Day 14 Beyonce

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Dr. Sara Diaz WGST 280: Gender, Sex, & Popular Culture Gonzaga University
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WGST 280

Transcript of Day 14 Beyonce

  • 1. Dr. Sara DiazWGST 280: Gender, Sex, & Popular CultureGonzaga University

2. Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman 18th Century khoikhoi woman from South Africa, referredto incorrectly as the Hottentot Venus. Taken to Europe as a living specimen. She was put on public display, naked and caged, in bothLondon and Paris. She was dissected by the one of the leading biologists ofthe day, Georges Curvier. A post-mortem cast of her body, her skeleton, and herembalmed brain and genitals remained on display in theMuse de l'Homme in Paris until 1974. Her remains were finally returned to South Africa in2002. 3. Racializing Womens Worth What do McKay and Johnson mean bypornographic eroticism? Sexual Grotesquerie? How does race figure here? What grammars are at work? What hierarchical binaries do you seemanifesting in media discourse aboutwhite women and women of colorathletes? 4. Beyonce& Grammars of Race Distinction between person and brand. Bell hooks main argument? How would she read Beyonce at VMAs? Specifics How would she read ***Flawless? How does McKenzie read Beyonce? Silvers? Bhatti? 5. IS IT FEMINIST?