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These are a few of the testimonials Deck Crafters LLC has received over the years.

Transcript of Deck Crafters LLC. Testimonials

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TO: Deck Crafters FROM: Lisa & David Longo 8122 AugustaLane EatonEstates DearKeith, deck and gazebo.We could We want to thank you and your entirecrew for our beautifuJ not be happier we with the qualityof craftsmanship received.From the minutewe your companyfor an estimateuntil the time of completion,everyonewas contacted pleasant Having dealtwith many contractors building our in extremely andprofessional. to home,it was a welcome change dealwith the prompt, courteous, and skilled peopleat and looks evenbetterthan we had Deck Crafters. Our deck was completedon schedule imagined We havea hugesummerpartyplanned this weekendandwe cannotwait it. for to show offour new additionl You are more than welcometo use our deck as a model to show future customers. Thank you againfor a wonderfuljobl

17,2004 December P. Thomas Klocker DeffoitRd, 25989 Vlestlake, Ohio 44145 DeckCrafters Attn: KeithColton El 2 3 1 3 mS t. Ohio 44113 Cleveland, DearKeith, with a call to Keith Coltonof DeokCrafters. I wantedto 2002,it all started Christmas for the my expand homeandcreate perfectlife styleenvironment my wife andI. I hada Keith andI hadcomeup general of whatI waslookingfor. In just a few meetings, idea the renovating existingstructure and washuge. It included with a plan. The concept and feet over6,000square of new living area tying thetwo together. adding in a which took a all Developing the detailswasa grandadventure creating masterpiece, is Thefinished,home exactlywhatI wanted:Tenfoot and lot of supervision meetings. to high ceilingsfrom basement loft, a gian|closet,3 baths,kitchenanda supermaster (20fthigh ceiling). bedroom from his designto completion. I like to I giveKeith the creditfor makingit all happen, jokethatwejust planned adda bathroom, a millipnpndahalf doflafslater,I havea to but home. "oneof a kind" dream ' Thankyou again. to Keith Coltonof DeckCrafters anyone. I wouldrecommend



R. & Patricia Toohey 6034 Deering Ave. Parma Hts., 0H 44130 (216 ) 8B 6-6772

Keith Colten Bay Coast Builders 4840 Bradley Rd. Westlake, OH 44I25

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29,1998 September

DeckCrafters 2313Elm Street Ohio 44113 Cleveland, Attention:Mr. Keith Colton RE: Construction DeckandGazebo ofDear Mr. Colton:

On August 7, 1998 we contractedwith you to build us a deck and gazebo. With l, construction start of September 1998. to Larry and John . For the beautiful I would like to commend you and your carpenters piece of furniture as I call it that's attachedto our house. Ray and I couldn't be more pleasedwith our deck and gazebo. It reflects the craftsmanshipand expertiseof the carpenters who built it. The crew was alwayson time,,dedicated getting the job done to in a high quality mannerand neverto busy to answeryour.questions.The gazebowill always be my pride and joy, it's my dream come true. In closing, feel free to use this letter as a reference. The quality of the work is something I will alwaysrecommendto anyonethat asks.


U*/^, / /A"h*Charlene Silvestro J.