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Reach Within to Embrace Humanity





Slum Soccer

Project Roshni

Sr. Citizen’s Picnic

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AT DRAGON PALACESENIOR CITIZEN’S PICNICth were given gifts for their active participation. Manju Shahani helped in entertaining them. On 11 Nov, 30 elderly ladies of Adivaasi

Nagar and Indora Slums were taken by bus Chairpersons for senior citizen committee They attended the evening prayer with great to Dragon Palace, Kamptee. On the way, Anita Jain and Vaishali Rajurkar took a lot of devotion. Then we served them Dinner and they were served samosas and dhoklas by

effort to bring success to this camp. Rtn Tea. After Dinner, President Tauby played a Sheela Mundhada. At Dragon palace, they Hiralal Mulani sponsored the whole project. A few games with them. They thoroughly played passing the parcel and took pleasure special thanks to him for contributing to this enjoyed those games. Nilima Malani, in singing Marathi and Hindi songs; some

even danced to Bollywood tunes. The ladies Vaishali Rajurkar, Kanak Bhargava and wonderful cause. Anita Jain

Kanak Bhargava – Manju Shahani – Nilima Malani – Anita Jain – Vaishali Rajurkar

From dances to a few laughs

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Tauby's Take.... Straight from the heart....


Processing Eskay’s Scanner

Designing Gurushree Graphics

PrintingShabbir Shakir

PaperCourtesy BILT

DirectorKhushnoor Chugh

ChairpersonNimish Sutaria

Advisor Madhavi Naidu

EditorShabbir Shakir

Dear Rotarians,Our club bulletin and web site are a source of motivation for members, to better your involvement when you see the kind of services being done during the month in print. Credits

given to achievers should be a further inspiration for the others who are yet to be fully involved in our clubs activities. We are doing well, but as in all matters we need to seek constant and never-ending improvement.Attendance in meetings though not sacrosanct should certainly be taken seriously. Change and improvement should be in how you as a member perceive your role in this club. Change in timings at this point of time is certainly not under consideration, changes in the meeting format will be set in so as to appeal to a larger section of members. Rotary is all about interaction, fellowship, and commitment and stretching yourself just a little bit to find the time, find the interest in being truly involved. Do not take your membership in this glorious club for granted. To be serious about your membership you have to respect the Rotary movement. If you are not serious but just play to be with “the winning side” others will perceive this intrinsic quiddity of you almost by instinct.At this point of time practices for the charter night celebrations are going on at full steam. Almost 60 + members, spouses and children are involved. The practices span over three weeks and this is another opportunity to have a lot of fun and more importantly to get to know each other better. All the daily practices will culminate to a perfect show. But that's not the point; the real reward is that each participant is integrated more with the Rotary spirit. There are many of you who have not experienced this joy, I urge you to come forward and participate in our future events.Projects for the month continued unabated. The Slum Soccer and the Mobile Computer Bus projects were hugely successful, well executed and a much enjoyed event. The committee specially the ladies were truly involved and struck an emotional bond with the slum children. RYLA camp provided valuable training for the youth. Senior citizens from the slums were taken for a picnic at Dragon Palace temple. These were amongst the many projects executed to near perfection by the respective committees. Service is measured not by the amount of money you have spent or the efforts put in by you. It should be measured by the satisfaction you have gained, relief provided and burden eased. I trust you are enjoying your Rotary experience as much as I have been,Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Yours in Rotary,

Tauby Bhagwagar

Keep in touch......We invite expert comments, suggestions,

criticism and commendations. This will help us know the pulse of readers and improve the

publication. Please write in to [email protected]

“I may not know all 320 members, but at least, I have the opportunity of knowing 320”. This was the answer one of our members gave when asked as to how many he knew in the Club.

We are a 321 member Club, the second largest in the subcontinent and still growing. Are we moving in the right direction? Or are we in an endless number game? These are questions which have no answers. Or maybe many answers, and all of them different. But one thing is for sure, our Club is what it is today because of its members. Quality as well as numbers.

Quality is subjective. You can do very little to measure a prospective member on that scale. But more often than not, the quality of members is as good as the organization (club) that they are a part of. Akin to the fact that the same person will litter on the streets of Mumbai, but not on the streets of Singapore. And it is here that our Club has all the right credentials – discipline, culture, protocol, work ethics etc. So every member, old or new finds himself aligning to the Club's ways.

The numbers give us working hands, thinking and planning minds, financial muscle, viability (when it comes to many functions and events), contacts, reach and vibrancy. Because you are good, you attract more. Addition of members makes you better. And the idea IS to keep getting better.

In pursuit of getting to be the best!!!!!

Shabbir Shakir

A vocational Visit to the Dinshaw's factory saw children (I)screaming with joy!!!!

Mr Mohod of Mahindra & Mahindra handing over a cheque of Rs 7 lacs to Pres Tauby for Hemalkasa Surgical Camp

Project Roshni – A novel way of bringing light into people's lives

COVER up....

Ab Tak Chappan…….the number game!!!!!!

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MAIL BASTION- Letters To The Editor




Dear Shabbir, me, it seems that clubs in their enthusiasm charge Rs 200 per person. But there are and because of RI policy of growth I am delighted to receive the Golden Orange. rarely 20 persons. To me this needs (Recruitment) and DG's encouragement, the Nagpur and Akola were both chartered in correction. If all members were to attend the citations and what not, keep adding members. 1945. We came in same district in 1990. Your

club will be in deficit. But fail to impress on members the club has many activities to be a role model for importance of attendance. Merely payment of There are hardly any funds for projects. They other clubs.fees is the criteria!!But I was amazed and equally perturbed to ask for voluntary contributions if there is any

read about the sad story of attendance at Lately, we in Akola, have another problem. worth while project. It is time we think about Rotary Club meetings. I can't follow when WE want dinner meetings. WE want it in

growth vis a vis members!!!!!Anita Chitaley says that attendance is no Hotels. We get the premises. But the hotel more mandatory! I am not aware of this. But to wants a minimum guarantee of 20 diners and PDG Dr Nana Chaudhary

Vocat ional Tra in ing, Blood excellently compiled and edited by your editor Donation Camps, report of District Rtn Shabbir Shakir for which my compliments Interact Meet, Interact Club to him for an excellent job !Project, report of Water Wastage Congratulating once again for your excellent Dear Rtn Taubyji,

project, reports of Movie Show, Rubella bulletin & looking forward to receiving similar It was indeed a great pleasure to receive Vaccinations, Community Welfare, District issues (including missing No.1) per return & your colourful Club bulletin “THE GOLDEN Interact Meet with glimpses, profile of Rtn with my best wishes for your successful ORANGE ” (No. 5) of November 2011 thro' Khushnoor & PP Rtn Sanjiv Chugh, list & rewarding year (11-12) to fulfill RI Theme mail for which I am indeed grateful to of Matching Grants, article 'Rotary Run' “REACH WITHIN TO EMBRACE HUMANITY” I found your above bulletin very interesting by PP Rtn Vijay Naidu, & 'Nagpur Know' by & with warm personal regards to you & and informative with your inspirational Rtn Naushad Bhagwagar, 'Freedomain' by Mr.Naushadji & Rotary greetings to all your message, excellent editorial, reports about Aunt Sangeetha, 'The Music Room' by Rtn members from myself and Indumati, we computer education program, A tribute to your Nimish Sutaria, Bobby's Bubbles, 'Stillness …' remain,Honorary member Rtn Jagjit Singh, Ladies by Deepali Kale, 'Jagjit Singh – The Man” by (JAGMOHAN KATAKIA) , Cc to : Rtn meeting with glimpses, IYE students PP Shiraz Gimi, Rotary Rattle by Rtn Manju Shabbir Shakir, Editor Congratulations for presentation, Vocational Excellence Awards, Shahani etc with beautiful photographs your excellent bulletin !.

secretary, they decided to slightly change members actually look forward to participate. With the way the club is growing, we have no the outline of the evening. They incorporated Charter Nitedearth of talent!a small skit, with in house participation and of December, 1944 our Club is Shiraz recollects how funds would be completing 67 glorious years of everyone loved it. Hence a new idea took insufficient and the president had to make service to Rotary. Hence 13th root, from then on there was no looking back!choices as to where the money could best be of Dec. holds a very significant place in our It was not till PP Aspi Bapuna's term that the utilized. Now with increased membership and Rotary calendar. To find out more about how charter nite started getting more extravagant. a bigger budget, the charter nite is a lavish Charter nite was celebrated as compared to That year, a fashion show titled "Brides of, I spoke to PP Shiraz Gimi. He India" was showcased, and people absolutely Now charter nite also includes the DG's visit. reminisces by saying that charter nite was loved it. Since then, each show has tried to Charter nite is part of fellowship, and fellow-previously called as Past Presidents Day, for outshine the former one.ship is one of the foundations of Rotary, with the simple reason that this was the day our

Charter nite is one such event where we not an aim to create more interaction amongst past presidents were felicitated. During PP only have large scale participation, but members. Anita ChitaleySatish Sule's term, when Shiraz Gimi was the

Chartered on 13th

PROGENETICSGenesis of Projects


Dear Editor,I just wanted to use the able platform of The Golden Orange to congratulate the incoming team of the Rotary Club of Nagpur. I am confident the Past Presidents in their wisdom have arrived at the best combination at their disposal and with dynamic Atul Shah at the helm the year promises to be action packed! I am amazed at the way we keep churning out award-winning, commendable performances year after year like a factory and salute the far-sightedness of Paul Harris to use the considerable energies of leaders to benefit society. Now if only our politicians could learn the same... Sohrab Kanga



Dear Rtn Tauby, heartiest compliments & congratulations ! or activity report per return & with my best While going thro' the November 2011 issue of You have indeed raised your club to new wishes for your successful rewarding year “The Rotary News”, I was delighted to learn heights of success in all the avenues thro'

(11-12) to fulfill the RI Theme “REACH about your following project under the your exemplary dedication, devotion, WITHIN TO EMBRACE HUMANITY” & with section of “Around the Districts” : commitment and leadership qualities & I will

be looking forward to your accomplishments “The Anns of Rotarians conducted a warm personal regards to you & Mr. thro' your bulletin (11-12) or activity report vocational training workshop for the mentally Naushadji & Rotary greetings to all your from time to time with great anticipation. challenged students at Matru Seva Sangh

members from myself and Indumati, we School with an aim to make them self-reliant” Once again congratulating you for your above for which I take this opportunity to extend my project & looking forward to your club bulletin remain, Jagmohan Katakia

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A very interesting topic was lined up for the sensitize common people about this monster on technology side. US spend close to 5% of th Frankenstein, as he calls it that is cyber crime. its GDP on national security whereas India evening meeting of 10 Nov. The speaker was

He spoke how cyber crime is impacting the spends only 0.7%. Irony is most of this young and dashing SP-CID Nagpur Mr world around us. He gave an example of 26/11 defense capabilities in USA have been Yashsavi Yadav who has special interest on attack in Mumbai. He says we don't view this developed by Indian scientist!!the topic of cyber crime. President Tauby attack as cyber crime but a traditional terror greeted members on their birthdays and To common people however there is greater attack where few terrorist entered India and anniversaries after which PP Vijay Naidu threat from criminals who are now well killed people. The terrorist from Pakistan used made announcement for coming District educated. They are ready to pounce on satellite phones, GPS navigation systems, cell Conference in February 2012 at Nagpur and gullible people by stealing their passwords, phone etc to enter Indian Territory, gain access also for the biggest event of Rotary Calendar data, critical information, bank account to all critical places and carried out massacre. i.e. RI Convention to be held in May 2012 at details, siphoning off their money from banks But if we had equipped ourselves with tracking Bangkok, Thailand. PP Arun Bahrgava and even their identities. There have been devices, used technology and created strong imparted Rotary information where he gave innumerable cases where stalking and cyber and mobile defense system, this attack list of top 10 Rotary clubs with highest per stealing identity have lead to suicides. Mr might as well be prevented. He pointed out capita giving to Rotary International. Rtn Jatin Yadav also shared case study from Nagpur that there has not been a single terrorist attack Sampat introduced the speaker. where a person used net banking account of in US soil after 9/11. The reason is they have other person to withdraw large sums of Mr Yadav in his talk emphasized the need to reinforced national security system especially money. Internationally there have been cases

where cyber criminals embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from various bank accounts. There was an interesting case where an 11 year old boy from Russia diverted the path of NASA satellite!! He also touched upon various terms like Data theft, cyber stalking, hacking, denial of service, logic bombing, war dialing, Trojan horse virus etc. Vote of thanks for this fascinating session was aptly given by in house cyber guru Rtn Sachin Palewar.

Parag Paranjpe

rdThe Business Meeting was held on 3 Nov.President Tauby conducted the meeting. Secretary, Dinessh Naidu, read out the Minutes of the last meeting and also read out the Treasurer's report. Members celebrating their Birthdays and Anniversaries were greeted by the President. President Tauby informed the House that a cheque of Rs.5 Lakhs was received from Rtn . Behram Paten on behalf of the Patel family to start a corpus for Medical Aid in the memory of Late Rtn. Phiroze Patel.Best Chairpersons for the month of October, Shefali Shah and Archana Jhavery were recognized for the excellent work at the District Interact Meet. Nakul Malani won a prize for his correct answers to the Brain Teasers in the GO. Sonia Khurana was the winner of Guess Who and the Best Letter prize was awarded to PDG Bobby Srinivas. Dr. Meenakshi Narayan won the Lucky Chair Prize. Khushnoor Chugh


Intellectual Talks, Workshops and Quizzes - tasting, getting we have done them all. But I guess, we women t i p s e t c ! ! ! ! still want to win our men, through their Constant, cross stomachs. Hence a talk on food, is what really talk, high pitches, clicks -- an all time HIT. Biryani, Kebabs, Mirchi irrelevant queries ka Saalan, Lauki ki Kheer .... is not some kind --a general din in of a restaurant menu. It was, what we were the room, proved taught to make by Mrs. Rizwan Dewan on how successful Thursday the 10th. and popular a

Cooking Show is! Believe me, all these exotic dishes were I t w a s o n l y churned out in a matter of minutes.C h a i r p e r s o n Yes, they were all made in the Microwave!!! Jumana, with her Excellent in taste, attractive to the eyes, the cool demeanor, spent no doubt. Now what waits to be seen is food was as good as, if not better, than that who did not get flustered when almost all the how many of us will actually be able to make which we make otherwise with regular ladies spoke at the same time. An evening well them at home? Manju Shahanicooking. 30 odd ladies, enjoyed viewing,

Prez Tauby flanked by the Board


Food for thought………..


The audience appreciates SP Mr Yashasvi Yadav’s humour

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They spoke with passion and a sense of which includes irrigation projects, power helpless animal. Pictures of the beautiful cats conviction. They truly felt anguished. They generation, roads, mining and industry. It is stoned to death, condemned in small cages, genuinely cared, and they strongly hoped. giving the Tigers and the other mammal co cubs helplessly cuddled under a forester's Poonam and Harshwardhan Dhanwaty talk at habitants of this landscape a fair chance of cupboard stirred up feelings. Pictures also

th survival, of coexistence and dignified living conveyed the helplessness of the Foresters the regular club meeting of Thursday 17 which was the focus of the Dhanwatey's talk. and the complexity of a very sensitive issue November dwelt not on the” Protected Tigers Well researched insights on the complex which unfortunately does not have easy “.... the Tigers which are usually the focus of matter of conservation was dwelt upon. Tigers solutions.much attention and care, Tigers protected represent the pinnacle of the forests bio within the confines of the Reserves and Forest All in all an interesting meeting well attended diversity and health. In protecting the Tigers Sanctuaries, Tigers photographed by the and actually is looking into the well being of the hordes of tourists who visit there parks, Tigers Naushad Bhagwagarentire forests dynamics as all who hog the limelight in TV channels, Tigers the other habitats who co exist who are zealously show cased by the within.concerned departments. Pooonam referred to

the many Tigers whose home is not within the The slide show was well protected parks, but who were born free and presented with unseen and live free, animals as she termed “ ....of a some disturbing photographs. It lesser God”. The Central Indian landscape conveyed the anguish of the around Nagpur specially in the areas around poor villager at the loss of its life Chandraprur and Gadchiroli are interspersed and livestock, it conveyed the with good forests, large human settlement and anger and resentment when the the required developmental infrastructure village mob confronted a

being expelled. Bharat was more direct, saying Anmol had a democratic approach. She says Panel discussions, with in house panelists that members have also been told about the maybe it's time we take a survey and find out have always been crowd pullers. The one on seriousness of attending weekly meetings. from members, why attendance could be low! 24th of this month was no exception. Topic - Weekly meetings are the heartbeat of the Club. Another reason could be that people just get why can't we have a bigger gathering of He stressed on the need for having topics exhausted with too much of Rotary. Try and Rotarians for our weekly meeting? Moderator which are relevant to us. There is no point of keep a check on adding more members in the was Dr. Sanjiv Chugh, and the cross section having speakers who go on and on and the club.representing Rotarians was Dr. Jaspal Arneja, house is bored to death. Rina showed her There was a lot of input from the audience, Dr. Sudhir Bhiwapurkar, Bharat Parikh, Rina concern by referring more to the space especially past presidents voicing their Sinha, Anmol Badjatia and Rukshad problem, whether a small hall like Udyog opinions. Each member wanted to say Bhagwagar. These panelists are from varied Bhawan would be able to fit such a large something. This is one question which has no professional backgrounds each having a very volume of Rotarians. apparent solution. The only thing which is clear distinct opinion. Rukshad's emphasis was on change. "We though, is members should understand what It started with Sudhir, where he said that in the must change, make meetings more fun and Rotary stands for and the obligation they have earlier days attendance was mandatory factor. enjoyable, and also interesting". He also towards it. The very reason for joining this With the rules for attendance being more pointed out that many Rotarians contribute by organisation, otherwise will not get served.relaxed, members were not worried about involving themselves in projects. He says Anita Chitaley

many of them feel that their contribution towards Rotary per se has been fulfilled, so why attend meetings. A point to consider!Jaspal was questioned about his feelings towards e-meetings, which he vetoed entirely. He feels the bonding that takes place when two or more individuals meet is far more rewarding than speaking to someone thru e mail. He feels it loses the personal touch. The whole point of these meetings is we get to meet friends personally. A possible solution could be to change our existing meeting time

Poonam and Harshwardhan Dhanwatey

The panel is all animated..... .....The moderator is all smiles

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An informative talk for the school children of of Tuli Public School and our member Urvashi youngsters of today who are the future 7th and 8th, 9th and tenth standard students Yashroy and Principal Dhruvika Gupta were leaders and citizens of the country.was arranged at Tuli Public School. Director very keen in having this important lecture for Dr. Sheela MundhadaMedical Committee Dr. Indrajeet Mulik, Dr. students and they were also present on this Jerestin Watchmaker, Dr. Shubhada Gade, occasion.Dr. Sheela Mundhada talked to students and “Challenges of the Youth; Today & Tomorrow” briefed them about challenges for the youth. was devised to sensitize students as well as This was a very interactive session with teachers towards the special health needs of students having a lot of things to share with the the young who we feel need a sympathetic doctors. All their queries were answered by understanding and patient counseling on our doctors present there. Considering the various issues which they face (including problems with the youth, it was felt that there is health concerns). Adolescent Health a need for starting a twenty four hour Rotary Committee of ROTARY CLUB OF NAGPUR help line for these young children. The director aims to provide specialized care to the


A Rubella vaccination camp was held at St. different than earlier Rubella vaccination (1880 to be precise) were vaccinated in a well th camps in the number of eligible girls who were co-ordinated , highly disciplined camp Ursula High School, civil Lines, Nagpur on 16

vaccinated. In total a huge number of girls organised by our Rotary club of Nagpur.November, 2011. This camp was unique and Success of this camp was already assured when President Tauby Bhagwaghar and Dr. Indrajeet Mulik addressed the School

thassembly one day prior i.e. on 15 Nov. and explained the Rubella disease and benefits of vaccination against this viral disease to the students and teachers. They spoke in Marathi, Hindi and English to get their message conveyed to all. Consent forms were distributed for parents of minor girls for the vaccination and they were urged to attend the camp in huge number next day morning. They were patiently and curiously heard by all who were present.Next day showed that the message from Rotary club was received well and 1880 girls turned up for vaccination. It was a well co-ordinated exercise, well orchestrated by our Rotarians, School Prinicipal Rtn Rachana Singh and class teachers. Pres. Tauby, Sec. Dinesh Naidu, Rtn Atul Shah , Dr. Indrajeet Mulik were seen motivating and helping girls to take the vaccination and helping other Rotarians to inject the vaccine with efficiency and speed as there were long queues for the same.The prominent members who participated and were present at this camp were Shabbar Shakir, PP. Rajan Bhatia, Naushad Bhagwagar, Amitabha Sharma, Dr. Sanjiv Chugh, Khushnoor Chugh, Manju Shahani, Dr. Shailendra Mundadha, Dr. J. Watchmaker, Dr. Deepak Deshmukh, Dr. Shwetali Deshmukh, Dr. Sonali Dixit and Dr. Sameer S. Jahagirdar.Ten nursing staff of Suretech Nursing College also helped in the vaccination.Camp ended with tea and snacks to all those who participated.

Dr. Sameer S. Jahagirdar

Tauby's skills are not half baked

Dr Sameer Jahargirdar has soft hands…. Shabbar looks on

Dr Indrajeet can joke even while working

Khushnoor and Manju are busy

The Rubella Mela Dr Shailendra Mundhada and Rachna Singh


Dr Shubha Gade

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A blood donation camp was organised by our very own Rotarian Kirit Joshi in his factory Spacewood Ltd at MIDC Hingna. The camp coincided with the birthday of another Rotarian and his partner Vivek Deshpande. Both Vivek and Kirit donated blood along with 127 other members of Spacewood family. The camp started at 10am and with total collection of 129 units ended at 4 pm.

President Tauby, Dr Ravi Wankhede, Shabbar Shakir, Manish Bhati and Chairpersons Shalini Gupta and Parag Paranjpe were present during the camp.

Parag Paranjpe


A blood donation camp was organised by our own Rotarians Nimish Sutaria, Shiv Rao and Rajesh Yadav at their Saraf Chambers office. The camp started at 9 AM and total 54 units of blood were collected.

President Tauby, Director Dr Sheela Mundhada, Rtn Shabbar Shakir, Rtn Kevinder Talwar, Rtn Atul Shah and Chairpersons Rtn Ann Shalini Gupta and Parag Paranjpe were present during the camp. Rtn Nimish Sutaria and Rtn Rajesh Yadav coordinated the entire camp.

Parag Paranjpe


The blood donation camp at DMSR, Tirpude College, was arranged on 19th November at 11.00 AM, immediately following the installation of the Rotaract Club of Tirpude's Management Students. The response to the blood donation activity fell short of expectations, perhaps due to students' other engagements. But those who understood their responsibility towards the society came forward and contributed to this cause. The camp closed at 1.30 PM with a collection of 37 units of blood. President Tauby Bhagwagar, Naushad Bhagwagar, Director Dr. Sheela Mundhada and Prashant Rajurkar attended the camp.

Dr. Sheela Mundhada


A blood donation camp was organized at Mission India, Khadgaon thRoad, Wadi, on Friday, 18 November. This institution, which is

working in the field of welfare through spread of knowledge, also houses a seminary. The students of the seminary were the donors on this occasion.The camp started at 10.00 AM and was very well attended by the Mission students. The highlight of the camp was a motivating talk by President Tauby to this assembly of donors. The participants were charged up and the camp finally saw a collection of 40 units of blood. President Tauby Bhagwagar attended the camp.

Dr. Sheela Mundhada



A blood donation camp was organized at Centre Point School, Wardhman Nagar, on 25th November. The school was celebrating Communal Harmony Week and a blood donation camp was taken up as a project. The teachers of the school were the donors on this occasion.

This camp saw a collection of 24 units of blood. President Tauby Bhagwagar and Shalini Gupta attended the camp.

Shalini Gupta

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The team for 2011-12 of the Rotaract Club Of conducted the proceedings and the Jatin Sampat

Tirpudes Management Studies was held on vote of thanks was proposed by Nikita Tiwari. th The meeting was adjourned after the National the 19 of November 2011. Rtr Shashank

Anthem. Present on the occasion were Atul Shukla was installed as the President and Rtr Shah, Dinesh Naidu, Sonia Khurana, Manish Nikita Tiwari took over as the Hon Secretary. Sanghavi, Prashant Rajurkar, Sandeep The others members of the team are Vice Pathak and Rahul Chaudhary. President Rtr Vardhan Khurana, Rtr Avi

Agarwal as Treasurer and the Directors Rtr Akash Garg , Rtr Isha Kutey, Rtr Ravipal Singh and Rtr Ankita Rawlani. The Charter of the Club was presented on the occasion. A Four Way Test board was installed on the occasion. In his address to the new team and the members of the Club Dr. Lalit Khullar urged the students to inculcate social service in their lives and Rotaract as a platform will help them to do the same. Tauby in her address to the students gave a brief overview into the need for Rotaract and the importance of The Four Way test in our lives. Varun Paul


On the occasion of Children's Day, a water cooler was donated to Divya Jyoti School, a school for specially abled children. The donation was made by the Mulani family in the memory of Smt. Saraswati Devi Mulani. The water from the water cooler shall add to the smiles of these Taare Zameen Par.

The event was also marked by distribution of school kits and uniforms to the special children

whose smiles showed how much they valued them. These children hailing from financially weak communities would now attend school with dignity and lot more Zeal.

Be happy and try to learn as much as possible' was President Tauby Bhagwagar's simple message to the special children who cheered her recognized voice and face. Secretary Dinesh Niadu's special interest towards the project and the cause was highly appreciated by all. The donors and the Rotary team were welcomed by these children with flowers & bouquets. Dr. Neena Parikh and Heera Mulani took keen interest in understanding the needs of these special children. Dr. Neena Parikh advised the school on the correct use of Audiometry techniques. Director Shahrukh Cassad signed the visit report on behalf of all.

Mrs. Sangita Khera and Ms. Sanya Khera, special guests along with Gogi Singh Basin distributed Ice-creams and sweets to the children. The welcome note was delivered by Mrs.Kalpana Panpatte and the vote of thanks by Mrs. Lata Wajurkar. The event was coordinated by Chairpersons Rita Bhargava, Dr.Neena Parikh and Sanjay Sethi along with Mrs.Yashomati and Mr.Sagar from Divya Jyoti School.

Sanjay Sethi


Hira Mulani lighting the samay The children will now have cool hygienic water

Looks cool………..

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On the occasion of Children's Day, the Welfare for Specially Abled Committee donated a Physiotherapy Unit to the Govt. Deaf & Dumb and Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation School.This School is one of the oldest residential schools of the city but is in a very pathetic condition and does not have even basic necessities to train the students. Rotary Club of Nagpur has even provided this institution with a state of art speech hearing unit last year.Dr. Kiran Belsare was instrumental in mentally challenged kids by giving them gift Dinesh Naidu, Chairpersons Rita Bhargava, gathering the sponsorship for this noble hampers and distributing snacks and Ice Sanjay Sethi, Neena Parikh, Dr. Iqbal Khan, cause. The team of Rotarians also celebrated creams. Dr. Rajesh Singvi & Ritika Singhvi were Children's Day with the physically and President Tauby Bhagwagar, Secretary present. Dinesh Naidu


moral values of life, grooming their Every Year!!!!" ‘SLUM SOCCER CAMP', a successful and personality specially during the growing On the concluding day, special enclosures meaningful project, on great demand was years. The children actively interacted and were brought in to hold the matches between organised by the Slum Development and enjoyed the session. On the third day, dental various teams. After tough quarter and semi Women's Upliftment Committee. This five day checkup of participants was taken up by finals, Royal Gondwana team of Adivasinagar Mega Project was held from 2nd to 6th Nov'11 Dr.Harish Rathi and his team and Dr.Anil slum won the Slum Soccer Championship for at St.Ursula School grounds. More than 150 Choudhary. Toothpaste and toothbrushes the third year again. Special attraction was an children from our adopted slums benefited were distributed to the children sponsored by exciting friendly match between Rotary Club from the camp. Nirja Shukul. On the fourth day, some very and KVSN and Rotary won by three goals to Slum Soccer Camp was organised in co- interesting stories were narrated by Deepali two. Shields and medals were given to the operation with Krida Vikas Sanstha which runs Kale which deeply engrossed both children Winning teams. T-shirts, caps and certificates football programmes for the lesser privileged and adults. were given to all participants. Our gratitude to members of our society. Rotary's Slum Soccer On seeing the potential, KVSN selected 6 Akhtar Parvez for a generous donation, Smita Program under the able guidance of KVSN eligible players from our slums, to further Chaubey for nimbu paani and biscuits and CEO Mr.Abhijeet Barse,along with his team of coach them to play matches under their Bhavna Kalra for snack packets. The closing ten coaches, has given a new lease of life to patronage at national and international level. and prize distribution function was attended by some unnoticed soccer stars. The camp We hope, these children put in their best more than 30 Rotarians and Anns. included the complex task of coaching and efforts and attain a position in final selections. The four chair persons of the Slum instilling sportsman spirit in these youngsters Development Committee Bhavana Kalra, On the inaugural day, Pres. Tauby Bhagwagar, which helps in their overall physical and Neerja Shukul, Smita Chaubey and Ragini Sec. Dinesh Naidu, Director Shahrukh mental development. Our motive through the Sahu under the constant guidance of Dir Cassad, Vikram Naidu, PP Gulab Mahant, power of football was to make these young Shahrukh Cassad worked tirelessly for the Dr.Sanjay Marwah, Rajiv Choudhary and aspirants self-reliant, confident, build success of the project. The smiling and happy many others were present to encourage the relationships and celebrate successes faces of the children were ample reward for all children. The response from the very first day together. those who worked hard for this project and was tremendous. It was a pleasure to see

made it a resounding success.Slum Soccer Camp, this year was not just these young aspirants reach early in the football coaching, but special focus was also morning much before the camp timings and Abhijeet Barse, CEO, Slum Soccer said 'We

are extremely proud and happy to partner with given on personality development through talk start playing. Special care was taken in the Rotary Club to bring this program to the shows by very able speakers. On the first day, providing them with sumptuous and nutritious children who live extremely difficult lives. The Sec. Dinesh Naidu encouraged and cheered food packets everyday which they thoroughly Rotary Club of Nagpur shares our vision and the children to avail of this opportunity to the enjoyed at the end of the game. Co-operation works as hard as us to attempt to alleviate from school Principal, Rachna Singh and best. He discouraged the use and hopelessness and poverty of these children encouragement from President Tauby consumption of tobacco/gutkha products and and we are confident that this collaboration will everyday, enabled to carry out the project motivated them to lead a good and meaningful continue for years to come' smoothly. On being asked if children want a life. On the second day, Nisreen Maimoon

camp next year, the prompt reply was "Yes! Ragini Sahuenlightened the children on the ethics and

SLUM SOCCER CAMP Pictures On Page 13

The kids rehearse…………. Neena, Ritika and Tauby look on Relishing ice cream…….

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“The Speakers highlighted various real counsellors from a cross section of the best Bhagwagar , Director Sonia Khurana, Neeru situations and the reasons behind them. schools in the city wrote about the first maiden Kapai and Chairpersons Rachna Singh and Surely the sessions helped to assess our role workshop “DISHAYEIN” conducted by the RinaSinha lit the traditional lamp.

thand responsibility as a teacher. It also The need for such a workshop was identified Career Guidance Committee on the 17 emphasized the role of Counselor in today's by the Committee and President Tauby took November at Udyog Bhavan. More than 20 context. Surely there is a need for such keen interest in it. The workshop was very well teachers and counsellors participated . seminars in every school for the benefit of attended, and appreciated by all. Sonia Experts in the field, Dr.RajivMohta noted students and teachers …………………” Khurana, Neeru Kapai, Rachna Singh, pediatrician and trainer spoke on “Handling “Adolescent problems , peer pressure and RinaSinha, Renu Thapar, Jumana Shakir and Adolescence“; Rita Aggarwal noted parental pressure, all three were covered in a Manju Shahani worked hard for the success psychiatrist, counselor and columnist spoke very nice way. The best part was that even on “Handling Peer Pressure“ and Dr. Suresh of the program. Rina Sinha suggestions or line of actions were discussed Chari eminent orator and HRD Trainer who using real life examples.” spoke on “Handling Parental Pressure“. The “ The session was an eye opener. Difficult speakers kept the participants and Rotary things were made easy to handle. Key areas Members and Anns completely mesmerized of trouble and problems were highlighted. I and engrossed in the deliberations and would like to attend more sessions of these, as workshop that took place .they were very effective and interesting and The meeting started with Chairperson Rina based on daily problems which a teacher Sinha who also conducted the program, encounters………” welcoming the gathering and sharing the These were some of the few feedback vision of “DISHAYEIN”. President Tauby remarks that the happy teachers and

Rina Sinha – Neeru Kapai – Tauby Dr Suresh Chari in an expansive mood Dr Rajiv Mohta

Rachna – Neeru – Tauby – Sonia – Dr Rajiv Mohta

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RYLA camp was held at Deepesh Ajmera and Monal Malji. was held where PP Vijay Naidu was the chief th thMaitriban from 5 Nov. to 7 Nov.'11. Various adventure sports activities were guest.

conducted. 3 Guest Speakers were invited for A total of 55 students from various schools like Sunil Bhatia, Dr. Vivek Harkare, Jatin Sampat, the camp. They were Mr. Mukesh Ashar Modern School, Wonderland High School, Chandru & Manju Shahani also visted the (international trainer), Dr. Sapna Sharma Centre Point School, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan & camp. All the staff and management of (international trainer,motivational speaker and Sadaba i Ra ison i Womens Co l lege

Maitraban worked hard during the course of counsellor), Ms. Pooja Banerjee (of Roadies participated in the camp. The camp was the camp. We thank Director Sonia Khurana fame). All the participants enjoyed the inaugurated by President Tauby Bhagwagar. for all her support. Chairpersons Dipesh and sessions and were inspired by their talks. Also present on the occasion were Sec. Monal worked very hard to make this program Dinesh Naidu, AG Gulab Mahant, Atul Shah, A Musical Night was also organized for the a huge success. Monal MaljiSonia Khurana, Shabbar Shakir,Chairpersons children on Sunday. The valedictory function

Reception at RYLA Boarding the bus President makes a point

Monal speaks PP Viju demonstrates ambidextrous qualities Dipesh, Sonia, Pooja Banerjee and Sonal

Fun, frolic and forging friendships

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SLUM SOCCER CAMP Report on page 10

Rajeev Jhavery and Shahrukh at work Bhavna – Ragini - Vikram – Tauby Nisreen Maimoon goes vocal

Dinesh – Vikram – Rajiv Dr Anil Choudhary, Neerja and Bhavna overseeing the dental camp.

Team success behind Slum Soccer

Posing, practicing, playing - They are all having a BALL

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Dr. Shaunak Mokadam, IPDG Dr. Prafull Mokadam, Dr. Anil Choudhary, Drs. Jaspal and Indu Arneja, Drs. Prashant and Archana Choudhary, Dr. Sudhir Bhiwapurkar...... I am not writing about a meeting of the Indian Medical Association, nor about any medical camp. It just happened that Take Rotary Home at Dr. Shaunak and Shriya Mokadam's house on Wed. the 23rd had a lot of doctors. And the guest list mind you, was not made by Shaunak.Enjoying perfect weather on lawns of their sprawling bungalow, were 14 + couples mingling with fellow Rotarians, amidst games, novel introductions, good food and of course Rotary Information, by the IPDG himself.A surprise was planned for Pres. Tauby, who was to celebrate her Anniversary the next day, with a cake (bought from her own outlet, without her knowledge) along with her favourite flowers.Unfortunately, Naushad was traveling and coudn't make it.But the icing on the cake, was live instrumental music, played on the synthesizer by 7 yr. old Shlok, son of Shaunak and Shriya. Later we even got to hear some notes from Ann.Divya Bhati and Lord Sanjay Agrawal as well.The Mokadam family went out of their way to welcome everyone. Mrinal, Shamik, Shweta, Sharvika and little Samihan were also very much a part of the scene. A fun evening as usual, thanks to Anula, Shriya and Shalini Naidu. -Manju Shahani

It gave us immense pleasure when Sandipani commitment towards community work. School decided to be part of Interact club after President Tauby, in her speech, thanked the

ththe gap of two years. On 28 November, a new school authorities for their cooperation in and enthusiastic Interact team was installed reviving club in their school and told an for the year 2011-2012. The ceremony started interesting story. Interact Secretary Saloni with lighting of lamp. School choir group sang proposed the vote of thanks. Director Sonia Saraswati vandana and President Tauby

Khurana, Secretary Dinesh Naidu, Advisor welcomed by presenting Tulsi sapling. The

Renu Thapar, chairpersons Madhu Mrig, new team was installed with Snigdha as Shalini Naidu & Namita Sharma and Mamta President and Saloni as Secretary . In her Jaiswal were present on the occasionspeech interact President Snigdha thanked

her teachers for their faith and showed her Namita Sharma


While some relax, Chandru & Dr. Jaspal play games

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The Green City & Pollution Control Committee Rajeev Jhavery. The committee started the brought to successful conclusion of this collection of saplings from Sevanand School, Neem Seeds; our Sponsors: Tata Swatch, LIC

thmammoth project in which they distributed Housing, ITC, Candico, Vicco, Sobisco Koradi on 11 Nov where students grew 11000 posters & Neem Seeds to students of Foods, Dinshaws; Interact Committee and around 350 saplings. This was followed up various Schools & at slums. their Chairpersons; Slum Development with the collection program at St. Ursula The aim of the project was to generate Committee Chairpersons; Shabbir Shakir for School. Then the team collected saplings from awareness amongst children about the sponsoring the Paper & Printing Cost; All the Vivekanand School, Pandhurna whose benefits of Plants. The project encouraged the committee members of Green City students grew over 100 saplings. The Schools to make the sapling growing as part of Committee; All the Teachers & Schools which collected saplings will be given to Neem the curriculum and motivate the students for participated in the event; Last but the most Foundation which had given us saplings free better participation. important – The students who participated in of cost during monsoons for our plantation

th this program.These saplings were collected on 13 Nov program at Butibori.Chairpersons: Rajeev Jhaveri, Cyrus 2011 at St. Ursula School and the We would like to express our Gratitude to Mrs. Watchmaker, Vishal Agrawal & Tushar overwhelming participation of students was Rachna Singh, Principal of St. Ursula School Singhvi.there for everyone to enjoy. The students and her team for making available her school

enjoyed the ice-creams and the gifts given to for this program. Mrs. Reena Ravikumar of St. them to recognize their efforts in taking care of Ursula School was a great help. the sapling for almost 4 months. The final The event was made successful by collection of approx. 1700 saplings was unflinching & resolute support of Tauby heartening. The students were kept busy with Bhagwagar, President, Dinesh Naidu, a brain stimulating Quiz by Sapna Vastani and Secretary & Dr Sheela Mundhada, Director gifts were given to those giving the correct for their constant motivation and support, Mr. answers sponsored by Tauby Bhagwagar and Laxmikant Padole of Neem Foundation for

Project Roshni, conceived to bring light and cheer to the poorest of the poor took off to a flying start on 5th of Nov : the first round of solar lamps were distributed to Biaga tribals near Khatia in the buffer zone of Kanha National Park. A total of 48 lamps were distributed, one each to every small hut in 4 different hamlets in that landscape. Fearing that the tribals may sell of the lamp in lieu of food / liquor , the physical distribution was done in the evening, so that once they had seen what magic the lamps could bring into their lives, they would not sell it for anything ! exhilarating experience : the villagers were In continuation of the project, more villages / To add to the likelihood of the lamps being put actually dancing around with joy. hamlets have been identified, and the process to use by the hamlets, the units were actually

What cheer a simple " taken for granted " thing will continue : only donations need to keep donated to the womenfolk.such as " light " can bring.A visit later in the night to the hamlets was an trickling in. Vipul Gupta


Grow plants…………you get ice cream

Vipul Gupta strikes villages like lightening

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Association and involved in VED. So I He can trace his antecedents interact with a lot of different groups. My from the Nawabi, purdah-nashin wealth is my contacts; my credit balance is city of Hyderabad. He has such that with a word I can get anything

chosen his bride whose ancestors hail from done for anyone. My bank balance may the dust laden, proud, warrior lands of not be high but the credit is unlimited”. Well Marwar. But he considers himself to be a guys, Dinesh has certainly moved into the thorough bred Nagpurite, a third generation league of the movers & shakers and quite settler from the south, he has adopted this city a satisfied lad he his very own and considers himself a What about the children? Everyone is crusader of sorts too; meet Dinesh Naidu – doing this bhag-daud for 1) do waqt ki roti & Secretary for the Rotary Club of Nagpur. 2) to elevate the status of their children & Born to C.K. and Shobha Naidu, Dinesh is future generations but “Not me” says their only son along with daughter Disha. He Dinesh. “My kids are born with their own studied at SFS, and then did his engineering destinies which they will follow; I don't in Computer Technology from Datta Meghe. have to bother about that”.He worked for about a month and a half for a Well guys, I am absolutely and completely Dinesh Naidu ko gussa kyun aata hai? Let me small time company and then immediately got zapped – standing on my palms and writing update you – he feels that with a club of our into his own business of computer sales and now. Am I listening to a modern day stature and everything that goes with it – services, known as Academy of Computer Confucius? money, power, influence & population of Technology situated in Dharampeth. He also members, we are not doing anything. The Last year TOI recognised him as the top 4 runs 'Xcellentia' where they teach soft skills time has come to move beyond small projects social workers of the city. 'Udaan' is his pet training, communication and Micro-chip and take up bigger projects. We are well project and so is 'Parivartan', his own NGO system which is his main business. armed but are drinking chai on the battle field. wherein he fights cases in the high court for He has a love cum arranged marriage to When will we attack? He also feels that more the betterment of the city. To cite a few Kanchan who hails from the Dalmia family of male members should participate in examples, he got the schools to shut down Akola and like all Akolaites (ahem!) is one community service rather than only Rotary earlier in June, has fought for causes like brilliant gal. She is an MBA, PHD (Dr.Kanchan Anns who are holding the fort alone.illegal hoardings, defacement of public Naidu, if you please!) and a CFA. She is This superman relaxes by playing badminton structures, Kasturchand Park – the list goes presently a lecturer at Ramdeo Baba for the everyday. He also loves travelling but at on. By the way, 'Parivartan' is a one man MBA department. Other than that as Dinesh present his superman's cape is in Tauby's project both physically and financially. The admiringly puts it- she runs my entire life custody. He spends all his free time with the road divider on residency road is entirely due which includes managing their home, children. More than education he teaches to his own efforts.children, parents etc. He does not have to look them to be good human beings, to enjoy their Dinesh and Kanchan had got an opportunity into anything at all. And to top it all, she is also childhood which never returns, love everyone to migrate to Canada and make a life there. financially independent. Their two children, and acquire good taste – Shok Paani Ucha But then they decided that it would be unfair to daughter Anshita (10) fondly known as tuk-tuk Rakho!leave the city that has given them so much. and son Ansh (7), both study at DPS and If gotten a chance to live his life again, he Dinesh is passionate about Nagpur and says Kanchan has taken over the entire would do things inside out. First, he would that now it is pay- back time. He would rather responsibility of their education also. make his money, become a millionaire by 37 live here then be a successful outsider in a So what does Mr.Dinesh Naidu do? An and retire and then take up social work. Finally strange country.enigma – this man. some mundane, ordinary mortal type Dinesh joined Rotary in 2005 and his career

thoughts!According to him, he is primarily a social graph has been shooting up consistently worker and reformer. Second comes his Dinesh wishes to stress via this interview that since then. He has always taken the bigger business, which in any case is well managed folks it is now time to expand (not your girths!) and more difficult portfolios, has been a by his staff and last on his priority list is his to take Rotary to great heights – have director twice. He is enjoying this year with home as it is already well taken care of by hospitals, schools, institutions named after President Tauby as she is a taskmaster and Kanchan. the club. Dream of the sky and you will at least he is a perfectionist, so he enjoys the busy

reach the tree top.“I am totally non-ambitious” he says. “After all I pace set by the whip-cracker Madame am already living the life of a man, who has Taubenda. No loose ends with her. The only But the heroine of this whole act is Kanchan alreadys made all his money. I have 2 homes, hitch is that community service is his forte and Naidu. Such a charming, laughing, 2 cars, an office in a plush locality and I rub not the paper work attributed to the post of the responsible and understanding girl, to give shoulders with the crème de la crème of secretary. He will never become President for her husband the whole world to chase his society. One phone call from me can raise the same reason – he wants to work and not dreams. Still waters run deep and our small, Rs.50,000 for charity. I dine outside 4-5 days reign on a throne. Again he says, “I am not petite, quiet Kanchan is quite an amazing in a week and am a very social person. ambitious” Kya bhau – you got Nagpur at your person! The perfect match for Dinesh Naidu – Besides Rotary, I am active in the IT feet and you go on saying that you are not Jodi No.1association, President of my Alumni ambitious! Jyoti Goenka


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"A dream come true"-not only for the stationed in the locality itself and thus, was Rotary.easily accessible for the slum children. About organizers but also for the beneficiaries. Our special thanks to Sulochana Giddam, our 60 children attended the classes and after a Computers are the need of the hour but coordinator, without whose support this project month of coaching, exams were conducted, obtaining knowledge and access to this

would not have been possible. whereby 75% children passed with flying technology was an impossible dream for the colours. The classes were conducted by highly Neerja Shukulchildren at Krishna nagar. Expensive coaching qualified instructor, Mr. Basu.

& inaccessibility were only the 1st hurdles to be A function was held on the 25th of November, crossed by these children. This task was made in which certificates were given to the possible by the futuristic vision of youth participants. It was attended by President

congress president Sameer Meghe & Rotary Tauby Bhagwagar, PP Akhtar Parvez, Atul

Club of Nagpur.Shah, Dinesh Naidu, Shahrukh Cassad, Dr.

On Friday, the 25th of November, the month Iqbal Khan, Jahangir Doongaji, Shabbar long mega project of computer education Shakir, Dr. Nisreen Maimoon, Vanita Shukul came to an end. The modus operandi was a 30 and Chairpersons Ragini Sahu and Neerja seater mobile computer van and coaching was Shukul. The function was further attended by provided by computer experts in vernacular Mr. Lohe from the Datta Meghe Foundation. language, which made the children feel at He was very impressed by the enthusiasm of home and more comfortable. The van was the children and appreciated the work of


whopping 200000 litres of milk daily churning out humungous quantities of ice cream in 55 flavours and other dairy products. It's the third largest ice cream producer in the country and surely the first one on taste. A great visit high on fun and more fun.

Naushad Bhagwagar

GIVE ME SOMETHING YUMMY YUMMY the adults gorging all that Hungry, hungry says my tummy , give me yummy yummy ice cream . something yummy yummy !!!...and wow !! Certainly a fantasy come fresh ice cream right out from the production true for many of us ... the line. The Cornetto looks really tempting vocational visit to the ...vanilla n nuts with the dark chocolate sauce Dinshaws Ice Cream factory still dripping.... but can't get eyes off the at the 5 star Buti bori creamy luscious Sitafal scoop , or should the I n d u s t r i a l e s t a t e w a s start be with the strawberry stick whose heavy h a p p i n e s s a n d m o r e sweet aroma keeps drawing attention. Then, happiness. there are kulfi sticks which surely will be With an early morning start, all divine, bright green pistachio ice cream, the lucky first 100 members with their families butter scotch, chocolate.....The Dinshaws ice who had registered reached the state of the art cream factory spoilt us all for choice. And ice cream factory. Each step of the process believe me if the children went berserk so did was fascinating. The factory consumes a

A loan of Rs 5000/- each was disbursed to 6 ladies after scrutiny of papers and completion of formalities. The function was attended by President Tauby, PP Chandru and PP Gulab

Gulab Mahant





Simone D/0 Sachin Palewal

Dr. Meenakshi Narayan With Son Eeshan

Give Me More------ Neat Operations

Certified Computer Literates

Pres. Tauby and PPs Gulab & Chandru

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to 17th. The GETS equips the Governor Shekhar and Yash Pal Das, TRFtrustees elects to prepare for their year as Governor. Ashok Mahajan and John Germ, PRID The 2011 Rotary Institute for The event is an ideal precursor to Rotary

Asian Zones 4, 5 and 6A was Sushil Gupta, and former Commissioner of International Assembly at San Diego in

held from 18th to 20 th Police, Nagpur- Rotary Found Peace Fellow January every year, where more training December at ITC Sonar, Kolkata.

and international exposure is imparted to Shri Pravin Dixit. Awards for highest 10 such institutes are organised every year

Governor elects and their spouses. The contribution to TRF in RY 10-11 to two the Rotary world over and the idea is to keep three day grueling schedule included

incoming, current and former RI officers and districts in each zone were also presented. informative, motivating and challenging leaders informed about the current Our District 3030 bagged certificate of session on varied topics. Independently, happenings in Rotary International. The

their spouses were also imparted useful appreciation for sizable contribution to assemblage helps past Governors meet

training about their role to make the Pulse Polio Challenge fund last year.their batch mates and foster goodwill and incoming Rotary year effective and

friendship, besides getting motivated to The Institute inaugural had Swami memorable.continue serving Rotary and Rotary Atmapriyananda, the Chief of Ramkrishna The sessions included motivation, talks and Foundation. Every year, prior to the Institute

group discussions on varied topics covering Mission who spoke on 'Service and several training programs are also held for minute details about Rotary philosophy, renunciation'.The key note address 'The the incoming RI officers ...the DGNs and working, systems, scope and limitations,

DGEs to understand their duties & Harbingerof Peace'was delivered by leadership, strategic planning, continuity, responsibilities. President Kalyan Banerjee. The evening team work, delegation, reporting, GML, The institutes usually are hosted alternately

targets in membership and Rotary entertainment included 'Ode to peace' by in Northern and Southern part of India, with Foundation contribution collections, Media Usha Uthup and group and mesmerizing exceptions of those held at Colombo in 2005 & Public relations, public speaking, working

and at Bangkok in 2010. The venues for presentation 'Krishnavatar' by Prince group, other RI institutes have been Mumbai Odisha. The plenary sessions on 19th were (2003), Kolkata ( 2004), Goa(2007)

on topics such as Peace trough empower-Chandigarh(2008), and Kochi, 2009. The RI ment, values in Public life, leadership in Director elected from the zones in our region

for the two years term presides over these social initiative, strategic plan of RI, 5- year RI Institutes. financial forecast, and Reach within, Aman Thanks to the India's growing clout at RI

ki Asha; addresses by Ms Chavi Rajavat, (because of our healthy membership

Hon'ble Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, development and noteworthy contribution to The Rotary Foundation), we now have for Chairman ITC Y. C. Deveshwar, Sadguru the first time two serving RI Directors from Jaggi Vasudev, and MD Jung Group, India viz. Shekhar Mehta from District 3291, with corporate, future vision etc. A

Pakistan, Shah Rukh Hasan. Sessions on Kolkata and Yash Pal Das from 3080, valedictory session and graduation 20th too were lively and interesting. The Ambala. ceremony was held on 17th evening and the

DGEs 'trained' at GETS were handed over The 2011 RI event at Kolkata, chaired PDG program also included open forum for 30 the certificates. The speakers at GETS Kamal Sanghvi( Dhanbad, District 3250) minutes, invitation to Bangkok RI included current and past RI Directors, Past and planned by Director Shekhar Mehta

convention and to the next institute at RI President Raja Saboo, current RI was an elaborate, gala star studded affair. Hyderabad in Nov. 2012.President Kalyan Banerjee, RI General The meticulous arrangements, ambiance,

Secretary John Hewko, TRF trustee John elegance, eminent International and Indian The hugely interesting-educative-informa-Germ, RI South Asia office staff, and some speakers, top RI and TRF luminaries, tive and effective Institute was attended by selected PDGs from India. delicious cuisine, decor and entertainment

over 750 delegates from 12 countries. Our made Kolkata Institute truly an affair to Simultaneously, on 17th November, RID 3030 had a strong representation with remember. Promoted as 'meeting of great separate training and orientation seminars

minds' at this birth place of Rotary in India, were held for District Governor nominees, value adding presence of PDGs Appasaheb the institute was organised with great vision, District Trainers, District COL representa- Pawar, Dr Satish Sule, Ramesh Khanzode, care and detailing by numerous Rotarians tives, Serving District Governors. Along

Kishabhau Godbole, Vishwasmanning departments and committees such side, Rotary public image seminar Sahasrabhojanee, Madhu Rughwani, as accommodation, transport, venue, food, addressed by RI Director from Uganda

fellowship, stage, program, entertainment, Samuel Owori and RI's manager marketing Balasaheb Joshi, Sangramsingh Bhonsle, kits and mementos, VIPs, Web, spouses, Paul Hydzik and others was also held. Prafull Mokadam, DG Gopal Shiralkar, DGE Media and Public relations etc etc. 18th November started with The Regional

Sanjay Meshram and DGN Kishore Kedia.The pre-institute schedule started with Rotary Foundation Seminar. Prominent Governors elect training seminar from 15th speakers included RIP Kalyanda, Directors Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee

OTHER'S MATTEROther Clubs in the Dist


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DR.Shantala Bhole, a gynaeco log is t by profession, married to Dr. Sadashiv Bhole, has had a brush with Rotary as a GSE Team member in 2010.

Community Service, Fellowship, International Service and Vocational Service have drawn her towards Rotary.

She has a 13 year-old daughter, Sagarika.

Bharati Gidwani is in the profession of counseling, treating and conducting workshops on stress management.

Painting, singing, cricket and badminton being her interests, Rotary's community

service and fellowship are her Rotary interests.

She has a 23 year-old daughter, Shreyasi.

Join us for the 103rd annual RI Convention, flowers within the House of Friendship that will convention and reserve your hotel online or by 6-9 May 2012, also feature computer cafes, Thai cuisine and submitting forms by fax or mail. The hotel form

entertainment, and more. Also, expect a very includes an updated map and newly added in Bangkok, Thailand, Land of a Thousand special Host Hospitality "Kitchen of the World" hotels.Smiles! Night on Monday, 7 May, in the Land of a Please note: Flooding is restricted to some Why does the RI Convention in Bangkok Thousand Smiles and it will be! With 6,000 areas of Bangkok near the Chao Praya River. promise to be the experience of a lifetime? seats, 285 international food stations, 10 According to Dr. Anond Snidvongs, the worst Value! Thai government support allows RI to cooking demonstration areas, and 10,000 of the crisis is over. RI will continue to monitor offer the lowest registration fee in years at 160 samples, this promises to be a night to the situation and provide updates on USD for Rotarians and guests. And the cost of remember at the IMPACT Center. Through the if conditions should change. food, lodging, and transportation is very generous support of the Thai government, Whether planning an exotic adventure or for this event are 10 USD, a fraction of returning to a favorite destination, you can be Register online through Member Access!the actual cost. Check out the HOC ticket sure that your

Inspiration! Exemplary speakers such as special offered through the HOC website -- trip to Bangkok Nobel Laureate, founder of the Grameen Buy ten tickets and get one free. Then, take a will be special Bank, microcredit pioneer, and social

look at other Host Events and tours! this year — business innovator, Dr. Muhammad Yunus Entertainment! Enjoy the multicultural because of the and the 2004 Young Australian of the Year, co-entertainment planned for the plenaries warm reception founder and past director of the Oaktree including international acts from Thailand, you'll receive at Foundation, and co-Founder and current CEO India, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom! t h e R I of the Global Poverty Project, Hugh Evans.

Convention, 6-Information! Download the tentative Fellowship! The HOC (Host Organization 9 May 2012.breakout session schedule. Register for the Committee) will create a garden of exotic


A mammography and sonography camp was under the guidance of Dr Rajesh Atal.Tauby, Directors Khushnoor and Dr Sheela organized by the Ladies Committee and the 31 ladies underwent the screening test and Mundhada, Chairpersons Sharmila Sutaria Health Care Committee at the Orange City were counseled for the same. Directors of the and Jumana Shakir worked to make the camp Hospital and Research Centre. The camp was hospital Dr Mrs Usha Nair and Dr Anup Marar a success. Jumana Shakirfor a duration of one week and was carried out took a special interest in the camp. President


Bharati GidwaniDr. Sadashiv BholeDr. Shantala Bhole

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FREEDOM(AIN)For the children JUMBLE TUMBLE the power went out and Shyam went to

Unscramble the following words: sleep but Radha carried on reading.Rinptu – How could Radha read without the light?Last month was ine deed a very Lchtoleaoc - 3 There is a common English word that is nine interesting one……. Wondering Ewtrni – letters long. Each time you remove a letter why??? Well, I would like to thank Gosoniw – from it, it still remains an English word. all the Freedomanians who rang in and the Griwnit – Right from the nine letters to the single one.

discussions we had on various topics and What is the original word and what are the Christmas the festival of Cheer……lies ahead problems………..Well, I definitely learnt a lot words that it becomes after removing one ….. and on this occasion I would like to share a from you folks………. And am sure your minds letter at a time?poem with you:were put to ease too…… Thanks for trusting 4 What is it that from which you take away

EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMASthis domain which is truly yours. whole, and still have some left over?Everyday is ChristmasThis is the last month of the year

Answers to JUMBLEWhen you have the kind of mind2011……..time flies…. Dates change, but life That stores up all the goodness 1 Turnipgoes on. The New Year ushers in a feeling of And the sweetness it can find 2 chocolatehope, freshness and enthusiasm to start a When you do not need an occasion 3 writingnew calendar year. Parties, greetings, To spread a bit of cheer 4 winter

resolutions form an integral part of the New But just keep on giving 5 snowing

year. Resolutions are a wonderful ritual of the Of yourself through out the year. Answers to Fun Logic riddlesNew Year. It is time to think about the Everyday is Christmas

accomplishments for the coming year. With 1 The woman was a photographer. She shot With a gaily wrapped surprisethe use of computers, Writing is a dying a picture of her husband, developed it, and When you have learned

hung it to…… which I resolve to revive in the To see the friendship2 Radha was blind and reading a book in forthcoming year. In the age of cell phones, e In someone else's eye

brailleWhen you try a little hardermail and text messaging – letter writing seems 3 The base word is STARTLING – STARTING And complain a little less.outdated. The writing and reception of letters

– STARING – STRING – STING – SING – Everyday is Christmaswill offer an experience which no one can SIN – IN – IWith a beauty deeply castshare. Having come across a file with notes

4. WholesomeWhen you find it doesn't matterwritten to me by my children indeed brought If you are first or you are lastback fond memories and the letters written by Like the last month, I look forward to When you can face your conscience corresponding with all my Freedoman ian Grandparents to my children. Hence, I thought And be glad of what you are friends in the form of written letters (thru snail of this resolution and would also like you to do Then everyday is Christmas mail). My postal address is Aunt Sangeeta 17 so………….. keeping in mind the joy you get of With a stable and a Star. Vijay Nagar, Chhaoni, Nagpur 440013. receiving a hand written letter. It's nice to hear

FUN LOGIC RIDDLES Wiishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and someone say they love you, but to read it in a a Happy New Year – to all our Rotarians and 1. A woman shoots her husband,letter, knowing someone took the time to Rotary Anns too from the Freedomanians. Holds him under the water for 5 minuteswrite……..makes it much more meaningful. Send in your funny and innovative resolutions Finally, she hangs him.Letters create a connection that no modern and be sure to win a prize. Ten minutes later they both go out and enjoy a form can create. Imagine cards and letters

dinner together, Sangeeta Chhabrafilled with genuine sincerety from the sender – How can this be?

YOU. Try it, you will like it – and so will your 2 Radha and Shyam were sitting in a room,

loved ones, when they receive it. And who Shyam was watching TV and his wife

knows – maybe they will write back. Won't you Radha was reading a book. All of a sudden feel special then?

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ALL BOOKEDbook review


Indian writing is going from strength to recognised by his blue throat as 'the' strength. Barely does a week go by without neelkanth, is venerated by daksha and all his Where krishna attempts to some new author dishing up fare to keep you people, much to his inner dismay as he doesnt explain dharma to the reluctant spellbound. The author of choice this time is feel anything like a saviour or like a god.

arjuna. The usp of this book is 'amish'.. Just that. No title. No surname. Just Consumed by confusion regarding his destiny

that it feels so real. I was frankly enthralled, amish. and the title of mahadev suddenly thrust upon and could hardly contain my impatience to get him, he falls back on the only three things that But his book 'the immortals of meluha' is so my hands on the 2nd book in the trilogy, the feel real, his tremedous fighting skills,his deep rivetting that had it been put on the stands by secret of the nagas. I am now waiting friendships with his fellow men and his 'anonymous' one still would have bought it...

passionate and all consuming love for sati. ..waiting...waiting for the third... lovers of paulo The immortals of meluha is the first part of a The portrayal of shiva as a mere man coming coelho will find a resonance..between a trilogy of 3 books written by amish, a 36 year to terms with his own unseen powers, the old Iim graduate from calcutta. universal philosophical recognition allied To dichotomy between his self doubts about his Set in 1900bc, in what modern indians the comfort of ones own mythological legends.abilities to lead the suryavanshis to victory, his mistakenly call the indus valley civilization is Vindhya sanjanadesire, (often thwarted by princess sati)- to the land of Meluha. A near perfect empire impress her, his love for the chillum and his created many centuries earlier by lord ram, fellow men, create Aa multi dimensional, one of the greatest monarchs that ever lived. slightly flawed , but tremendously attractive This once proud empire and its suryavanshi and very believable character.rulers face severe peril as its primary river the

saraswati is slowly drying up. Added to this It is possibly the existence of those very flaws environmental catastrophe waiting to happen that put life into what could easily have are the relentless and devastating terrorist become a 'cardboard cutout', rather than a attacks from the east, the land of the real man, leave alone a god. The romance chandravsnshis. between him and sati is charming,more so as

shiva is portrayed as physically muscular and The other threat are the nagas,an ostracised handsome, complimenting the ethereal and sinister race of deformed humans with beauty of a princess -who also fights shoulder amazing martial skills who are now allied with to shoulder with him!the chandravanshis. The only hope for the

suryvanshis is an ancient legend: that when The interplay of the relationship between evil reaches epic proportions a hero will commoner and king has a parallel running emerge. track where shiva 's moral and philosophical

dilemmas are explained to him by the A rough hewn tibetan immigrant- shiva - is vasudevs, his spiritual guides . The suddenly drawn to his destiny by duty as well

as love.when he falls head over heels in love exploration of these dilemmas are often with the princess sati, beloved daughter of the evocative of the battlefield scene in the suryavanshi emperor daksha. Shiva , bhagawat gita,


I didn't realize being a Parsi I is a shot of Brandy and instead of consulting The poem below by a Parsi for a Parsi sums it had all sorts of responsibil- the old family Doctor they consult “Old Monk” all up beautifully :ities, obligations and a sort of When invited for a Parsi Wedding you will May the cholesterol Devil never keep you

image to uphold. For instance most people ( know that the ceremony is over when they say from:who are not Parsis) think us to be 'honest', the words “The Bar is Open”. The eedas on your bheeda

May your plate be full of sali ma margi'trustworthy' and 'Mad' which we are, but not May you drink your fill and dance with gleenecessarily in that order !. Bawas (Parsis) love Cause we all celebrate being a Parseetheir food and drink and consider 'fasting' as a Do not to your doctor go sin. When invited for a Wedding we don't Asking if you can eat Malidoenquire about the couple but ask for the Refuse not malai na khajaCaterer's name. For most , being a vegetarian Instead, khai pi ne karo majaais like “ poor chap, something must be wrong Afraid of cholosterol do not be with him” . Much before KFC (Kentucky Fried Boldly devour your akooreeChicken) there was “Chicken Farcha” and all And heart attacks do not scare mebawas love a piece – a piece of leg, breast or As I eye my tasty Jalebeewing !I can come to no harm For long there has been a debate about the Thanks to Parsee Dairy FarmParsi Peg v/s Patalia Peg which being the And when I sleep, I soundly dream oflarger ? Well both are 4 fingers, but the Parsi Dinshaw nu ice-creamPeg is measured with the fingers open !.

PP Shiraz GimiBawajis think that the cure for most illnesses

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BOBBY'S BUBBLESthe microphone to her. The woman Then she suddenly sat down, there on the

began by saying: stage, in front of the thousands there and said: Past [RI] President (1997-98) “My Rotary brothers, I don't know you and you “Rotarian brothers, you don't know what you Glen Kinross initiated a low-cost don't know me either. I came here to Raipur have done for me. You have given a new life

shelter project in Rotary in 1997-98. This led with my husband and our three small children. for my children and me. Thank you, thank you, Rotary clubs from Raipur , DT 3260, to get the We lived in one small room until my husband thank you.” government to give some 8 acres of land so came in one day and said, 'Anisa, I'm going to And then she wept unabashed and so, I must that they could build 500 shelters, each of leave you. There is someone else.' Then he admit, did we, because we just could not about 350 sq.ft. at a cost of US$800. quickly said three times, 'Talaaq, talaaq, help it. But through our tears, each one of us Australian Rotary clubs contributed $300 and talaaq' (I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce realized that day the true meaning of our Raipur 's five clubs came up with $100, and you) and picked up his bag and just walked Rotary membership like never before. If we The Rotary Foundation provided the rest in a out. want to bring hope and give dignity and Matching Grant. When the shelters were “The sky fell on me. I had nowhere to go. The confidence to our fellow human beings on this ready, the clubs in Raipur advertised and room's owner threw me and the children out earth, we can do nothing better than to help received some 5,000 applications. Rotarians the next day because my husband had not them have a home to live in. A home is where decided that the shelters would be allocated paid any rent. Then, we just roamed around, the family begins. The mother and the child by a public drawing of lots. On the appointed staying at the rail station, sometimes at the are the core of every family. And the day, they gathered in the open space adjoining bus terminal, being chased away by security communities we live in are not built of the buildings — the Rotarians and about 3,000 guards everywhere, or just slept on the individual people but of families — families people. Perhaps the 135th name drawn was sidewalks along with the street dogs. The living in homes together, sharing their lives that of Anisa Begum. As her name was called, children were always crying and hungry and and their resources and their common a slim woman in a white sari got up and made sick. I had no money for food or medicines and destinies. Good families lead to good her way to the stage where she solemnly no job, except sometimes as a sweeper of neighborhoods, and good neighborhoods received her papers. But instead of going public toilets. I was absolutely desperate. build good communities. Good communities back, she “And then, someone told me about your make great nations.suddenly asked the Rotary organizers if she housing scheme and was kind enough to write From RI President Kalyan Banerjee's could speak a few words. And something an application out for me because I can't write speech at the 2011 International Assemblyabout her sincerity made the Rotarian hand myself. And so here I am.” Bobby Srinivas


behaviour ) in all – a deviation of which is then imperils the unity of 'being' itself. History Conscience is looked upon as punished by social ostracism or by law. seconds this! Agreeably there is a downside to the WILL of a divine power It is this conscience that dictates the moral this, for it includes the perception of people's expressing itself in man's fibre in any society. It is the most secret core

principles and the application one seeks in any judgement. It is an inner sense of right or and sanctuary of a man. . There he is alone

given situation. But despite this, the general wrong resulting from man's unity with the with his Conscience (God). The tryst which can good has a habit of prevailing in the minds of universe. An inherited intuitive sense evolved be the most difficult at times. Conscience acts even hardened anti- socials. Conscience through the long history of human existence. It as our internal witness-bearer or judge. it

comes as instruction, throughout our lives moulds our attitudes and choices, guiding us heralds truth which in turn brings about peace, from the family and society in relation to the towards good decisions and making us individually and in the community. Truth many situations and circumstances that come uncomfortable when we choose poorly. It is the negates fear. Thus a conscious being lives a our way. 'nudge' to prefer right against wrong.

live of tranquil ity and benevolence.A common conscience towards one thing, Bonhoffer in the second world war, stated that,

Conscience is essentially the guarantee for becomes our dharma . For eg : I do not like to conscience is not directed towards a particular existence!be beaten, or robbed, so non-beating and non- type of doin , but towards a particular kind of

Deepali Kalerobbing is developed as conscience ( good being. It protests against a doing which

A holiday resort in Canada has practice of hanging up a bowl full of water next robbery instead.a life-size giant gingerbread to the bus driver's seat to prevent bus drivers The term rule of thumb comes from the old house as one of its annual from speeding. The drivers are not allowed to

English law that men couldn't beat their wives Christmas attractions. Much like the cottage in spill any water from the bowl and are thus

with anything wider than their thumb!!the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, the two storey forced to drive carefully. CCTVs have been house is made of gingerbread, candy, installed to view their performance. The ant can lift 50 times its own weight, can chocolate wafers, cookies and icing, Despite A reward of $1,000 was offered for information pull 30 times its own weight and always falls restrictions, visitors to the place have been leading to the capture and conviction of a man

over on its right side when intoxicated. known to lick off portions of the walls of this robbing taxi drivers. The man turned himself in

(From drinking little bottles of...?) irresistible house. and demanded the reward as a result. He A bus company in China has started the received a 20 year sentence for aggravated Anmol Badjatia



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[email protected] Learn Something New

ROTARY RATTLEThe Partying just doesn't seem to stop in Nagpur.

First it was Diwali, now the wedding season has begun. Interspersed of course with a few babies born.

Sidharth, son of Suvarnarekha and Late. P N Chandurkar, tied the knot in Delhi.

Fatima, daughter of Anjum and Abdul Hussain, shall be getting married on the 23rd Dec. Blessings and Good Wishes to both the couples.

Sadhna and Sharad Palliwal are proud Grandparents to a baby girl.

Dr. Rita Bhargav has been elected President of the Indian Dietetics Association. Nagpur. Congratulations!Sati Khanna is away to Europe, visiting, Spain, Germany, France etc.

PDGs Vishwas, Satish and Sunanda Sule, along with some others are visiting Bhutan.

Vilas and Neeta Kale just got back from Burma.

Premlata and Ashok Malani have left to visit their daughter in Australia.

Drs. Manmohan and Shobha Daga are off to New Zealand on the 19th.

Rtn. Shahina Khatib has been awarded a PHD.

Pranali, daughter of Sanjay and Varsha Mansukhani has done us all proud. She has qualified for a CBSE Scholarship of Rs. 80,000/- per annum for 5 years to pursue further studies. Congratulations! May your tribe rise.

Dr. B S Chaubey, father of Dr. Sameer Chaubey passed away. The Rotary Family, prays for the departed soul. May the Lord give strength to the bereaved family.

More Rattling, next month.Manju Shahani


Even as the Web has become more entertaining--and certainly better looking--over the past 15 years, it has also become much more useful and practical, as the sites in this feature will demonstrate.

HowStuffWorks: The perfect site for the endlessly curious, it lifts up the hood on everything from carburettors to communism and explains in simple terms what they are and how they work.

Instructables: Learn how to make anything from a chutney to a catapult. Users write in about what they do or have invented, and how they did it.

FixYa: Your iPod just flat-lined. Don't panic, and don't throw it. At FixYa, a team of experts and a large group of users address common tech and gadget breakdowns and how to fix them. You can get help by posting a message on the site or by having a Web chat with one of the experts.

RealAge: Fill out a health questionnaire at this site, and it reports your "physical age" (the age of your body), which you can then compare with your chronological age. If you're in good shape, your body may be 35, even though your calendar age is 45. Or vice versa, if you aren't fit. Either way, the site produces a detailed health plan to lower your physical age. Here, you can dump up to 100MB of pictures, video, audio, documents, or whatever into a personal folder, and then share the URL (it would look something like '') with family or friends. It's supereasy to use, and my favorite hosting and sharing site.

Picasa Web Albums: Flickr is so 2007. Google's Picasa Web Albums does the same kind of stuff (that is, organizing and sharing your photos), with a smarter and friendlier interface.

Photosynth: If you really want someone to experience what it's like to visit a place you've been to (a foreign city, an art gallery, a local pub, whatever) this site assembles your digital photos to create a high-resolution 3D walk-through that people can enjoy via a Web browser.

Your teen loves video games but won't touch a book. Solution: Find some great titles for young adults at this

You heard someone in the lunch room say 'murketing.' Then, just a couple of hours later, someone explained how they've started 'fampooling'. You need to know what these fresh entrants into the lexicon

Until next month .... ciao! Sohrab Kanga

Here is sarcasm and cynicism, made beautiful. As an antithesis to motivational posters, takes inspirational photography and captions it with negative and cynical slogans. The effect is splendid, and is guaranteed laughter in offices everywhere. In fact, you might want to show this site to your office coworkers.

"Schadenfreude" is the German word for "deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others". delivers schadenfreude in wholesale servings! This photo and video blog captures some of the most tragic human mistakes you will ever see. Here you'll find horrifying examples of car parking errors, sports mishaps, advertising faux pas, bad clothing choices, and absurd human inventions.

The internet is a source of endless information and what is useful for one may be useless to another. Which is why the columnist invites questions from readers about what they would like to use the internet for. Please address queries to [email protected]

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It's time to get interactive. The contests below are open to members, spouses and children. Each has exciting prizes which

shall be announced during the following business meeting. More than one correct entry shall be decided by a draw of lots.

Send in your answers to [email protected]


- Madhavi Naidu

The people in the pictures are... Mamta Kanga and Dinesh Naidu. Correct answers from Jerry Watchmaker and Akash Agarwal.Send in your answers ASAP... Exercise your brains along with winning exciting prizes.


Please sms your answers to me on 9823080820

BIRTHDAYS15 Dec. to 14 Jan.

Hema Thaker 15Dr. Rajesh Singhania 15

Govind Daga 16

Ashok Mrig 16

Dr. Sudhir Bhiwapurkar 17

Alka Agrawal 17

Shilpa Jaitha 17

Sarvesh Agrawal 18

Girish Deodhar 19

Dr.Bharti Taori 20

Geeta Rao 20

Kusum Pandey 22

R. Ramakrishnan 22

Vishal Bhatia 23

Prabha Agrawal 23

Priti R. Ramakrishnan 23

Hemant Chandurkar 24

Abha Choudhary 24

Shilpi Bagdi 25

Hema Kinkhede 26

Pramesh Pandhi 26

Giriraj Singhee 27

Pooja Neb 27

Hetal Sampat 28

Shiraz Doongaji 28

Vaishali P. Rajurkar 29

Sheetal Gupta 29

Renu Y. Singh 30


Deepika Malhotra 1

Mamta S. Kanga 2

Vaishali Jaiswal 2

Yashpal Seth 4

Mehru Bapuna 4

Rachana Singh 4

Gogi Singh Bhasin 5

Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh 5

Harbhajan Singh 5

Sati Khanna 6

Vinita Chaturvedi 6

Farooq Haque 7

Kumar Kale 7

Kailash Chander Vijh 8

Pallavi Thakkar 8

Dr. Surajit Hazra 9

Anju Bansal 9

Rajesh Datar 9

Dr. Sabiha Maimoon 12

Dr. Anant Gade 14

Richa Sethi 14

ANNIVERSARY15 Dec. to 14 Jan.Jai & Vinita Khushlani 15Ashwin & Keshmira Mankeshwar 15

Atul & Shefali Shah 15

Kirit & Pallavi Thakkar 15

Rukshad & Monica Bhagwagar 17

Sandeep & Anmol Badjatia 19

Dr. Sameer & Smita Chaubey 19

Pratiik & Sunita Salve 19

Dr. Rafat & Naheed Khan 20

Dr. Ruksana & Sharukh Master 20

Pravesh & Deepika Malhotra 21

Dhiren & Aanchal Jeswani 21

Dr. Anant & Shubhada Gade 22

Dr. Indrajeet & Jayashree Mulik 22

Mohd. & Ruquaiya Vali 23

Dr. Rizwan & Lubna Haq 24

Madhav & Hema Kinkhede 26

Manoj & Meenu Moryani 26

Sylvester & Beena Isaacs 26

Gurjeet Kaur & Bhaskar 26

Dr. Raju & Anne Wilkinson 27

Dr. Jaspal & Indu Arneja 27

Shabbir & Amina Vali 28

Sanjay & Smita Bhargava 29


Rama & Priti Ramakrishnan 2

Sanjiv & Ritu Nahar 3

Manjot Singh & Gurinder Kahai 5

Appu & Laxmi Wadhwani 5

Rozina & Shamsuddin Rana 6

Dr. Meenakshi & Ranjeet Narayan 8

Jehangir & Dilshad Doongaji 10

Shiraz & Annahita Doongaji 10

Praveen & Sudeshna Chourasia 11

Anjum & Abdul Husain 13

Rajiv & Urvashi Yashroy 14

hiraz & Annahita Doongaji 10

Praveen & Sudeshna Chourasia 11

Anjum & Abdul Husain 13

Rajiv & Urvashi Yashroy 14

Answers for November issue.

Spot the mistake.... The correct answer is: " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Correct answers received from: Rakhi Bhatia, Nakul Malani, Sohrab Kanga and Nimish Sutaria

"Brain Teasers"...

1. How high would you have to count before you would use the letter 'A' in the English language spelling of a whole number? Ans: One Thousand

2. Can you name 3 consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Ans: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

3. What relation would your father's sisters's sister-in-law be to you? Ans: My Mother.Correct answers received from: Parag Paranjape, Rakhi Bhatia, Nakul Malani, Jerry Watchmaker, Sohrab Kanga and Nimish Sutaria


Words in the brain are not stored randomly. They seem to be quite organized. Research has shown that words that are often heard together (such as salt and pepper) or words that share some meaning (such as nurse and doctor) are connected or associated in the brain. Once you hear one, the other is activated.Here is a brain exercise whose aim is to stimulate the connections or associations between words. Here below, you have a pair of words. Your goal is to find a third word that is connected or associated with both of these two words.The first pair is PIANO and LOCK. The answer is KEY. The word key is connected with both the word piano and the word lock: there are KEYS on a piano and you use a KEY to lock doors. Key is what is called a homograph: a word that has more than one meaning but is always spelled the same.1. LOCK - PIANO, 2. SHIP - PLAYING CARDS, 3. TREE - CAR, 4. SCHOOL - EYE, 5. PILLOW - COURT, 6. RIVER - MONEY, 7. BED - PAPER, 8. ARMY - WATER, 9. TENNIS - NOISE, 10. EGYPTIAN - MOTHER

Another brain teaser for you...

A sundial is a timepiece that has the fewest number of moving parts. Which timepiece has the most moving parts?Here is a Fun Quiz on Indian towns........ Put on your thinking caps and start thinking differently.Ex: Snake town - Nagpur1. Nectar Head, 2. Emotional City, 3. Gone, 4. Ear town, 5. Face, 6. Puffed Indian Bread, 7. Sunrise Town, 8. Mr City Give it a try ......................

Page 27: December 2011 - The Golden Orange


X-PRESSOur Club will shortly be going through the annual process of nominating the Board for the next year. For those who do not know, the Nomination Committee is made up of all Past Presidents who are still members of the Club and meets once a year in November end. The question for this month is: " Although the nomination system with all its attendant limitations, resentment and heartaches has worked well for our Club for the last 67 years, do you think the time has come for our Club to move to a more democratic system of annual elections for constituting the Board ??"

PP Aspi Bapuna: I strongly

feel that the “Nominating

Committee” is the correct

way. Elections are not

advisable, especially in a

Club of our size where all

members would be eligible to vote; even those

who are 'new' and not well versed with the

working of the Club with little or no knowledge of

the members they will elect. The election

process will also lead to group-ism by politicizing

the process. On the other hand PPs are a

storehouse of knowledge of the Club and are

best qualified to decide the new team.

Sohrab Kanga: In cricketing terms they say never change a winning combination. If the nomination system works well for our club then it should be continued. What needs to be deliberated however, is a

checks and measures system that eliminates bias and favoritism. Resentment almost always is a pointer towards having been overlooked in spite of qualification and capability. We are part of a service organisation and not a fiefdom.

Wijay Chitaley: In my opinion there is no apparent reason for changing the present procedure of electing a president. This system which has been in practice for 67 years has given our

Club dedicated Presidents. The only suggestion is that along with the nominating committee which consists only of past presidents, one democratic way would be to include some more regular and senior Rotarians. This would ensure that opinions other than those of only past presidents are also considered giving a feeling of involvement to all Rotarians.

Deepa Jamwal: The old

system should continue as its

being done for so many

years. Every past president

has made outstanding

contribution to the cause of

Rotary. Therefore their collective wisdom goes a

long way in creating a board every year. The

election process involves canvassing, group-

ism, soliciting and ultimately there would be

winners and losers. This can create a lot of

resentment and ill will, whether visibly

expressed or latent which would definitely not

benefit the Rotary motive of goodwill and better


Balli Sethi: The idea of annual elections is good but will also attract a few negatives, for e.g. Some member would propose and induct more no of members overlooking other factors

whether they are good or bad for the club, so that he or she gets elected as board member and/or office-bearer. We have to be careful.

Behram Patel: While the nominating committee has done a reasonably good job all these years, I think it is now high time for the governing board of our club

to be decided through annual elections!! Today our Club membership is large, the Past Presidents apart from a few exceptions are completely out of touch with the working of the Club, the nominating committee is faction ridden with politics and therefore not in the best position to recommend who should be running our Club!Most of our members are also unaware of the fact that the nominating committee can only nominate those whom they feel should be on the governing board of the Club. Their nomination is not binding & is subject to a challenge by any candidate who files his/her nomination within the prescribed time limit. If there is a challenge then as per the bye laws it is mandatory for the house to conduct a vote!

Well friends, the large majority seems to favour continuing with the existing system!! As a Past President I would say the same, though an occasional filing of nomination by some members who are interested but may have been overlooked would not be a bad thing…..whether this leads to a vote or not would depend on the Nominating committee accepting their nomination or nominating someone else. So be it.

Page 28: December 2011 - The Golden Orange




PP Arun Bhargava releases the GONaushad & Tauby are wished on their Anniversary by Dinesh

Sadhana Paliwal for Vocational Training, Rita Dhodapkar for Water Management, Archana Jhavery and Shefali Shah for Dist Interact Meet, Prashant Rajurkar for Blood Donation



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