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Here is a small list of Decadent Decor you must have for your wedding! We hope you enjoy our slides.

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  • 1.Welcome to our November IssueDecadent DecorTuesday, 20 November 12

2. Decadent DecorMust Hires For Your ReceptionYou could spend a fortune buying decorations and props for your wedding reception, not to mention thetime youd spend styling the venue. If youve already got enough on your plate, or youre trying to stickto a budget, why not hire your dream dcor (and the experts to make it look perfect on the day) insteadof investing in it?Tuesday, 20 November 12 3. Decadent DecorWedding Cover upMust Hires For Your Reception Its essential to make the chairs at yourwedding look super-stylish if you want anelegant and traditional affair but itsunlikely youll get many occasions to re-use the covers if you buy them: rentingyour chair covers is a prudent option. AtWe Got it Covered you can hire chaircovers, satin or organza sashes and bowsbuckles and blooms for an extravagantfinish.Tuesday, 20 November 12 4. Decadent DecorCharming CrockeryMust Hires For Your Reception Veils are the most traditional hairaccessory, but to add the finishingtouch to a fresh and contemporarybridal outfit, glamorous hairadornments, eye-catching earringsand gorgeous braceletsequal instantstyle. Discover 10 of the hottestaround...Tuesday, 20 November 12 5. Decadent DecorSay CheseMust Hires For Your Reception A photo booth isnt just fun for your guests its also a way to preserve lastingmoments and memories of your veryspecial day. With Pixbooth, photos arecustomised with the bride and groomsnames and the wedding date - and twocopies are printed of each photo so yourguests have a memento and you cancompile a brilliant guestbook. Adding fancydress props, such as hats and wigs, makesthis photographic experience even moreentertaining.Tuesday, 20 November 12 6. Decadent DecorOn Your BikeMust Hires For Your Reception A vintage bicycle not only looks gorgeousas a styling feature on your wedding day(and an excellent prop for photographs) itcan also provide your guests withsomething sweet: Living the Cream canbring a vintage-style, ice cream tricycle ora traditional sweet bike called Daisy toyour reception, giving your day awonderfully retro twist at any time ofyear.Tuesday, 20 November 12 7. Decadent DecorSuper StylingMust Hires For Your Reception If you need a little help making yourdesign dreams a reality, a stylist willensure your wedding looks the absolutepart. Along with centrepiece and chaircover hire, Sweetpea & Pearls offers venuedressing and styling assistance on the bigday. As well as the overall design, a stylisttakes care of all the little details likestraightening chair sashes, lighting candlesand making sure tables are set toperfection.Tuesday, 20 November 12 8. Decadent DecorIn The PostMust Hires For Your Reception If youve asked your guests for money orvouchers, as opposed to gifts, they mayfeel a little deflated when they arrive atyour reception clutching an enveloperather than a beautifully-wrappedpackage. Hiring a wedding postbox injectsa sense of fun as your guests can post theirpresents to you during the day and acolour pop postbox creates a lovely focalpoint too.Tuesday, 20 November 12 9. Decadent DecorChic CandelabrasMust Hires For Your Reception Beautiful, timeless candelabras lookamazing as a table centre piece, and hiringthem for your wedding can save you aserious amount of cash. For a sleek andelegant look, place silver candelabras oncrisp white linen tablecloths and scattersilver confetti at the base. Ivory candlesare ever-classy but remember to ask thevenue if youre allowed to light them.Tuesday, 20 November 12 10. Decadent DecorGiant Garden GamesMust Hires For Your Reception Whether youre inviting kids to thewedding or not, large-scale garden gameswill keep everyone entertained at a springor summer wedding. A great diversionwhile youre having your photographstaken, companies like Essex Wedding Hirecan provide you with a host of oversizedgaming fun for the venues garden,including Twister, croquet, snakes &ladders, skittles, Jenga and Connect 4.Ideal for the young at heart!Tuesday, 20 November 12 11. Decadent DecorWish and TellMust Hires For Your Reception If you want to give your guests the chanceto make a wish of their own as they deliveryour wedding money or gift vouchers, awedding wishing well adds a real dash ofmagic to your day. Wedding Well Hiresuggests that couples send out a wishingwell poem with their invitations, askingguests to use the well to deposit their giftswhen they arrive at the receptionTuesday, 20 November 12 12. Decadent DecorGlorious FoodMust Hires For Your Reception If you want your food to be as stylish asyour dcor, why not hire a caterer to makesure everything is presented perfectly aswell as tasting delicious. From asumptuous wedding breakfast to cocktailsand canaps, caterers like Ipswich-basedThe Main Ingredient can turn your day intoa culinary experience that is beautifullyserved and devoured by everyone at yourwedding celebration. The fee includescrockery, cutlery and service.Tuesday, 20 November 12 13. Thanks For Viewing Visit our site for more infoon wedding planning: planning/decadent-decor_481.htmTuesday, 20 November 12