is the artistAdele, and the image of her looks high quality, which assures thereader that the magazine is reliable . Also her costume/outfit matchesthe layout of the page and its colours, which makes it lookprofessional and suitable for the target audience, which wouldprobably be 17-45 year olds. A title is also included, so that is well sign posted for the readers,which allows them to quickly identify the particular page. Along thesame lines on the page, the issue number and date is included, whichalso adds professionalism. The colours in the magazine are bold but not as colourful as others.However, it does work and still looks effective, and adds to the musicgenre. 4. Top Of The Pops contents page This specific magazine has a contrast in target audience thanthe others, this is aimed for younger people as in 10-15 yearolds. Due to this, it has different concepts of factors. Inside of simply saying contents like the others, it had saidinside the mag which is quite quirky and fun for childrento understand. Again, instead of just creating a simple list of features, theyhave put an image of the front cover and shown by arrows,the page numbers of the sell lines on the font cover. This isbecause it is easier to understand and read for youngerpeople, and some would see it as less boring and a quickermethod to finding what you want, rather than just finding anarticle from a list . However these are just the main features,they do include to some lists of features, but sign post themand put them in several sections, so it doesnt look toooverloaded and boring for the target audience. The colours in this contents page would indicate that themagazine is particularly made for girls, as a lot of pinks, redsand purples have been used. Other than the colours, we cannotice by the language that is specially for girls, as it includesterms like celebs and gossip and we love shopping. The images used are also significant as we can clearly seetwo popular male stars, as this would grab the attention ofthe female audience and entice them to buy the magazine. Apurse is also shown, as this would also be found interestingby the reader, as that purse could be part of the latestfashion and if they read on they could find other on trenditems, which would appeal to them, and essentiallypersuade them to buy the magazine.