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  • 1. MATTER Matter is all around us such us solid liquid gas IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS: MASS:How much matter an object has (kilograms,grams) VOLUME:The quantity of space that an object takes up. 1

2. Solids,liquids,and gases Matter is all around us .There are three states of matter:Solids,liquids and gases. Solid have a definite shape and a definite volume because they take up the same a space . Liquids dont have a definite shape because they adapt to the shape of the container they are in,but they have definite volume because they aways take up the same space. Finally gases dont have a definite shape because they adapt at the shape of the container they are in and they dont have definite volume because they expand to fill the container they are in. 3. Physical changes Physical changes can happen when we heat,freeze,bend,twist, stretch or squash a substance,or when matter changes shape and changes state but the subs tens doesnt change. Physical changes happen to water in the water cycle. 4. Chemical changes A chemical change is when a new substance is produced. Chemical changes happen when we burn a substance or expose something to air. 5. Mixtures We can classify mixtures as heterogeneous or homogeneous mixtures.In a heterogeneous mixture its easy to see the different substances.In a homogeneous mixture it isnt possible to see the different substances. 6. Natural and manufactured materials We can classify materials into natural materials and manufactured materials.Natural materials come from nature and can come from plants,animals or minerals.Wood,cotton and natural rubber come from plants.Wool,leather and silk come from animals,and roks and oil come from minerals. 7. The three Rs If we take too many of these natural resources,they will run out.This is why is important to reduce,reuse and recycle. We should try to reduce the amount of materials we use and the waste we produce. We can reuse many things .For example,we can reuse plastic shopping bags. Recycle means to make something new from something we have used. 8. THANKS! THE END THE END FROM:IRENE AND DAVID 4B AND 4A