Deck the Halls! - First Baptist Church ... Deck the Halls! On Wednesday, Dec 4th, F will host a new

download Deck the Halls! - First Baptist Church ... Deck the Halls! On Wednesday, Dec 4th, F will host a new

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Transcript of Deck the Halls! - First Baptist Church ... Deck the Halls! On Wednesday, Dec 4th, F will host a new

  • December, 2019 Vol. 13, Issue 12

    THE CONTACT: First Baptist Church of Burlington

    First Baptist Church of Burlington


    Sunday Service Broadcast Live

    on 1150 AM and 105.9 FM


    Dr. Terry E. Peele Senior Pastor

    Rev. Joel N. Marshall Associate Pastor of Music & Worship

    Rev. Stacey L. Grimm Associate Pastor of Admin. & Communication

    Rev. Cameron M. West NextGen Pastor

    Katherine Thomas Lucier Principal Church Accompanist

    Jerry Cerezo Awakening Worship Leader

    Lydia Jones

    Children’s Ministry Intern

    Gwen Mitchell Ministry Coordinator

    Lynn Anderson Financial Secretary

    Al and Patricia Paschal Church Custodians

    Danny Scott Maintenance Technician

    Lisa Moore Child Development Center Director

    Deck the Halls!

    On Wednesday, Dec 4th, FBC will host a new event

    called Deck the Halls! This will be in place of our tradi-

    tional Hanging of the Greens. We will enjoy a spaghetti

    dinner at 5pm in the Worship Center/Fellowship Hall. At

    6:00 pm we will all go to the Sanctuary for a very brief

    service and then, we will all Deck the Halls!

    This is a casual service of participation. There will be

    something everyone can do. You may want to help dec-

    orate or you may want to sit and sing Christmas carols

    to add to the festivity of the evening. This is a wonderful

    opportunity for our whole church to come together in

    fellowship, worship and fun! Please don’t miss this

    chance to enjoy old friends and make new ones. Let’s

    Deck the Halls together!


    The staff, congregants and members of First Baptist Burlington are happy to

    welcome Ernie and Pamela Keck!

    Our Deepest Sympathy

    The ministers, staff, and congregants of

    First Baptist extend our deepest sympathy to:

    The Finley family and friends in the loss of Sarah Finley

    At the end of December we will say goodbye to our Ministry Coordina-

    tor, Gwen Mitchell. Gwen has decided to retire after over 11 years of

    service here at First Baptist. Gwen has gone above and beyond in her

    service to First Baptist. She has loved and cared for us. There have

    been countless times over these last years when Gwen has saved the

    day! She always finds a way to get things done! She is loved and treas-

    ured by us all. While we selfishly hate to see her go, we wish her all

    the best!

    On Sunday, December 15, after our 11:00 Worship Service, everyone is

    invited to join us in the Gathering Place for a reception in Gwen’s hon-

    or. We will also be receiving a love offering for her in December. We

    encourage everyone to take a moment over these next few weeks to

    express gratitude to and for Gwen.



    Thank you, Gwen Mitchell!

  • World Missions Christmas Offering

    Our Church Goal : $16,000.00

    Christ said, "I have come that they might have life and they might have it more abundant-

    ly." John 10:10 We are all part of reaching every nation with the gospel. We can all con-

    tribute to the World Missions Christmas Offering. You may give to either the SBC Lottie

    Moon Offering, or the CBF Global Missions Offering. Please specify. Please be prayerful

    and generous. Thank you.

    Transition Team Update

    Transition Team Members: Ralph Harwood, Christine Landess, Roger Phillips, Jani Rosario, and David Smith

    On January 26, 2020, Dr. Bill Wilson of “The Center for Healthy Churches” will be with us. He will preach at

    the 9 AM and 11 AM services. He will also be available that morning during the SS/D-Group time to answer

    questions relating to his role in our transition process.

    He has been an invaluable resource for our transition team as he leads us in our transition process. His

    experience and wisdom in how to form an effective search team, how to develop a profile of our congrega-

    tion and how to determine, “what we need,” in a pastor, rather than, “what we want,” has been very in-

    sightful and helpful to our transition team.

    Dr. Wilson has been active in Baptist life for 33 years serving as a Senior Pastor, on church staff, President

    of the Baptist General Association of Virginia, and on the Richmond and Mercer Universities Trustee

    Boards, and in many other capacities of Christian service.

    His profile states, “Bill’s work with churches and ministers is marked by a positive and unyielding belief that

    Christ-centered ministry is fulfilling and relevant. His deepest desire is to encourage churches and clergy to

    discover a vital and vibrant future. He believes that, as difficult as it is to be the church today, there has

    never been a day when the church was more needed.

    Please be in prayer as we enter into this time of transition, and plan to join us on January 26.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Now Get Out of My Way!!

    Several years ago someone in our

    church came up with what we all

    thought was a very good idea.

    Since the patrons of the annual

    Burlington Christmas Parade fill

    up our parking lot for the event,

    why not encourage parkers to

    bring a canned food or make a do-

    nation to help the local helping

    agencies in our community?

    Great idea? Should have been. . .

    We did what we could to notify

    the community of this opportuni-

    ty. We were prepared to be un-

    derstanding and gracious to

    parkers who had not heard or did

    not bring a donation. No prob-

    lem! They would be welcomed to

    park anyway. Sounds like a good

    attitude? Should have been. . .

    The Saturday of the parade we

    were ready! All the attendants at

    the entrances to the church park-

    ing lots knew the plan. Everyone

    was on board with the

    “understanding and gracious” atti-

    tude. Grace! Smile! Merry Christ-


    Well, it seems some of the parking

    public had developed a sense of

    entitlement about parking at First

    Baptist! While many folks had

    heard about and prepared to

    make a donation, a number of

    folks were not. Of those who

    were not, most were appropriate

    in response to our grace, smiles,

    and Merry Christmas! But, Grinch

    did come. In fact, a number of

    “Grinchy” folks came. And, they

    were not having any of the dona-

    tion idea, the grace that was

    offered, the smiles that were

    smiled, or the Merry Christmas

    that was offered.

    They were here for the party. . .

    the parade. They were entitled to

    park wherever they chose, and

    many of them had chosen First

    Baptist for years. . .for parking at

    least. It was soon evident that

    what was really a good idea in

    theory would not be an idea we’d

    continue in practice.

    When Christ came to a people

    who’d been preparing for His

    coming for centuries, He man-

    aged to show up during a busy,

    busy time. There was no place for

    his parents to “park” even to have

    the One who had been promised.

    And, truth be told, it would have

    been impossible for Joseph and

    Mary to convince anyone that

    they, this humble couple of low

    estate, were awaiting this most

    important birth. . .the birth of the

    One so many had longed to see.

    Soon, we will all be busy. We’ll be

    scrambling around to get ready

    for Christmas. We’ll be rubbing

    shoulders with plenty of others

    who are also in “panic mode.”

    And, we’ll be bumping into folks

    with “entitlement syndrome.”

    There will be plenty of moments

    when the reason for the season

    will be completely lost.

    But, let’s pledge now that we’ll

    not lose this Season. None of us

    are entitled to grace. None of us

    can bring salvation into the world.

    We can do very little it seems to

    control the actions of others dur-

    ing the Christmas Season. We

    can, however, control how we let

    our actions impact others and

    how their actions impact us.

    We can be gracious. We can

    smile. We can issue a warm

    “Merry Christmas” in the most try-

    ing of circumstances. You see, we

    know He came. We know why He

    came. We know the gift we’ve

    been given. The peace, hope, joy,

    and love of the season are not ab-

    stract emotions. They are real

    and renewing in us during this


    Jesus, the Savior, endured so

    much and never lost the purpose

    of His coming. Our gift to Him

    and others is to do the same as

    often as it is required. Trust me.

    It will be a challenge at times to

    do this with grace, a